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Link building is one of the best organic ways to grow websites, especially for small businesses and new websites. A study suggests that the more backlinks you get, the more relevant your website is according to Google’s algorithm, increasing your chance to get a higher ranking in Google search results.

The question is, how do you get backlinks? It’s easy, just pay a lot of websites with a low domain rating to give you backlinks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way anymore. Google’s Penguin algorithm values backlinks’ quality over quantity.

There are multiple ways to acquire high-quality backlinks, but it all comes down to your content. How valuable is it? How many people can you help with your content? If your content can give values that no one can find anywhere else, then naturally a lot of websites will start linking to you.

With that being said, coming up with valuable content ideas is no easy task. That’s why in this article, we’ll give you 5 ideas on what kind of content could attract backlinks.

Data Statistics

Every content marketer needs facts and data statistics to support their arguments on a certain topic. In a single blog post, there will be multiple statistics that link back to the original source. Imagine the number of backlinks you’ll get if you can provide an article containing new and original data statistics.

There are two ways you can create this kind of content. The first is to conduct your own research and present your original findings, like this one from Ahrefs:

90.88% of all pages don't get any traffic from Google Search - From Ahrefs study of 1 BILLION web pages.
90.88% of all pages don’t get any traffic from Google Search – From Ahrefs study of 1 BILLION web pages.

In this case, Ahrefs did a study on 1 billion web pages to find out how many of them get organic traffic from Google search engines, and how many of them don’t. It turns out that most web pages (90.88%) never receive traffic from Google. To date, this particular page has received 844 backlinks.

If the time and effort to do your own study are too much for you, there’s always an alternative. The second way is to collect all studies related to a certain topic, then present them as one article. A good example of this is an article by Biteable called “55 video marketing statistics for 2019“. Amazingly, this page has more than 2.300 backlinks!

Ultimate Guide and Tools

The second type of content that we suggest is the ultimate guide. This content provides a deep and throughout A-to-Z analysis of a topic. The advantage of this kind of article is that when people don’t have space to explain something thoroughly, they can always refer to your page. This particular ultimate guide article from HubSpot gets over 6 thousand backlinks:

The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing - HubSpot
The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing – HubSpot

You can also make a complete list of tools, such as writing tools, infographic-making tools, video marketing tools, or email marketing tools. People don’t have much time browsing across the internet searching for all the tools that are available. This is your opportunity to create content that gives value to a lot of people that need certain tools but are not sure where to find them.

We’ve been giving you examples from big websites with 80+ domain ratings, but now we’ll give an example from a growing website with a domain rating of only 45, to show you that these kinds of content work on smaller websites too. The example comes from, with its complete list of 629 social media tools.

There are already tons of social media tool lists on the internet before this list exists, ranging from 10, to 25, to 100 tools. If you’re faced with a similar situation, the choice is to create something better or something different and chose to create something better with 629 tools. And it paid off because the page has 219 backlinks to date, not bad for a growing website.

Social Media Marketing Tools -
Social Media Marketing Tools –

Case Studies

This content relies heavily on your own success experience, you can’t put someone else’s story into this. This has to be a super in-depth analysis of your experiment and what the result is. Tips from Backlinko here is to include only one result, not multiple results because the article with only one result gets more backlinks.

The example for this section comes from Backlinko itself, with an article entitled “How To Boost Conversions by 785% in One Day (The Content Upgrade)“. This case study explains in detail the step-by-step process of how Brian Dean can increase his conversion up to 785% with a content upgrade. A whooping 3.560 backlinks are pointed toward this page.

How To Boost Conversions by 785% in One Day (The Content Upgrade)
How To Boost Conversions by 785% in One Day (The Content Upgrade)

Useful Tools

This one differs from the ultimate list of tools. Here, you are the creator of one of those tools listed. Sure, you have to pay a web developer to do that, but the payoff will be much better. You only have to pay once, and the tool will keep gaining backlinks for the rest of your days. You don’t need to create an advanced tool that costs a lot of money, just a simple but useful tool like this one from the CoSchedule.

100+ Tools for an Infographic - CoSchedule
100+ Tools for an Infographic – CoSchedule

This tool is called Headline Analyzer. Basically, all you need to do is to type a headline into this tool, and then it will show a result regarding the score and analysis of that particular headline. This tool is very useful for content writers and marketers, no wonder it gets over 23 thousand backlinks and counting.

In the example above, I typed in “100 Tools For an Infographic” and it showed that my headline score was 58. It then went on to show the analysis of the headline, like word balance, length analysis, keywords searchability, emotional value, and many more.

Visual Content

Visual content usually does better than text-only content, like infographics and videos. Infographics are one of the best tools for link building because it’s so easy to share. Basically, all you need to do is to create a high-quality infographic, find websites that talk about the topic, and offer them to publish your infographic (with a bribe). Wherever your infographic is published, you’ll get a credit link that refers back to your site like this:

Infographic Credit Link - 5 Most Used Call To Actions On the Internet
Infographic Credit Link – 5 Most Used Call To Actions On the Internet

This mini case by Backlinko showed you how to build backlinks using infographics correctly. This little experiment has successfully boosted their referring domains and increased their traffic by over 175%.

Besides infographics, video marketing is also a great way to boost traffic and SEO optimization of your site. Video content on social media is 12 times more likely to be shared than text and images combined, and websites that have a video are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google results.

Just uploading your video on YouTube and putting your website link in the description can already earn you one quality backlink from the second-largest website in the world. Read this article to learn more about how to get legitimate backlinks from YouTube.

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