5 Reasons Why Students Prefer Essay Services Over Writing Tutors

Students essay writing services

There are three ways to deal with assignments you receive in high school, college, or even university – to struggle with everything on your own, to hire tutors in some disciplines from time to time, and to use professional essay writing services.

Of course, the first option is the best, but we live in the real world.

Choosing between hiring a tutor or buying essay papers online from time to time is not that simple – either requires money, time, effort. However, from what we know about the market and student’s life, essay services are more beneficial than tutors in most cases. Here are some proofs.

Working with Tutors Takes Much More Time

You can’t deal with some of the essays and other assignments just because you don’t have enough time for research, writing, formatting, editing, etc. What makes you think that spending more time with a tutor will help?

If you are decided to increase your knowledge in some fields significantly, of course, hiring a tutor is the right choice. However, if you just need to pass a class, there is no need to spend 4-5-6 hours per week with a tutor.

Remember, even if you hire a tutor for 2 hours a week, he or she will give you extra homework. Hey, there is no time to deal with assignments from professors!

Tutors Don’t Give Any Guarantees

When you address a professional writing agency with your request, you can rest assured that the paper you receive will be written from scratch, according to your requirements, will be 100% original, etc. It will be delivered on time, as well. Every part of such claims made by trustworthy essay writing services is guaranteed.

You can get your money back, you can file revision requests, etc. However, when it comes to tutors, there are simply no guarantees. You have to do most of the work, and the only answer is “it all depends on your efforts.” So, if you are doing good, it’s thanks to your tutor. If something goes wrong, “you are not diligent enough.” It is not the best way to do business, do you agree?

Tutors Normally Are More Expensive

Of course, some papers are not cheap at all, especially if you need some urgent assistance. At the same time, you control your expenses. Most writing websites have online calculators, using which you will surely know how much this or that assignment will cost you. When it comes to tutors, there is no final cost to their services.

Of course, you know how much is one lesson or one hour, but they normally can’t tell you how many hours are needed, so you reach your goals. You will spend money every week, and the result will be evident in half a year.

It is not a bad investment, especially if you have time and you are decisive to work on extra assignments from your tutor. However, moneywise, buying papers online is significantly cheaper.

Tutors Don’t Solve Immediate Problems

Yes, tutors can teach you, make you feel better in a particular discipline, teach you how to write some of the papers, conduct better research, etc. Of course, it goes only to the quality, expensive, experienced tutors, but it is real. The problem is, if you are stuck with a particular assignment; the deadline is close, and you need to submit a paper next Monday, tutors can’t help.

They are not allowed to, and they don’t want to. It is not their job, so don’t look for miracles here. If you need to deal with an immediate assignment, the best choice is to buy an essay or another paper online. As we’ve said earlier, often, the problem is that you don’t have time, not that you don’t know how to write an argumentative essay.

It Is Hard to Hind Truly Responsible and Expert Tutor

There are websites that offer you to find tutors in a few clicks. Such websites receive money from every tutor hired through their system. They hardly bother to check the professionalism of those tutors – the whole idea of the educational marketplace is not about guarantees, but about simplicity.

If you want to hire a professional tutor, you should be ready to spend rather much money on it, and still, there are no guarantees. When it comes to essay writing services, you just pick any from top-20 websites and can count on quality and professionalism.

We don’t want to say that writing tutors is useless. They are helpful, but only as an additional tool for increasing your level in some discipline. You can’t count on tutors to solve your immediate writing challenges.

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