Modern Twitter Marketing Tools to use in 2018

Bang in 2018 with modern twitter marketing tools and make your social media as well as business experience more enjoyable! Great news, right! So, party harder now!

Social media marketing has certainly come a long way from those traditional marketing trends which took more efforts as well as time to accomplish the desired results. With marketing options made a cakewalk using the latest social media management platforms, doing business has become easier than ever.

Now, the big question? There are so many tools available, which one to choose? Certainly, one needs to select the tools as per one’s requirements for which you must explore and go for the one which caters to your needs. And once you get hold of the right tool, the social media strategies and promotional methods to be adopted for attaining success become crystal clear. Yes, that’s actually so easy to follow the marketing trends these days. And what next? Just sit and relax to enjoy the results and your success bar going higher.

A number of intelligent social media marketing tools on the web have gained wide popularity and people actually swear by such tools for the promotion of contents, analysis of results and even for guaranteed success.

So, all set to boom your business with the latest marketing tools for your favorite social media platform Twitter, here you go! Get ready to welcome the New Year with all those amazing services and features you always craved to make your marketing more fruitful.

Here is a brief description of the most efficient and top-rated social media tools that can take your social marketing experience to the next level.

1. is a vibrant and versatile tool. Its fantastic Content Director module allows you to make strategies for your content plan. It does a fabulous job on social media marketing as the tool measures the amount of traffic generated or the number of shares on a twitter post with quite a commendable accuracy. With this report, you get a clear idea of how your content is performing on the Twitter platform. You can work accordingly to make the response better if it’s not up to your expectation. Premium Service


  • Searches great content related to your business.
  • Offers you a unique way to find and curate attention-grabbing content.
  • Helps to manage the content marketing strategy and posts only quality content.


  • A mobile app could have benefited more to fully match the web service capabilities.

Pricing offers a free version for freelancers. Their paid versions start @11/month.

2. Buffer

In the social media marketing industry, Buffer is the most popular twitter marketing tool. Reputed brands, companies, and individual icons rely on Buffer for all their social media promotion needs. From scheduling posts to tracking performance of the post to managing the various account from a single point, Buffer let you do everything without hassle.

Buffer - Social Media Scheduling Tool


The tool allows you to:

  • Track vital metrics of interactions and engagement – You can successfully dig into critical parameters such as Likes, Reach, Clicks, Comments, Shares, Mentions, Retweets, and more.
  • Grasp your best posts at-a-glance – Without wasting any time, you can also view the posts doing exceptionally well or getting a good response from the followers. It helps you to get a better idea of what works well and thus continuously increase engagement.
  • Easy Reporting – You can also get the data as per the requirement and attain a report highlighting the critical area of performance of your content in a snap.
  • Although it does not help you post to Instagram due to Instagram policies, it offers a “create reminder” feature to help you post at the accurate time.


  • It does not monitor searches and hashtags


With three tiers of business or agency accounts. Their pricing starts @ $10 per month.

3. Lumen5

Lumen5 is a platform that allows you to create videos for personal and business use, to produce and publish engaging content for social media. It lets you create videos in minutes, without any prior experience in video-making. Some of its features include Text to Video, where you can transform the written articles or blog posts into video content, Automated Workflow, which enables one to create a video within minutes with the assistance of artificial intelligence, depending on the screen length, text positioning, and keyword highlighting requirements. Its additional features include Media Library, Branding Options, and Video Formats – using which one can choose the quality or resolution of their videos.


  • The ability to transform written content into video content within minutes.
  • It has a huge media library, which offers innumerable photos, footages, and soundtracks.
  • Its branding options feature lets you customize your videos to match the look and appeal of your brand by selecting the same colors and adding a logo or a watermark.


  • Video rendering can prove to be a long and slow process.
  • The speed of the slides cannot be manually controlled for individual slides and the speed and length of the video are inter-related.


Lumen5 offers its standard version for free and the paid versions start @ $29 per month.

4. SmHack

Smhack is another favorite tool in this category and has gained huge popularity among medium and small businesses and digital agencies. It’s loved for cross-channel marketing functionalities and some awesome features like ‘Social Inbox’ dashboard, Post scheduling, Complete conversation threads, and Twitter analytics.

SMhack - Profile Performance Summary


  • Gives you every opportunity to interact with your followers easily
  • Permits effective filtering of messages through various profiles
  • Facilitates you to assign any user to your team
  • Can also conduct different social media optimization activities like scheduling and posting content, screen keywords and more.


  • Found problematic with LinkedIn integration sometimes.
  • It would also be better if SmHack improves its dashboard-style by adding more graphics and highlighting some vital information as we log in the application.


The tool doesn’t charge a fee for every user. Their paid categories (Basic, Business & Agency) at $3/ month.

5. BuzzSumo

Scoring high on the popularity chart, BuzzSumo is also one of the top social media analytics tools. The tool is well integrated with influential social media search engine so it gets easy for the user to search, analyze the best content as per the searched keyword related to a specific niche. The search engine sweeps the web for the essential content and records the content as per its success rate (number of adores and shares).

BuzzSumo - Most Shared Content and Key Influencers


  • Analyzes the content performing exceptionally well in any market niche.
  • Helps in easy tracking of competitors’ social content success and recognize critical influencers.


  • An influencer map that helps in identifying networks of thought leaders could be more efficient if it consists of more in-depth information.


BuzzSumo facilitates its user with three SMB and enterprise pricing plans starting at an affordable price- $79/ month.

6. Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics tool is an inbuilt platform by twitter itself. There are obvious reasons that the tool has made a hype in a very short time, because of the brand name it is associated with. The tool offers users assistance in measuring user engagement and also guide in making tweets successful. Its Tweet activity dashboard helps you to find metrics for every single Tweet. Also, it has got separate Audience insights dashboard showing information about the people who follow you on Twitter and exploring their interests, locations, and demographics.

Twitter Analytics - Tweet Activity


  • Track your impressions, consequences, and cost-per-result through several campaign goals.
  • Generates a monthly summary highlighting a complete overview of your Twitter performance (Top Media Tweet, Top Card Tweet, Top Follower)
  • Depicts the report in a more detailed, micro-level. You can get even more details like analyses of what time and where each of the impressions occurred.


  • Tough the tool offers significant understanding to improve your marketing on Twitter, it has a limited scope when it comes to analyzing data from other Twitter accounts.

7. Buzzstream

In case, you have a profile on Twitter and looking out to find contact information, social profiles, then this tool can prove to be highly beneficial. The application automatically saves your tweets or emails (in case of direct interactions) and even permits to set reminders which makes it easier to follow-up. In fact, it provides you with one centralized database for the entire team to work from. All you require is to team up with teammates, share notes, which further helps in organizing the projects. The tool targets Link builders, Digital PR experts & content promoters specifically.

BuzzStream - Link Building and Digital PR Tools


  • Very helpful in the creation of lists and pitch influencers that in turn assist the inadequate distribution of your content.
  • Guides in finding out the prospects, monitors links, and further benefits you in achieving great outreach.


  • The list management of BuzzStream can be a bit more organized because at present it appears a bit clunky and the UX is not efficient for a new user to understand it easily.


There are different pricing categories that BuzzStream offers which are affordable with a beginning price of $29/ month.

8. Hashtagify

This tool is the most innovative Twitter Hashtags search engine. It allows you to find the most appropriate hashtags to reach your potential audience. It displays the dashboards and charts of your tracked hashtags and users and thus gives a real idea of the performance of your campaign.

Hashtagify: Find and Analyse Top Twitter and Instagram Hashtags


  • Finds out the real-time insights about any hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.
  • Helps in tracing any particular hashtag or user and attain in-depth analysis.
  • Offers custom suggestions as per your profile that helps in amplifying your message.


  • It can be only used to analyze Twitter & Instagram hashtags.


There are three different categories offered to the users starting from $14/ month for Personal account to $254/ month for Enterprises.

9. Socialert

If you are a marketing agency, SEO professional, PR Company Or brand manager Socialalert can help you in a number of ways. It provides you a platform where you can track every single hashtag activity created by users on Twitter.

Socialert: Hashtag Tracking Made Simpler


  • Tracks tweets for your brand keywords and hashtags.
  • Presents every information like the hashtag reach and impressions in graphic format.
  • Assists to find the active users joins with them and endorses your content to further escalate your brand’s reach.


  • For full keyword analysis, users have to buy the tool.
  • Only analyses Twitter.


Starts at $9.95 per month.

10. Kred

In comparison to other competitive social media marketing tools, this Kred is quite different and new as well. What makes it more special is its functionality to provide you with Kred score on a real-time basis. As a user, you can add offline ‘achievements’ that add up the overall points to your score depending on features like, size of the company, timescale. This software also creates communities and teams of the users as per their respective twitter bios, the hashtags, and keywords from users’ posts. Thus, every community that gets created receives a credit score, and Kred users who perform extremely well or display good leadership in their communities are also entitled to ‘Kred Leaders’.

Kred Influence Measurement


  • Assists in easily tracking the individuals who viewed your profile and connect with them.
  • Allows in a successful exhibition of your .kred share price and then drive others to your social tasks.
  • Import, discover, screen and take action with other influencers in the engagement center.


  • This tool is not always useful to network with a leader because one acting as a leader in the community may not exactly be the top influencer in your respective field.


You can try Kred Free for the initial 30 days, and after that, you can enjoy its features at just $19/year.

11. Twilert

Last but not least, people who like to screen specific keywords across the Twitter-sphere, they must use this application. They can easily monitor any or even all mentions, discussions or shared content (industry-related tweets, articles of a selected topic) as per the requirement.

Twilert: Twitter Search | Email Alerts & Tweet History


  • Helps to narrow down your searches with quotations.
  • Gives email alarms for your Twitter search results at regular intervals like after an hour, a day, a minute or even on a weekly basis.
  • Allows you to make use of commands like “from:” or “to:”, to monitor exact keywords from or to a particular Twitter account.


  • At times, it fails to deliver the result as one may face difficulty in setting up an alert.


Though the tool comes with a 30-day trial period, you can extend it by paying $97/month.


These 10 social media marketing tools can assist you in making your presence on Twitter social media more prevalent. With these tools, you can certainly boost your sales process, however, don’t ignore to convert those website visitors into a subscriber or customer.

Published by Pankaj Narang

Social media marketing enthusiast, Pankaj is determined to shape his ideas into perfect products. CoFounder of Socialert - Twitter Monitoring Tool, he believes in coming up with engaging tools to redefine the face of digital marketing. Know more about him at his blog.

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