Moqups Review: Wireframing and prototyping made easy

Moqups - Wireframes, mockups, diagrams, prototypes.

Moqups is a simple online tool for creating and collaborating on diagrams, mockups, wireframes, and prototypes. It’s a one-stop online platform that’s smart, quick, and easy to use.

This tool is exclusively web-based, with cloud storage that keeps the designer away from the storage challenges in their system.

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The platform is equipped with all the necessary tools required to design wireframes. It has a more accessible system that makes you work faster. It offers a simpler UI that helps the user avoid any distractions while working on the platform.

Getting started with Moqups

Moqups is an open-source wireframe design tool that allows you to create a free account with limited features. Getting started with Moqups is a simple 3-step process:

Step-1: Go to the Moqups web app

Step-2: Click on the “Create free account button.”

Step-3: Enter the necessary details, set a password, and voila–you will set up your account successfully on Moqups.

Further, you can log in and start working on your projects when you wish to access the account.

Creating a new project on Moqups web app

Moqups - mobile app wireframes
Moqups – mobile app wireframes – Moqups Review

For creating a new project on the Moqups wireframe tool, you can go to the main menu, which is the “m” sign on the top left corner of the screen. The menu contains various options. Among these is the “New project” option. Click on this option, and you will get a pop-up (as shown in image-2).

Select from the templates given on the screen. You can also search for your desired template. Once you click on the template, the new project will be created with the selected template on the screen.

You can change the name of the project and the title of the page by selecting the names displayed in the uppermost panel of the tool. 

What next? 

Start working on your project!

Moqups templates
Moqups templates – Moqups Review

Moqups: An overview of the wireframing process

When you start with a new project, a screen appears on your system. This screen has many components. 

The main component that shows the output is the canvas right in the center of the screen. On the left-hand side are the options like stencils, images, pages, outline, images, icons, and comments, which can be used to generate desirable inputs. Clicking on any of them will lead you to a menu of inputs that you can select to be displayed on the canvas.

The upper panel has options to add pre-designed diagrams, notes, sorting and arrangements, and options for sharing and exporting the file. The extreme upper right corner has a preview button that can help you get a preview of the final output.

On the extreme upper left corner is the main menu from where you can save, open, preview, add a new template, or create a new project. The right-hand side of the screen has page settings, formatting, and color options.

Features offered by Moqups wireframe tool

1. Elaborate library

The library offered by Moqups is unbeatable. You can find almost every component for your project under this web-based wireframe tool’s stencils and icon sets.

The components of stencils are–common stencils, flowcharts, charts, navigation, shapes, spec tools, diagrams, material design, bootstraps, legacy, iOS components, UML, use cases, ERD models, and callouts and annotations.

The icon set consists of icons for action, alert, AV, communication, content, device, editor, file, hardware, home, images, maps, navigation, notification, places, social, and toggle. Each set of icons has multiple icons. Thus, you might not have to import objects except the images that go into the project.

2. Flexible spacing and alignment

Moqups app contains grids, rulers, formatting options, and options for resizing, rotating, aligning, styling, and transforming objects. Making precision adjustments of the objects is possible with grids, rulers, quick-alignment tools, and snap-to-grid options. Renaming the objects and bulk-editing is also possible with these tools.

3. Precise Page Management

The size of the project is never a concern while working with Moqups. This online wireframe tool has powerful page management features. You can easily drag-and-drop pages, order them, and organize them in various folders with just one click. Hiding pages or folders is also possible on this platform.

When you have multiple files stored in your account, you can use the search option and navigate through this complex network effortlessly. Further, you can also apply formatting, alignment, and spacing changes to a group of pages only by performing actions on the master page and applying these changes to all pages.

4. Adding images

Moqups does not provide any in-app images. However, you can import them from your device or the internet to use them in your project. Here are the steps for the same:

Step-1: Click on the “Images” option

Step-2: Upload the image you want to use. The image will be saved to the library

Step-3: Click on the image to add it to your project

It is essential to save your project before uploading an image.

Templates on Moqups app

Moqups offers a variety of ready-to-use templates that serve specific purposes for your project. These are designed to help your team collaborate well with a seamless workflow. Every element is precisely placed to make them understand the entire process of any task. Here are the different categories of templates on Moqups:

1. Wireframes and Mockups

Wireframes mockups template on Moqups
Wireframes mockups template on Moqups – Moqups Review

Under this category, Moqups offers templates for E-commerce, website wireframes, Low and high-fidelity wireframes, blog page wireframes, Mobile app wireframes, and Pricing page wireframes. These are UX wireframes that help your team make decisions on user flow, hierarchy, and page density. You can customize these templates and experiment with styles to attain a suitable wireframe for your online page/ platform.

The UI mockup templates help your team to get feedback on your design, paving the way for generating interactive prototypes and design testing protocols. Thus, you don’t need to worry about designing mockups from scratch. Instead, everything is readily available on Moqups online wireframe tool.

2. Business Strategy

Business strategy templates are the best to use when you are presenting your business strategy. These are designed to describe a clear workflow along with the theories and practices for business strategies. They are a smarter way to represent your data.

The business strategy templates on the Moqups app include the Gantt Chart Template, Business model canvas, SWOT analysis template, User persona, Empathy map, Kanban board, Affinity diagram, Eisenhower matrix, Cause, and effect diagram, etc.

3. Diagrams and flowcharts

Moqups - flow charts
Moqups – flow charts – Moqups Review

Presenting an idea, project, or choice is easier with diagrams. Flowcharts are best for presenting a process with a variety of simulations. Hence, Moqups online flowchart and diagram tool provides templates to create sitemaps, flowcharts, and UX diagrams that can be used for different cases.

You can customize these templates according to your requirement and make it easier for the team to refer to the diagrams and flowcharts in order to get guidance for the project workflow. The templates under this category consist of mind maps, sitemaps, process maps, UML diagrams, ERD diagrams, network diagrams, and many more.

4. Charts and graphs

Moqups charts and graphs
Moqups charts and graphs – Moqups Review

The online graph creator from Moqups assists business analysts in identifying, clarifying, and communicating significant opportunities so that your organization can respond to pressing business concerns. Data visualization may also give meaningful data to your team by revealing rule breakers in your performance metrics by making complex information more accessible.

The templates include Line charts and graphs, bar charts and graphs, donut charts and graphs, pie charts and graphs, etc. You can also integrate your charts and graphs as a visual representation of other templates or projects.

Pros of using Moqups online tool

  • Moqups is, without a doubt, the most user-friendly and suitable program for wireframing and prototyping. 
  • It completes all of these tasks in a matter of minutes. 
  • The user interface is friendly, and navigating is straightforward. 
  • You won’t have to go looking for placeholder icons or stencils because it already has a library.
  • You can try their Free Plan, where you are allowed to create 1 project with a limitation of 200 objects and 5MB of storage.

Cons of Moqups

  • Can’t be used offline
  • Not enough design options to choose from


The free plan by Moqups offers up to 200 objects. The core features of all the paid plans offered by Moqups are unlimited projects, objects, comments, and feedback with real-time editing, comments, and feedback features.

Moqups pricing
Moqups pricing – Moqups Review

You can easily share links and export your file to google drive and DropBox. The files can be exported in PDF as well as PNG formats. Moqups offers monthly as well as annual plans for using the web-based wireframe tool. The plans are divided into the following categories:

Solo Plan

The plan is only for individual designers. $13 per month if billed annually and $17 if billed monthly. One can create up to 5 projects with access to unlimited objects.

Team plan

This plan is available for collaboration among three users. If billed annually, you will have to pay $19 per month. But if you pay monthly charges, the bill goes up to $26 per month.

Unlimited plan

Unlimited users can use the tool under this plan by Moqups. If billed annually, you will have to pay $69 per month. But if you pay monthly bills, you will have to pay $97 per month.

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It is a straightforward and efficient design platform that adapts to the users’ workflows. It has a convenient interface with design tools that make collaboration a breeze. It is a web framework that enables easy file uploading and downloading as well as remote file access.

It will support multiple users in collaborating on improving designs in a single environment. The easy drag-and-drop tool allows you to import photos from desktops and mobile applications fast. The ready-to-use stencils come in handy when it comes to creating efficient use cases.

Moqups Tour – Moqups Review


What are the limitations of the free plan offered by Moqups?

You can access one active project, 200 stencil objects, and 5MB of image storage.

Does the tool have any hidden charges in its plans?

No, there are no hidden charges. Everything is included in the available pricing plans.

Does Moqups work on all browsers?

Moqups is currently accessible on Chrome 64+, Firefox 68+, Safari 11+, and Opera 68+.

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