Elevate Your Instagram Strategy with Visme’s Carousel Creator: A Step-by-Step Guide

Instagram Carousel templates

Instagram Carousels are an excellent option to showcase multiple products and service lists. But you need your carousals to be eye-popping to stand out from the rest. And how do you do that? Well, Visme is here to help!

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Visme offers a multitude of Instagram Carousel templates to make your job easy. If you have a knack for creating something from scratch, you can do that too. In this piece, I will share some basic tips to help you create amazing carousel posts using Instagram Carousel templates from Visme.

Let’s get started.

How to create Instagram Carousal Posts using Visme?

Step 1: Create/Login into your Account

If you have a Visme account, great. If you don’t, it will take just minutes to create one. You can create a Visme account using any email or directly sign in via a Google account. Once you log in, you will land on the Dashboard as shown below.

Here, click on the “Create Now” button, and you will see multiple options. Scroll to the “Social Media” button and click on it. Here, you will see multiple options like Instagram Stories, Instagram Carousels, Linkedin Posts, and much more.

instagram carousel
Visme – Instagram carousel

Select “Instagram Carousel Posts,” and you will see many free and premium templates to pick from. Select anyone that matches your goals, or you can also start from scratch.

Step 3: Customize the first slide

Once you have selected your template or a blank canvas, it’s time to customize the first slide. You can choose a background color, image, or pattern that suits your Instagram post’s theme. Click the “Background” tab on the screen’s right-hand side to add a background color.

From there, select your desired color. To add an image or pattern, click the “Images” or “Patterns” tab on the screen’s left side, and choose your desired image or pattern.

Instagram carousal customize slide
Visme – Instagram carousal customize slide

To add additional slides to your Instagram carousel, click on the “Add Slide” button at the screen’s bottom left corner. Repeat this step until you have added all the desired slides to your carousel. Remember, having multiple slides is good, but don’t add too many. It might bore your viewers, and they might ditch your carousel midway.

Step 5: Customize each slide

Once you have added all the slides, it’s time to customize them. You can customize each slide by adding text, icons, images, or other design elements to make them visually appealing. Ensure the design, color combination, and elements are consistent across the carousel. You can also use the tools on the screen’s right-hand side to adjust each element’s size, position, and other attributes.

Step 6: Write killer Content

While this is not a part of designing, impactful content is critical to make your gets the message across. So research a bit, add some keywords, and write crisp, meaningful, and useful content for each slide. Don’t forget to add CTA in the last slide.

Instagram carousel CTA
Visme – Instagram carousel CTA

Before downloading your carousel, ensure the dimensions meet Instagram’s requirements (1080 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall). Click the “Settings” button at the screen’s top left corner and select “Canvas Size” from the options to set the dimensions. Set the width to 1080 pixels and the height to 1080 pixels.

Once you have customized your carousel, it’s time to download it. Click the “Download” button at the screen’s top right corner to download. Select the file type you want to download (JPG or PNG).

Carousel Download Section
Visme – Carousel Download Section

Wrapping up

Instagram Carousels are an amazing way to advertise your brand. They offer more engagement and conversions as compared to stand-alone posts. And the best way to create them is using Visme. With many Instragram Carousel templates and the option to start from scratch, you get a lot of flexibility with Visme.

Moreover, Visme’s Instagram Carousel templates cover a wide range of niches. So no matter your business, you can easily tweak the template and make something that matches your brand’s identity.

I hope this quick guide on creating Instagram carousel posts using Instagram Carousel templates and a blank canvas with Visme was helpful, you can check the detailed Visme review by our team.

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