Top 7 Undervalued yet Extremely Rewarding Careers in India

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India is a world of opportunities, one that doesn’t reward just MBAs, doctors, and engineers. There are career paths that can be extremely rewarding, often more than the standard career paths.

Just because your career choice doesn’t fit the image of society, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with it. It’s completely fine to live a different life than others. On the contrary, it can bring both financial, as well as emotional fulfillment.

Your talent will speak about your personality. If you have the desire and skills to achieve, then here are the top seven most undervalued, but extremely rewarding careers in India.

7 Undervalued yet extremely rewarding careers in India

Sound Engineering

If music is your thing, but don’t like singing under the spotlight, then you might consider helping others become music stars. Sound engineers are trained to take care of all of the technical aspects of sound management. Starting from the right microphone, and the sound effects to the last music mixer, the sound engineer is responsible for all that and more. Of course, all that responsibility comes with a pretty good paycheck.


If you can convince your parents to buy you that new iPhone, then you might be cut out to be a top-notch salesman. But first, you will need a degree in Sales and Marketing. A degree and ability to convince people in doing or buying stuff can go a long way in today’s economy.

System Admin

System admins (also known as sysadmins) are responsible for the configuration, upkeep, and keeping the computer systems like servers functioning correctly. Typically, they are essential for most IT companies, even though most times their work goes under the radar.

However, their salaries don’t go under the radar and are always on the high end in IT companies. Don’t believe that? Check the listings at Jobsora. Not only there is a high demand for top sysadmins, but each opening comes with a pretty solid offer.


Don’t confuse cooks with chefs. Chefs work in fancy restaurants and are respected as royalty, admired by guests, and earn top money. On the other hand, most cooks work in fast-food restaurants or boutique restaurants.

What’s interesting about today’s cooks is that it seems they are making bank as well. The demand for cooks has never been greater. That makes them a rare commodity, which means employers offer top salaries for their services.

Mainly, that’s because there are entire generations of young people and families that don’t cook at home. They don’t have the time, or they haven’t mastered the skill of cooking. Instead, they prefer ordering food. That’s what creates the demand.


The world has never seen more cars on the road than the present time, and no one wants to get their hands dirty and fix cars. Due to that, there are plenty of opportunities for a mechanic. Whether you are a mechanic in India, or on the other side of the world, mechanics earn top money even if they work in a small mechanic shop.

3D Designer

You don’t need a university degree to get into 3D design, but just a few months of learning and training in the most popular 3D software programs like Autocad, Solidworks, Maya, etc. Once you master your skills, it’s pretty easy to earn money.

Hardware Specialist

We are surrounded by all sorts of devices; computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, servers, smartwatches, and so on. What’s common for all of them is that from time to time they stop working. Sometimes it is because of a software error and the rest of the time it is because of a hardware failure.

There is always work for hardware specialists and will be in the foreseeable future. Getting a career in this field can be a very lucrative and smart decision.


All the jobs mentioned above offer decent salaries for the Indian economy. You need to master the skills and look for the right opportunity. You can start looking for a job at job portals like Jobsora. There are various offers from many reputable clients.

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