How Covid-19 Boosting Web App Development Companies Growth?

Mobile App Development Companies Growth During Pandemic

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a massive crisis across the world. Every person has been under immense pressure or distress due to home quarantine, self-isolation, and social distancing. 

If we talk about the business world, the economy of the world has witnessed distress due to strict lockdowns. The majority of small businesses have shut down due to unforeseen periods, and industries like tour and travel, manufacturing, fashion, real estate, and hyperlocal marketplaces have seen high losses.

While on the other side, web app development companies have appeared as one of the industries that jumped all the hurdles one by one and stood out in these challenging times, and witnessed a great scope of growth shortly.

According to the National Association of Software and Services Companies report, “India’s software and services exports grew 8.1% to $147 billion in the fiscal year 2020.”

During this pandemic, some mobile apps have eased our life even if in house arrest. Web applications or mobile apps such as healthcare apps,  entertainment apps, grocery apps, demand apps, and digital payments apps have made our lives more comfortable during the COVID crisis. 

Interesting facts on web applications during COVID-19

  • In Australia, the government has introduced a chatbot to keep the citizens updated with the situation and resolve their query on the spot to reduce the spread of misleading information and stop the public from panicking.
  • In South Korea, the government has introduced a mobile app that lets self-quarantine employees stay connected with their co-workers for updates related to their respective work process and query.

Due to the social distancing norms, no-touch services,  and ongoing use of these mobile or web applications, these apps are predicted to offer massive profit and immense growth to start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. 

Businesses worldwide are shifting to digital platforms now to reap the benefits of web app development solutions. Honestly, this pandemic has been an eye-opener for various companies that used to consider a mobile/web application as an optional need. 

So, today, in this write-up, we will discuss how this pandemic is boosting web application development growth. Let’s start!

1. Healthcare web apps

Doctor Application Development
Merit Factors of Doctor Application Development.

During this pandemic, healthcare apps are one of the most browsed, used, and downloaded apps as it is incredibly unsafe and challenging to get face-to-face doctors’ appointments. On the other side, connecting to a doctor online and getting diagnosed or valuable suggestions from them is so much more comfortable and safe. 

According to marketsandmarkets research reports, the global mHealth solution market is expected to surge from $51.0 billion to $213.6 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 33.0%. 

Furthermore, with the help of these healthcare apps, you no longer need to visit a pharmacy to buy medicine or medical kits as you can effortlessly order them and get them delivered to your doorstep without moving a bit.

mHealth solutions market by region
mHealth Solutions Market by Region – Source: MarketsandMarkets

Various chatbots have been developed to help in reducing the humor that occurs due to panic or to spread correct information related to the coronavirus and other health-related diseases. Healthcare apps like smoothie nutrition, medical journal are contributing generous support to hundreds of people in managing their health right now.

To build your own customized and personalized healthcare app, you need to hire web app developers who have sufficient knowledge and experience building healthcare apps.

2. Grocery delivery & online shopping web apps

Online grocery store app
Online grocery store app

Ecommerce apps, including grocery delivery apps and online shopping apps, have seen significant growth in the first quarter of 2020. In this current pandemic time, these apps offer so much convenience that we can buy foods, snacks, vegetables, oils, and clothing found in the supermarket without moving from the sofa. 

While on the one hand, the retail sector has been hit so hard by this coronavirus crisis, the impact has been quite softened for the delivery service options. For instance, Shipt, Instacart, and Grocery apps have witnessed a 124.0%, 218.0%, and 160.0% increase in daily download.

Daily downloads of Grocery Delivery Apps in US
Daily downloads of Grocery Delivery Apps in the US – Instacart and grocery delivery apps set consecutive days of record

The COVID-19 pandemic has impelled various people to shift from old shopping methods to the new advanced and safe shopping experience and download web apps of grocery delivery services to buy drinks, food, and other household stuff.  

Thus, this increase in the online shopping apps or grocery delivery service apps has triggered various retailers or shop owners to design and build their web apps to provide better services to their customers. 

Various web app development companies in India offer excellent and unique web app development solutions based on their client demands. So, if you are thinking of building your web app, then hire a web development company or go for offshore web apps developers.

3. Social Media web apps

During the current COVID crisis, social media apps, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter, are playing a significant role in people’s lives than they used to do before. The majority of people are spending a reasonable amount of time on these social platforms to stay active and pass their time without getting depressed. People are spending 20.0% more time on these social media apps than before.

Time spent in social media apps
Time spent in social media apps – Source Statista

Thousands of people have started using these social platforms to show their talent, whether in cooking, dancing, writing, or painting. “According to data revealed by App Annie, the usage of mobile applications has increased by 40.0% year-over-year in the second quarter of 2020.”

For creating professional, beautiful, and engaging social media apps, you need to get connected with a professional custom web app development company in India that will offer you the best web app development services, including designing, developing, deploying a web app.

4. Video Streaming or Gaming web apps

Video streaming and gaming apps
Video streaming and gaming applications.

After social media apps, another app that gets the highest downloads in the Google play store or app store is the video applications, such as Netflix, YouTube, and amazon prime. These entertainment apps, or what we call nowadays, video streaming apps, are gaining a lot of traction in the market.

According to research conducted by Sensortower, over 29.0 million of the YouTube app was downloaded during May 2020, increased from almost 30.0% from 2019. Netflix comes at second with more than 23.0 million downloads, and Amazon prime is in third place.

Top Video Streaming App WorldWide for May 2020

Video streaming apps worldwide
Top video streaming applications worldwide.

Besides video streaming apps, the current pandemic is impelling people to download more gaming apps than before. Developers across the globe are doing a fruitful business in terms of filling pockets through engaging gaming apps. 

Game development companies are earning a significant amount of profit due to the ad displays. So, in the present times, building a gaming app could be the best decision to profit and gain an image in the market.

5. Educational web Apps

Best educational apps for kids
The most happening and user-friendly kids educational apps

Educational apps are also witnessing a surge in their popularity during the current pandemic. Some colleges and schools have made it compulsory for all students to learn and complete their syllabus through e-learning apps. 

Besides, various school or college teachers are advised to communicate with their students via applications made exclusively for their use. For instance,- BYJU offers online tutoring classes and educational training on its think and learn app. This app has helped BYJU to gain a 200.0% increase in the number of downloads.

Creating an educational app is not a cakewalk and requires an experienced and technology-driven web app development company. Hire a remote web app developer’s team or a leading web app development company for your educational app.

The Boost in the Downloads of Web Apps

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the web app industry is showcasing the following stats:

  • Media Streaming apps have generated over 20.0% revenue since this pandemic across the globe.
  • Fitness-related business apps are also gaining traction with a hike of nearly  24% in the first week of February and have gained 35.0% more downloads at the start of April.
  • The download rate of Finance apps has surged for around 18.0%.
  • Grocery and food delivery app have recorded revenue at a rate of over 23.0%. 


Fortunately for a web app development company or the software market, the pandemic has not been seen as a negative point. There has been a surging demand for web applications since the outbreak of the COVID-19. In short, a web app development company is experiencing immense attention and opportunities due to this pandemic.

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