How to Make the Most of Your Business Trip Abroad

Tips to make your next business trip success

Being asked to travel for work can be exciting. It is the chance for you to get out and represent your workplace on an international level and can offer you some brilliant chances that you might not get at home.

If you are looking for ways to get out of your comfort zone and travel a bit more, international business trips might be just the thing you need. Here is how you can make the most out of your business trip, no matter where you happen to go for it!

Ask to Stay a Little Longer

If you are going somewhere, you have never been before, ask if you can use some of your holiday days to extend your time at your destination. This will give you a few free days where you can get out and explore the new place. From riding the local tour bus to visiting museums and markets, there are many ways you can integrate yourself into a new place with just a few days to spare.

You might have to contribute something to your accommodation and flights, but this can be entirely worth it if you aren’t sure exactly when you are going to get to go back. Take the opportunities as they are given to you and learn how to use them to your own advantage.

Sort Out Parking Early On

With business trips, you may have to swing by the office first before you head over to the airport. From last-minute document changes to a quick brief, there could be many reasons why your boss asks you to swing by before you head off again.

This means that you may be stuck with your car and the prospect of having to park somewhere exceptionally busy, like Heathrow airport. Luckily for you, it is easy to track down the best parking at Heathrow airport, so this can’t end up as major stress for you.

One of the best options we have found is the meet and greet Heathrow airport offers. You simply drive directly up to the terminal you are leaving for and meet with a qualified driver. They whisk your car away to a secure compound and have it ready and waiting for you when you return.

This means that even someone who is running late after being held up at the office can quickly jump out of the car and know it is in safe hands as they prepare to enter Heathrow. For more information about how this could work for you, make sure you visit this link: HeathrowParking.

Book into an Airport Lounge

When traveling, chances are that you will have to sit down and do some work on the go. Airport Wi-Fi can be extremely spotty and it might not be the ideal option for you to work with.

However, if you check into one of the many private lounges, the airport has to offer, you will get access to fast Wi-Fi and a quieter place to work than the airport departure lounge. You can get your head down and do some serious work and then head to your gate when you are ready.

Lounges aren’t just for departures; they can be used at arrivals too. If you get off your plane and think that you need a shower and refresh, the lounges have facilities to do this. One tends to leave the plane smelling like other people, and a quick shower can be a lifesaver.

Likewise, makeup can look exceptionally tired after some time in the dry air of a plane. Five minutes freshening up in the bathroom of the lounge can drastically improve your appearance and can get you ready for the meeting ahead.

Master the Carry-On

Chances are you will be away for no longer than three days; even if you have managed to score some extra time off. Even if you are able to get up to a week off, there is no reason why you cannot squeeze your clothes into a carry-on suitcase along with everything you need for your business trip.

Start with shoes. You ideally only want to bring one pair, but if you need one for your meeting and one to wear the rest of the time, then include them. Other than that, try to pack clothes that will work well together and won’t easily crease. Unless you absolutely have to, try to leave the suit behind. It is bulky and it won’t travel well even if you wear it on the plane.

With some careful investment, you will have soon put together the perfect capsule wardrobe which can help you travel anywhere. No matter how many meetings you need to attend and where they might be, you will be able to step into the room with your best foot forward.

Prepare Properly Before You Leave

No matter if this is your first trip abroad or you are a pro at business travel, you need to make sure that you know everything there is to know about your trip. Sit down with your manager and make sure you go through each and every point about the business trip. If there is anything you don’t understand, make sure they clarify it for you.

You might be heading into a completely different time zone from them, which means you won’t be able to contact them if there is an issue. What’s more, it can look quite unprofessional if you have to duck to one side for a phone call because you can’t answer a question someone has posted.

You should also do a little research about the place where you will be going. Treat this like research you would do for your own personal travel. Look at some of the local customs you are likely to encounter and think about how they might affect you. If you are a woman, you may have to come up with some simple ruses like a fake wedding band to help keep you safe.

Make sure you do a little research about where you are staying. How close is the nearest shopping center to your hotel? You never know when you might need to grab something at the very last minute. Knowing where the shops are will allow you to run out and not waste any time trying to find what you need, be it a spare pen or some new tights.

Soak Up Every Experience

Traveling for business can be some of the most invigorating work you do in your professional career. It proves that you are a valued member of the company and you are able to work on your own initiative. What’s more, you are capable of representing your company and doing business with some very different clients than those who you might deal with back home.

Use every experience as a chance to really grow as a person. Whether you are checking out some of the most interesting landmarks your destination has to offer or whether you are logging on to the company’s software and continuing to work from your hotel’s business center, make sure that you are taking something from this experience wherever you can. Who knows what opportunities might present themselves to you thanks to a business trip?

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