A Step-by-step Guide with Images on How to Create Pivot Charts with Visme

how to create pivot charts

Hey there, do you want to create amazing animated charts and graphs but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re in luck! In this post, I’ll show you how to create stunning animated graphs and how to create pivot charts using Visme.

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First, let’s set you up with a Visme account. Signing up is free and easy, so head to the Visme website and create your account. Once you’re in, you’ll be taken to the main dashboard to create your animated charts.

How to create Pivot Charts using Visme?

Step 1: Pick up the template or start from Scratch

Visme Chart template
Visme Chart template

Visme offers you an option for designing charts and graphs. Either you can use the templates, or you can create your design. When you log in to Visme, you’ll land on the dashboard. From here, you can access your old projects or create new ones.

Go to the search bar and type whatever you want to create. It can be either “a chart” or “an infographic.” There is a plethora of templates available. The categories include Business, Non-profit, Marketing, Technology, and more.

Visme Dashboard
Visme Dashboard

 Visme also offers an option to create a report where you can fuse multiple graphs in a single file. You can find it in “Document”-> “Reports.”

Step 2: Add Data

Once you are ready to roll with the type of graph or report you to want to create, it’s time to add some data. You can select the template from the left side panel or create a graph from scratch by clicking “Data.”

Visme Chart Data
Visme Chart Data

Whatever you select, a chart engine will pop up, as shown in the image above. You will see a spreadsheet on the left-hand side where you can add the necessary data. There are 3 ways to add data to your spreadsheet:

  1. Sync. With Google sheet
  2. Upload an Excel or CSV file
  3. Enter data manually

Step 3: Choose your chart type

Now, if you are wondering how to create pivot charts, here’s the answer for you. This is where Visme is a tad different from other tools. The step of choosing the chart type comes after you enter the necessary data. Reason? Well, this is to offer you a clear view of how your chart will look with the data.

Visme Chart Type
Visme Chart Type

It’s possible that your chart might look attractive without data, but after adding data, it loses its charm. So Visme smoothens the process by allowing you to choose different chart types after you add the necessary data.

There are 20+ charts available on Visme, including Donut, Pivot Charts, Pie, Bar, Line, and much more! You can pick anyone that matches perfectly with your data.

I hope you got your answer on how to create pivot charts easily with Visme!

Step 4: Customize your chart

Once your chart is ready, it’s time to customize it for better aesthetics. Remember, an attractive chart easily gets your message across.

The best way to customize your graph is by altering color-coding it. You can change every graph element, whether a line, pie chart section, or backgrounds and labels. Multiple color options are available to meet your needs in the color pallet.

Visme Customize Chart
Visme Customize Chart

Once done, you can customize the fonts and adjust axes, values, and visuals. You can also add titles and subtitles to your graph to make it more persuasive and attractive.

Step 5: Preview and Publish

Once you are done editing your graph, it’s time for a preview. You will see a “Present” Button on the top of your screen on the left-hand side. Click on it, and you will see a complete preview of animations. You can also make some changes if you want to after previewing the chart.

Visme Chart Share
Visme Chart Share

After you are satisfied, click the “Share” button, and a window will pop up. Here, you can see three publishing options available.

  1. Publish on Web
  2. Share privately with selected people
  3. Embed to your website

You can also download it in the form of HTML 5.

Rock the presentation with Visme

You don’t need heavy software or expertise if you wonder how to create pivot charts and graphs when Visme is here! All you need to do is signup, create an account and start rolling out some amazing charts. Visme is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to create charts and graphs.

I’ve been using Visme for the past 9 months, and it has been my go-to tool for charts and graphs. So if you are looking for a simple yet efficient tool that doesn’t require technical expertise to create charts and graphs, Visme is the option for you.

Try today, and you will be amazed! I hope this quick guide on how to create pivot charts using time will help you in your endeavor to create stunning charts and graphs.

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