Visme Review: Is it worth your time and money?

Visme Review: Cost, features, details, and much more

Creating Marketing & Presentation material that engages viewers has always been a difficult task, especially for SMBs. Whether it’s social media posts, presentations, or posters, SMBs often find it difficult to cope with their needs.

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Visme – Creating interactive brand visuals

All-in-one platform for creating infographics, data visualization, videos, presentations, and other branded content.

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They cannot afford to hire in-house designers & they can spare a lot of time creating content from scratch.

That’s where graphic designing tools come in handy. They allow businesses to create & share stunning Presentations & Designs without a fuss.

Visme is one such tool that’s been loved alike by Solopreneurs, Startups & SMBs. People often ask me questions like Visme vs. Canva, which one’s better? In this detailed Visme-review, I answered all questions about Visme, its features, its Pros & its Cons.

Hop in for a detailed review!

What is Visme?

In layman’s words, Visme is a simple & easy-to-use Graphic Designing tool that lets you deal with any type of Designing.

Whether you need a PPT presentation for your meeting, want to create a stunning Social Media Post, or want to run an ad that converts or designs visiting cards, pamphlets, or posters, Visme can do it all for you!

Its super-sleek interface, loads of features & affordable plans, makes it a go-to choice for thousands of creators & Business owners.

What are the features of Visme?

Visme review
Visme Review – Top 6 features of Visme – Visme Features


As Visme is designed to assist individuals who have almost zero knowledge about designing, it’s loaded with a ton of templates.

Whether you need templates for Infographics, Social Media Posts, presentations, Charts & Graphs, Printables, Web-graphics or Videos, Visme has everything for you.

You can access these templates simply by navigating to “Projects” & clicking on “New Projects.”

Visme Review - Create new project with templates
Visme Review – Create a new project with templates

Here, choose the category you want & you’ll have a list of templates in front of you. As there are hundreds of options available, I am sure you’ll find the ones that you need.

Visme review
Visme Review: Templates Library


Once you are done selecting the template, Visme offers you many options to modify it according to your requirement.

You can change header text, change Font Pairs, add photos, diagrams, or Call to Action buttons too.

The media library of Visme contains a lot of pictures that you can add to your template. If you are a fan of GIFs or a video, you can add animated graphics too.

You also have the option to change the theme color too.

Visme - Creating custom graphics using web editor
Visme Review – Creating custom graphics using a web editor


As you would expect from any graphic top-rated graphic designing tool, Visme offers you a lot of customization.

You can change the position of elements as per your liking, or you can change the opacity of each element. You can also add animated elements to your design, which is what I like a lot about Visme.

There is an option to set the exact angles & position of your elements too, which makes Visme super-efficient & precise.


The most important thing that people want today is to make their brand stand out. To make this happen, your every post, every Graphic, and every image should have consistency.

This includes Brand Color, Fonts, Logo, & much more.

And Visme offers you a lot of options with these. As shown in the image, you can set your Brand defaults.

Go to “My Brands” in the Dashboard, & you’ll get options for setting “Brand assets,” “Styles,” “Templates,” & “Brand Links.” Visme has its own Font Library from where you can select the Font.

And if you don’t find them in their library, you can upload your own fonts.

Add all the necessary details & Visme will automatically apply them to your projects. This saves you a lot of time, effort & resources while you are on the clock for creating Content.


When you are using Visme, creating & sharing Content is super easy. You can publish the Content you create online, embed on your website, or download it for offline use.

With Visme, you can create Content in various formats like JPG and PNG for images; PDF for documents; MP4 and GIF for animations or videos, and PowerPoint, Keynote, or HTML5.


Whenever you are running a Digital Marketing campaign, it’s important to watch how they are performing.

Visme offers a detailed data analysis of all the campaigns & presentations built via Visme. This accurate data will surely help you analyze the performance of your Content & make necessary modifications for future projects.

You can view several unique visitors, the time spent by each visitor on your Content & most viewed Content.

Visme Pros and Cons

Visme analytics
Visme Review: Detailed Analytics

What are the Pros of Visme?

  • Simple UI: Visme’s UI is very simple & efficient. Even if you have never used any graphic designing tool, you can grasp Visme quickly.
  • 2 million+ free images: Visme doesn’t limit your access to available images, even if you are using a free account. There are more than 2 million images available for every user.
  • Animated elements: Digital Marketing has evolved a lot. Brands are using GIFs & videos to attract & engage users. So Visme gives you the option to add animated elements to your templates & make them more engaging.
  • All-in-one tool: You can use Visme for creating Presentations, PPTs, Social & Web Graphics, Videos & much more. It’s truly an all-in-one tool for your Graphic Designing needs.
  • Collaboration tool: If you are a big brand with multiple creators, Visme offers you a collaboration tool. Using this tool, your team can collectively work on the same project remotely.
  • App Integration: This is by far the best feature of Visme. You can pull in a lot of data as Visme seamlessly integrates with your multiple apps. For e.g., it can integrate with Google Analytics, HubSpot, Jotform, Mailchimp, Google Drive, OneDrive, SurveyMonkey, YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Vidyard, or Loom.

What are the Cons of Visme?

Visme review
Visme Review: Is it worth your time and money? – Visme disadvantages.
  • Expensive: Although Visme offers a free package, it has limited functionality (And it’s quite understandable). I feel paid plans could have been made more affordable, and other graphic designing tools are a lot cheaper than Visme. You can check detailed Visme pricing.
  • Limited Functions in Free-version: The free version of Visme has limited functionality, and there are a lot of simple functions that I feel should be available to free users.

Parting Remarks

Visual Content is the most efficient way to connect with your potential customers. But creating such content may consume a lot of time.

But thanks to Visme, you can do it in no time. Although it does have some cons, Visme’s Pros far outweigh them.

So I like Visme a lot for creating engaging content.

I hope this detailed review will help you in your decision-making about whether to choose Visme or not. Meanwhile, if you are looking for some spectacular reads on technology or finance, visit witty sparks here.


Can I create an animated Content in Visme?

Yes! Visme offers an option to create animated content to make your branding and marketing more powerful.

Is there an option in Visme to view how my Content is performing?

Visme comes with a built-in data analytic tool that lets you monitor the performance of all the Content created by you in Visme.

Is Visme free?

Yes, you can create a free account on Visme. However, it has limited functionality; it’s a great start for beginners.

Is Visme or Canva better?

Both Visme and Canva offer great design tools, but the best choice for you depends on what your specific needs are. If you require more creativity, customization, and predefined templates, then Visme is the right choice. However, if you are looking for a quick and easy design process, then Canva is the perfect option.

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