Top 5 Must-have In-app Features For Apps With 10K+ Downloads

In-app features for mobile apps

Mobile app development has become a major part of every business. In this current competitive market, mobile apps provide companies with an edge against competitors. They also help increase engagement with your customers and provide them with features that’ll help them in their daily lives.

  1. According to a study done by, 94% of users uninstall an application after 30 days from downloading if they find it annoying or useless in any way.
  2. Another study by Compuware shows that almost 80-90% of all downloaded apps are used once and eventually uninstalled.
  3. Yet another study by AppsFlyer states that 3 out of 10 mobile applications are uninstalled within a month of download.

Clearly, creating a mobile app like a business messaging app or an e-commerce app is no child’s play. It requires attention to every intricate detail like app size, UX, scalability, development issues, and a lot of other criteria.

You need to generate creative ideas for marketing your mobile app keeping all its advantages at the forefront and a few subtle beneficial features at the back for the customers to notice on their own. This article will help you know everything you need for increasing app engagement and user retention on your platform.

Essential Features To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Here are some pointers to keep in mind to really take your app to the next level.

1. Communities

Including a community feature (like Slack) in your platform will greatly increase engagement. It paves the way for your potential market to interact with each other and talk about your product. This is not only a brilliant marketing and branding initiative but also a great way to give your customers a forum for interaction and in-app communication with like-minded individuals.

2. Bot Analyser

High-grade automation and prediction techniques have become a primary feature in most social and e-commerce apps. This is done by bot analysis which runs a strong recommendation engine churning out helpful suggestions on the basis of location, searches, interests, and a plethora of other filters, thus providing a useful and streamlined experience for the customers. Most companies utilize a bot analyzer for their apps to increase engagement and retention time on the mobile app.

3. Lightweight Application

It is not a good idea to stack up your application with more than necessary features. This will only make your app heavy in size and that is a big problem. Around 50% of consumers uninstall mobile apps because it becomes too large to stay on the phone.

Size vs utility is a very important ratio that must be kept in mind while creating apps. Companies like Instagram and Whatsapp can afford to create large apps because of their importance in the day-to-day life of a consumer, but when the market is super-competitive, the smaller the better.

4. In-built Peer-to-peer Chat

Embedding a peer-to-peer in-app chat platform into your app can greatly increase your chances of creating an engaging, user-friendly app that doesn’t get uninstalled. Some platforms provide APIs and fully-fledged applications for peer-to-peer chatting.

These are quite handy chat apps for businesses to utilize in their native applications. In general, in-app messaging greatly improves user engagement on the app by creating an environment where customers can talk with their contacts one-on-one while staying on the app for a longer time.

5. Progressive Web Apps

This is a new concept that a lot of websites are implementing to enhance audience reach and improve user experience. PWAs are websites with almost all the features of an app. They don’t need to be installed natively but can be added on the home screen, send push notifications, and run offline as well. Such functionality is very user-friendly and improves customer retention on the platform.


So whenever you decide to develop an app for your business, always remember these essential tips for greater app engagement and user retention. Whether you need a gaming app, a business chat app, or an e-commerce store app, the 5 aforementioned pointers can really help you in booming your business beyond your expectations.

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