Services to expect when you book a banquet hall in Chennai?

Beautifully decorated room with covered tables with flowers in the restaurant for the celebration of the wedding.

Banquet halls are among the most common and popular forms of venues for wedding celebrations, whether for the main wedding or other festivities such as the Sangeet, Mehndi, or even reception.

Broadly speaking, a banquet hall is a large room available for parties and celebrations. In Chennai, there is a wide range of banquet halls available to suit every budget and capacity requirement.

If you are considering booking a banquet hall in Chennai, it helps to know what services you can expect to be included. While the actual services will vary depending on the specific venue, here are the general services that would be included:


A majority of banquet halls in Chennai offer in-house catering services, and the payment of the banquet hall space is even made based on per plate costs. You can sample the food and discuss a final menu for the event, including vegetarian, non-vegetarian, continental, Indian, and other cuisines.

While a few banquet halls might allow you to bring in catering vendors from outside, it is advisable to check in advance if you want your own caterers. 


Decorations greatly impact how space looks, so banquet halls will typically include decor services as part of their package. You can talk with their team of designers to discuss what kind of decor you want and the theme.

The in-house decor team will know how to make the best use of the available space, and you can easily change up the style as desired. Some banquet halls will also let you bring in your own decorators.    


Music adds life to any party, and when combined with a talented DJ, the celebratory mood becomes effervescent and more contagious than ever. Banquet halls realize the importance of DJs and will often have an in-house DJ available with a full set up for speakers and other accessories.

You can have a meeting with the DJ beforehand to discuss your music preferences and a playlist. If you want to bring in your own DJ, you can check with the banquet hall in advance. 


If the banquet hall venue also has rooms available, you can expect to get at least one or two along with your banquet hall booking. This helps in having a center at the venue, as the room can be where the bride can get ready, or any personal items can be stored, or as a resting space for elderly guests or kids.  


A banquet hall in Chennai will typically have available parking space and valet services for your guests’ convenience, especially if the venue is located far from public transportation.

Although the parking and valet costs will most likely be included in the banquet hall costs, remember to check if all charges are included. 


Although separate from the catering, many banquet halls also hold the requisite licensing for serving alcohol and offer an option for in-house alcohol or allow you to bring in alcohol from outside. 

In Chennai, there is an abundance of excellent banquet halls available, each offering a vast number of services. Take the help of WedMeGood to compare and analyze the best banquet halls to find out which one is right for you.

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