Top 10 Online Tutoring Platforms for Students in 2020

Top websites in 2020 for better learning

Have you ever sat down for a while and thought about the difference between the decade that we left and the decade we have entered into?

In the past decade, where the world was divided into two hemispheres (north and south) has now come up with the third hemisphere, the digital zone- Digital Zone.

Online Tutoring is the newest trend in the digital town. According to one of the projections done by Statista, the e-learning market worldwide is forecast to surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.

With online learning, students have the power to learn and study online at their own chosen schedules, teachers, and fees. This allows them to learn at their desired pace and ask their doubts multiple times.

With another decade of opportunities, hopes, and learning. We are listing down the top 10 fastest growing online platform in 2020 that will be helpful to students to UpGRADE Learning.

Strengths: Multiple subjects, Qualified Teachers, SAT/ACT packages

Cost: $39.99-$114.99/month, or $.75/minute is one of the most used online tutoring platforms used across the USA. They have collaborated with the U.S. military and provide education to them online. They publish the articles that are written by their tutors, guiding them through lessons or tips and tricks to learn. They have tutoring and homework help, like multiple packages for the students.


Strengths: Online library, Flashcards

Cost: Chat, $6.95/lesson or $14.95/month, Video call- $30/month

Chegg is one of the popular online tutoring platform that does matchmaking of the student with the tutors according to the former’s requirements. They also have an interesting teaching tool flashcards that make students learn and understand concepts better with visuals.

They also provide the facility where the parents can also talk to tutors and take the report of their child directly. Chegg also has e-library that gives access to multiple books to the students.


Strengths: Tutor Comparisons, Digital classroom

Cost: Ranges from about $10-$700/hour

They have a “good fit guarantee” feature in which the first lesson is given at free of cost if student does not like their way of teaching. One can study in the digital classrooms with their chosen tutor after comparison on the basis of qualification, prices, and experience. Learn and study through online video chats for easy learning is also available.


Strengths: Friendly user-interface, Math tutors

Cost: $.82/minute, minimum 15 minutes ($12.30)

Skooli has its expertise in math tuitions. They are into no bounded subscriptions and student can pay at the time he comes to study. The students can directly put their problems and the team of Skooli will find an appropriate tutor to respond to the query with an attached solution. This platform is very popular for its solution-driven approach.

Strengths: Free trial, qualified staff, whiteboard interactive classes

Cost: Pay as you go $.50 per minute, Monthly packages from $7.49

TutorEye is known for its low costing and quality tutoring services to the students. The students can choose and fix their study schedules as per their availability. TutorEye also provides live sessions to the students where students can ask and learn from the teachers directly. The whiteboard interaction facility helps student to communicate his problems to the tutor and get their concepts more clear easily.

Strengths: Qualified teachers, 30-sec response

Cost: $1/minute, 1 hour monthly- $39/month, 2 hours monthly-$69 and 4 hours monthly- $119

The platform claims to get tutors on board that after passing intensive rounds of interview and verification. In addition to it, they say that the acceptance rate is 4% of the applied tutors who could be immediately connected within 30 seconds after receiving tuition requests. The lessons taught online later go in an archive (audio, video or written) from where they could be fetched out for further revision.


Strengths: 25 Subjects, Quick response

Cost: 1 hour, $35 and 4 hours, $125 (valid for 4 months)

The tutors at SmartThinking only teach after getting the certification from the platform. They say that and 90% of the staff is a doctorate or post-graduated in their respective fields. The parent/child can drop the query of a live session or schedule their class. The queries are expected to be addressed within a day due to a 24×7 support system.

Strengths: pre-K courses, 300 subjects

Cost: Varies as per request and demand of tutors

ClubZ provides tuitions in two domains. They give in-home and online tutoring services to the students. They boldly claim to improve the grade of students by 2 letters within a span of 60 days of tuitions.

To acknowledge the same, they commit to paying the money back after the first lecture if the student is not satisfied with the tutoring services. The tuitions are provided for multiple subjects also including music lessons and foreign languages.


Strengths: Access to multiple practice tests and study material

Cost: Average of $40-$80 (may vary as per requirements)

They work in a network of 28000 people that helps students to connect with their desired tutors. They provide online tutoring extension to the students from grades 3-12. They have 24×7 availability. One can also access the recorded tutoring sessions that help a child to refresh and revise when needed.

Revolution Prep

Strengths: Group tuitions, SAT/ACT study packages

Cost: $99/month to $399 and $1,199 for test preparations

The tutors enrolled with Revolution Prep are the full-time employees in the company. They have special study programs that are designed exclusively to prepare students for SAT/ACT exams. They also provide homework help in 35+ subjects.

Popular Online Tutoring Websites - 2020 Edition
Top 10 tutoring websites of 2020 with features and price.

This is the list of all leading tutoring platforms. However, it is about finding the one which serves your purpose best because each child is unique in his own way and requires a different style of learning.

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