How to Sell eBooks and Earn Passive Income?

Sell eBooks

The digital revolution has opened up millions of ways to earn money if you have skills. You can earn money by coding, designing, offering certain services, or even selling products online. One such option to earn money is to sell eBooks online.

All you need to have is some good writing skills and a bit of knowledge on how to sell eBooks online, and you are ready to roll! But wait, with the thousands of writers selling eBooks online (most of them for free), does this even make sense?

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Let’s talk numbers to answer this question. In the past couple of years, eBook sales have gone through the roof. People are ditching physical books (which I don’t agree with, to be honest) and moving towards online sources of knowledge.

If you have well-crafted and helpful content in your eBook, people will pay. That’s the reason the eBook sales market is all set to grow at around 4% every year.

So there is no question about whether selling eBooks is feasible. The question is, how to sell eBooks online? From where you can start, what tools will you need and what are the best platforms that you can use to sell eBooks online?

In this piece, I am going to peel off layer by layer the entire process of eBook selling. I will begin by explaining what eBooks are, why selling eBooks is great, how to create eBooks, and finally, where you can sell eBooks. So, let’s get in the game right away.

What exactly are eBooks?

EBooks are like a digitized version of physical books. These eBooks are available in various formats, like interactive PDF, printable PDF, HTML5, or ePub. You can choose the format based on the platform you are using to sell eBooks.

The best part about eBooks?

You won’t need to collaborate with some publisher to get thousands of physical copies printed.

You won’t need a big budget to design your eBook, as there are numerous eBook designing tools available online. Your readers can easily carry your book and enjoy them on the go.

Now, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should be selling eBooks online.

5 Reasons Why You Should Sell eBooks

5 reasons why you should sell ebooks
How to Sell eBooks and Earn Passive Income? 17

Reason 1: Earn passive income efficiently

This is, by far, the most important reason. Who doesn’t love some good passive income?

When you create an eBook and start selling it online, you’ve done much of the heavy lifting. Once your eBook is published and becomes popular, you won’t have to put in much effort. You will keep getting your share every time someone downloads your eBook.

When you publish your book on platforms like Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks, the platforms themselves will take care of the sales and distribution. That’s a relief from a really big headache.

This ensures your eBook will reach millions of others, and you won’t be doing any hard work for it. Most importantly, you can utilize this saved time and create another eBook to diversify your source of income.

Reason 2: Accessibility to a global audience

If you publish a physical book, its reach will be so much. In most cases, physical books do not go across the boundaries unless they have become best sellers. This could bring down the size of your potential readers (e-readers) by a lot! But thanks to the digital revolution, your eBooks can get across the boundaries and reach a global audience.

Why exactly is this helpful? Well, understand it in this way. You have written something that doesn’t resonate with your local audience, but it does with people from other regions of the globe. As you can reach that audience easily with the help of digital platforms and sell eBooks online, you will get your chunk of the readers right away.

Another benefit of an eBook is its easy reach. No matter where your reader is located, once they purchase your eBook, it will be in their system within minutes! No, wait like they have to when they order a physical book.

Plus, eBooks are easy to pocket for readers. So obviously this will widen your net of buyers. Result? Your potential sales figures will go up.

Reason 3: Easy accessibility

The best part about eBooks is their accessibility, especially for specially-abled individuals. Physical books are rigid and non-flexible in terms of font size and the ability to cater to these individuals. However, with eBooks, everyone can optimize the eBook to their comfort and read it easily.

There is even screen reading software that can be very helpful in helping visually impaired individuals to read. Moreover, eBooks bring comfort to every reader. For example, when you sell eBooks, your readers can read them on the go; they can read them even in the low light and even in the absolute darkness.

It’s simply not possible with physical books. In short, when you sell eBooks, you offer a product that’s amazingly versatile and inclusive. This will bring in a lot more audience than your standard physical books.

Reason 4: Cost-effective production and logistics

EBooks can be more cost-effective to produce than physical books. And it’s a no-brainer. As you don’t have to spend money on printing, storage, and transportation. This helps you save a lot of the overhead costs associated with book publishing.

These savings can be redirected into other areas of your business, such as marketing and expanding your eBook range. Additionally, the digital format allows for easy updates and revisions, which can be done at little to no cost. This flexibility can keep your content current and engaging for readers with no costly new editions.

Reason 5: Potential for a wider range of content

With eBooks, you are not confined by traditional publishing constraints like page count and printing cost. This allows you to create a wider range of content lengths and types. From short stories to extensive guides, you can market a variety of digital products to meet the diverse interests of your readers.

This versatility enables you to experiment with different genres and niches without significant financial risk. This can help you discover potentially lucrative new markets and expand your audience base.

How to Craft a Killer eBook?

how to craft a killer ebook
How to Sell eBooks and Earn Passive Income? 18

Step 1: Pick an interesting topic that you love.

This is the most important step. There are practically infinite subjects that you can pick to craft your eBook. But you must pick a topic that’s relevant and interesting, and most importantly, you should have in-depth knowledge about it.

This ensures you will pour your heart into the content and can come up with something amazing and attention-grabbing. Take ample time to do enough brainstorming while choosing the topic. Dive deeper into what’s going on around the market.

E.g., creating a book on topics like crypto and NFTs is quite hot. So, if you can create content based on these topics, you can surely get some good responses.

But again, you should be careful about picking only the subjects that you know about. This will ensure the result is great and that you can provide actual value to the readers. Make sure your content is not generic, and that common information is available easily.

If you’re venturing into fiction, analyze popular categories on platforms like Amazon Kindle to gauge current trends. You can use Google too to identify which type of fiction are selling like a hot cake in the market. There are numerous genres you can touch upon if fiction interests you.

Step 2: Craft a Title That Grabs Attention

Creating a bland title like “Earn More with Cryptocurrency” sounds dull. But if you write something like “How To Make 1 Million Dollar with Cryptocurrency?” it might seem more intriguing. Make sure your title is relevant to the content you are offering in the book.

The reader should not feel like being cheated when they buy your book after reading the title, and there is nothing relevant in the book itself. If you want to sell eBooks in the fictional genre, play with the mysteries and something exciting.

The best example is Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code.” While not an eBook, you can surely take a cue for naming your next fiction eBook. It has a certain appeal; the word “code” indicates a mystery. Similarly, the name “Da Vinci” invokes an interest, as he has an intriguing personality. In short, come up with something that can interest people.

Step 3: Write Powerful Content

Well, this is something that I cannot “teach” you! Every writer is unique, and so are their writing styles. But there are some basics that you should know about. For example, what powerful words to use, what type of tone resonates with your readers, what type of characterizations your readers like, and more.

Moreover, if you have a jam-packed schedule, you can always hire ghostwriters for your books. You can easily find them on the platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.

Here, you will find some really good writers who can deliver high-quality content for your eBooks. Benefit? You can focus your energy and time on selling eBooks while others write them for you.

Step 4: Create a killer layout and design

Would you like to read from a black-and-white PDF doc that has zero graphics and images? Nope, nobody will! The same goes for your readers. Even if you have amazing content, if it’s not supplemented with a quality design, there is no way you can sell eBooks like that. Now, there are two ways of doing this.

Either you can hire a professional graphic designer to design your eBook or you can use some designing tools to get the job done. Now, the problem with hiring a graphic designer is that they are costly. So, if you are tight on budget, that option is not for you.

Thankfully, there are a lot of eBook-designing tools available in the market that can get the job done. I prefer using Visme. Visme is a versatile tool that you can use to create anything from pop-ups for your website to the eBooks themselves.

Visme – Creating interactive brand visuals

All-in-one platform for creating infographics, data visualization, videos, presentations, and other branded content.

Visme Logo

You can add graphics, images, templates, and mother visual elements that can help sell eBooks more quickly. You can check out my complete Visme review on my website to learn more about the tool.

Step 5: Choose the format and proofread

You want your readers to have the best reading experience, right? So make sure they enjoy reading your book. This will help you sell more eBooks. For example, ensure the font size is sufficient, not too big, and not too small.

Make sure your text looks clearer and easy to read. The best way is to pick the most readable fonts, like Times New Roman or Ariel, for the best result. You can also explore certain paid professional fonts that you can pair with your standard text.

Break down large paras in your text into smaller ones. This makes reading the content easy, interesting, and fun. Also, divide the entire content into multiple headers to keep it easier and simpler.

Step 6: Edit and Proofread

This is another important step. Make sure the content you share is up to the mark without any grammatical errors. You do not want any of your readers to build a bad reputation for you just because of poor grammar, right?

To edit your content, proofread it and then proofread it once again to make sure it is pitch-perfect. You can use tools like Grammarly and Quillbot to eliminate any grammatical errors.

Also, pay attention to certain words and phrases, depending on your target audience. For example, if you are writing primarily for an Aussie audience and are using the word “Telly” for television, readers from other regions might not recognize it.

So, make sure you use language that’s easily understandable to the global audience. This might seem a bit of heavy lifting, but then again, this is not a free eBook that you are giving away. If you want to sell eBooks, you have to deliver quality and authenticity.

Step 7: Prepare different file types

This is a point that a lot of eBook creators miss out on. So make sure you are not the one among them. The eBook’s file format will depend on the platform you are using to sell eBooks.

So, the best idea is to save your file in MOBI, ePub, and PDF formats. This will ensure you can publish and sell eBooks on any platform, including Amazon and Wordsmash.

Now that your file is ready and you have amazing coverage and design, it’s time to sell eBooks online. There are various platforms that you can use to publish your eBooks. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

What Are the Best Platforms to Sell eBooks?

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

It’s one of the most popular and user-friendly platforms for creators like you who want to sell eBooks online. The best part about this platform is it carries the name of Amazon!

So once the publisher publishes the eBook, they can reach Kindle readers across the globe right away. Another benefit of using KDP to sell eBooks is the global market share of the KDP, which can easily get massive exposure to the audience.

So, when you sell eBooks on Amazon, you can get up to 70% in terms of royalties. Even better, you can maintain control over the eBooks’ rights, set your prices, and make changes to your books at any time.

And if you want more exposure to sell eBooks, KDP also offers the option of enrolling in KDP Select. This can give your eBooks additional exposure via Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s subscription service. This program offers the authors an option to earn more money based on the number of pages your readers read.

Another advantage is the ability to run free promotion days or discount deals, which can significantly boost your book’s visibility and sales without upfront costs.

amazon kindle direct publishing snapshot
How to Sell eBooks and Earn Passive Income? 19


If you think Amazon is too chaotic to sell books online, Sellfy could be a great alternative. It’s a specially designed e-commerce platform to help creators like you! People can sell eBooks, music, videos, and merchandise on Sellfy.

It’s super simple to use, allows users to customize stores under their domain name, and allows customers to sell their products directly. Your readers can buy products from Sellfy via trusted payment partners like PayPal and Stripes.

The best part? The tool has its in-build marketing integration. It allows users to add offers and discounts automatically. What’s even better is that it handles the VAT automatically, so that’s a bit less of a headache for you!

Sellfy offers a subscription model. Here, you can publish your work as an author and make it available to your subscribers. You can also sell relevant merchandise with digital products. So you can make money twice, once when you sell eBooks and the second when you sell your merchandise.

The pricing plans for Sellfy are flexible and hence are suitable for all. Whether you publish a large volume of eBooks or just a few books, Sellfy could be your perfect publishing partner.

sellfy snapshot for selling ebooks
How to Sell eBooks and Earn Passive Income? 20


Payhip – Sell courses and digital downloads

Payhip, a digital storefront helps to sell digital downloads and courses. Use coupon code “WITTYSPARKS10” to get a 10% discount on all plans.

Payhip logo

Payhip is another all-in-one solution that can help you sell eBooks and other digital products. As it’s very user friendly and affordable, many users prefer Payhip over other competitors. After, the bucks you save are the bucks you earn, right?

Apart from this, Payhip takes full responsibility for your eBook publishing. With Payhip, you don’t have to worry about your payment processing or product hosting; it will take care of it all.

All you have to do is come up with new and creative content ideas, create eBooks, and sell them on Payhip! The payment for your users will be a breeze as Payhip supports a wide range of payment options.

One of Payhip’s key features is its marketing capabilities. It gives you a lot of promotional tools like affiliate marketing, discount codes, and analytics to track sales and customer engagement.

So, if you are one of the other authors who want detailed insights into their sales pattern, Payhip is your partner. Payhip also handles EU VAT on behalf of the seller. So, if you are selling to European customers, you won’t have to worry about that boring taxation stuff.

payhip snapshot for selling ebooks
How to Sell eBooks and Earn Passive Income? 21


Podia is another all-in-one platform like Sellfy. You can sell eBooks, courses, and membership on this platform. Integration makes Podia an ideal choice for authors who want to offer a range of products and engage with their audience on multiple levels.

But wait, something is amazing about Podia that you will love. It offers a 0% transaction fee on sales if you choose one of their paid plans! This can boost your profitability a lot, especially if you are a regular publisher.

Podia also includes features like email marketing tools to help build relationships with customers, a messaging system for real-time customer engagement, and the ability to create membership sites to build a community around your content.

Their affiliate program functionality is especially useful for expanding reach and generating sales through promoters. With Podia, authors can provide their audience with a diverse array of content formats and maximize their income potential.

pdoa snapshot for selling ebooks
How to Sell eBooks and Earn Passive Income? 22


Fiverr – A marketplace for freelancers

A platform that connects employers with freelance digital creators.

Fiverr logo

Fiverr offers a unique approach to selling eBooks. It allows authors to create custom “gigs” for their digital products. It’s one of the largest freelance services platforms, and eBooks are just one of the many items that can be sold.

A significant advantage of using Fiverr is its massive, global reach, giving authors access to an extensive audience of potential buyers. Fiverr handles the marketing aspect by showcasing your gigs to an array of users, potentially increasing your eBook’s visibility.

But there is one thing about Fiverr that I dislike. Here, you have to manually deliver your eBook to each of your buyers. This is a pretty hectic job, especially if you have a lot of buyers. Apart from that, pricing is dynamic, and you can create your packages and offer a varied level of content at different prices.

Although Fiverr takes a 20% commission on sales, the broad exposure and user-friendly interface make it an attractive option for new and established authors alike.

fiverr snapshot for selling ebooks
How to Sell eBooks and Earn Passive Income? 23


Blurb is renowned for its high-quality printing options, but it also provides excellent tools for creating and distributing eBooks. Authors can use Blurb’s software to design and format their eBooks with a professional look before publishing them to major selling platforms like Amazon and Apple Books Store.

Blurb offers unique customization options, making it possible to convert eBooks into physical books, an ideal choice for authors who want to provide both digital and print versions of their works.

Blurb’s platform supports a wide range of content, including photo books, making it particularly popular among photographers and visual artists. The direct-to-consumer model allows authors to retain creative control and set their prices while accessing Blurb’s distribution network to reach readers globally.

Blurb’s pricing structure is geared towards providing quality and value, making it a cost-effective choice for authors focusing on niche markets.

blurb snapshot for selling ebooks
How to Sell eBooks and Earn Passive Income? 24


E-junkie functions as a simple, efficient platform for selling eBooks directly to consumers. What makes it different is its novel approach. Here, sellers don’t have to go through traditional publishing and distribution channels.

It is especially suited for independent authors and small publishers looking to keep overhead costs low. E-junkie provides a robust set of tools for digital rights management, including PDF stamping to prevent unauthorized distribution.

E-junkie’s pricing model is subscription-based. It changes by the number of products hosted, which includes eBooks, among other digital items like music and templates.

The platform’s simplicity and the fact that it charges no per-sale fees make it attractive for authors looking for a dependable and economical option to reach their audience directly.

Additionally, E-junkie offers powerful affiliate marketing tools to help increase reach and sales. So, overall, it’s a full-spectrum solution if you want to sell eBooks.

wjunkie snapshot for selling ebooks
How to Sell eBooks and Earn Passive Income? 25


Lulu is also a good platform for authors to self-publish and distribute their eBooks and print books. It provides extensive formatting tools and lets authors convert their digital texts into professionally styled eBooks ready for distribution across Lulu’s site, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books Store.

This wide distribution potential makes Lulu an excellent option for authors seeking maximum exposure for their works.

Lulu’s platform is particularly user-friendly, guiding authors through the process of book creation from start to finish. It offers various publishing packages that include eBook creation, editorial services, and marketing support, which can help new authors navigate the publishing process.

In terms of revenue, Lulu allows authors to keep a significant portion of their sales, offering up to 90% of net profits! This is the highest number in the industry. This feature, coupled with the ability to also produce physical books, makes Lulu a versatile and lucrative platform for serious authors.

lulu snapshot for selling ebooks
How to Sell eBooks and Earn Passive Income? 26

How to Market Your eBooks?

how to market your ebooks
How to Sell eBooks and Earn Passive Income? 27

You have designed your eBook and have published it on any of the above platforms. But now what? Is this enough? Not exactly!

The market competition is extremely tough. You cannot just keep publishing your eBooks and sit idle. If you want to sell eBooks in large numbers, you will have to put some effort into it. The best way to sell eBooks in large numbers is to market them properly. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Start Email Marketing Campaigns – This is an excellent way to promote your eBooks. You can launch advanced campaigns with top email marketing services. With this, you can sell eBooks in large numbers because it boosts your eBook’s visibility.
  2. Run Social Media Contests – Another great way to market your eBooks. Many people buy eBooks after seeing them on social media platforms. So you can engage your audience with exciting contests and giveaways on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Set Up Paid Advertising – Invest in targeted ad campaigns on Google or Facebook. Design your ads to attract individuals interested in your eBook’s niche, potentially improving your return on investment.
  4. Offer Free Chapters – Attract readers by giving away the first few chapters of your eBook for free. If your content captivates them, they are more likely to buy the full version.
  5. Create Online Quizzes – Use quiz tools to create interactive quizzes related to your eBook’s theme. This method engages potential readers and subtly promotes your book.
  6. Use Social Media for Quizzes and Giveaways – Beyond sharing, social media is a perfect place for promotional activities. Host quizzes and distribute eBook copies to winners to build interest and encourage sharing.

Ready to earn with eBooks?

Phew! This was an exhilarating piece. But I hope you now have a crystal clear idea of what you have to do to sell eBooks online. Look, the most important part is to identify the best topic, create a fantastic-looking eBook using tools like Visme, and publish it on the right platform.

This guide has covered all this information. So start brainstorming, pick one topic that interests you the most, check its viability, and sell eBooks to make money. It’s time to monetize your knowledge and skills!


What are eBooks?

EBooks are a digital version of your traditional books. These eBooks can be read on multiple digital devices, like computers, tablets, and e-readers. They are in different formats, like ePub, PDF, and HTML5. This makes them easily accessible to readers across the globe, without a physical book.

Why should I consider selling eBooks?

When you sell eBooks online, you can earn passive income once your eBook is uploaded. You also get an opportunity to reach out to a global audience without any geographical boundaries.

How can I sell my eBooks online?

You can sell your eBooks through platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. These platforms can offer up to 70% royalties and reach a large audience. Other options include Apple Books, Google Play Books, or self-hosting on your website for more direct control over sales and marketing.

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