12 Terrific Baby Shower Gift Ideas!

Baby shower celebrations gift ideas

Finding the perfect gift for a baby shower can be a difficult one – there are so many baby-related options to choose from; it can be stressful thinking about what they will need.

You will want something that is both thoughtful and practical, as well as, hopefully, something that they don’t have already.

To help you narrow this down, we’ve come up with this list of baby shower gift ideas to give you some inspiration!

Magnetic clothing

If you have ever tried to dress a baby, then you will know that it is no simple feat! As soon as you add complexity like buttons or poppers, then life just becomes that much harder, which is why magnetic clothing is a stroke of genius.

To replace the standard buttons, you have magnetic clasps that you just need to line up, and they will secure, and when you need to get the item off again, you simply need to pull it open again!

Funny onesies

Onesies are one of the most versatile items of clothing you can have with a newborn, meaning that even if the mother already has a few, one more is always going to be welcome.

To make things a bit more interesting and to put a smile on the parent’s faces, check out these funny onesies for something a little bit different. These are the perfect baby shower present and will get everyone giggling as soon as it is revealed.


This is a great gift if you want something that is both cute and practical. Many people enjoy swaddling their babies to keep them warm and safe as well as to feel closer and bond with their newborn. Look for a swaddle that is light and comfortable for the perfect item that will be used all the time.


If you are looking for something a little more unique, then this is the perfect gift for your next baby shower present. The WubbaNub is a pacifier and a comforting toy at the same time, with each pacifier having an adorable animal attached to it that will be perfectly at arm’s length when being used.

These come in all shapes and choices of animals and are bigger than the usual pacifier, making them easier to keep track of.

Baby shoes

Footwear for babies is a constant challenge for new parents, with both socks and shoes having the tendency to slip off wiggly feet. A brand to look at is “stay-put shoes” which makes shoes that are specifically designed to stretch over a small foot and then stay there.

Health essentials kit

For both parents and children, one of the must-haves to have on hand at all times is a selection of medicine and health care essentials at all times. This might include saline spray, nasal syringes, and Tylenol for children for when their little one becomes ill and needs them.

When caught off guard, this little essential kit will be like something sent from the heavens to treat whatever the problem is without having to leave the house.

Wi-Fi camera

This works similarly to a baby monitor but is designed for parents that want to keep an eye on things at home. The camera can be set up anywhere around the house, and the video stream is sent directly to a device that is paired with it.

This is perfect for parents checking in on their baby and that whoever is looking after them is following instructions when trying to get some time for themselves.

Sound machine

This is a must-have for many parents to help their baby sleep. White noise played at a reasonable sound has been shown to help babies and adults alike to sleep, but for little ones that struggle to sleep, this might be a lifesaver. You can get sound machines in all sorts of cute packaging, and you can see more on the pros and cons.

Portable changing station

Setting up an area for changing the baby in the nursery is a common approach for most parents, but often a portable option is very useful as well. A portable diaper caddy has everything you need for a quick change, no matter where in the house (or outside of the house) you may be.

They come with space for diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, and anything else that you may need for changing on the move.

A baby tub

In the first new weeks and months, a newborn will generally only need sponge baths to get clean, but once they are a few weeks old, a custom-made tub for baths is a necessity. These are small and perfectly designed for washing a baby until they can sit in the regular tub.

You can get some very cute tubs designed like animals and fish to make bath time a little bit more exciting! These often come with a mesh sling that can be removed that is designed to provide extra support until the baby can sit.

Diaper backpack

One thing that you learn quite quickly is that if you want to go out of the house with your baby, you’re going to need a lot of stuff! This includes clothes for all-weather, food, liquids, toys, and diapers with everything you need to get them changed. With all of this stuff, making sure that it is all secure and won’t go anywhere is a must.

A diaper bag made like a backpack is a good design choice and can hold lots of the necessities while leaving your hands free. You can get everything in there, from diapers to wipes and spare clothes, if there are any accidents. Choose an option with lots of compartments, and you can never have too many as a parent.

Baby carrier or wrap

One of the best ways to get your newborn around is with a baby carrier. These are often made with straps or one piece of material that allows you to carry your baby on your front.

This is a similar concept but made from a single piece of cloth material that wraps around your body and baby for a natural and comfortable fit. These are perfect for making your hands free while feeling close to your baby at the same time.

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