Facts about React Native you are still unaware of!

Facts About React Native You Are Still Unaware Of

React Native; one of the most popular cross-platform, made a move into the technology world in 2013, and since its launch, there is no returning, but it has carved a niche for itself, letting developers and business owners integrate it into their business app solution.

It is indeed a remarkable achievement that is hard to manage by most of the technologies out there, in such a short period of time. However, despite having a bigger pool of popularity to its credit, there are some still unexplored facts that are lying beneath its umbrella.

Curious to know what am I even referring to?

Well, you must pay attention to this article here, and get a strong whiff of facts that are discussed within, exclusively for you.

Wake up; React is not a framework

A common fact that is embraced by the developers and the commoners worldwide suggests that React is a JavaScript framework. And I think everyone around the globe, well-versed in technology, is accepting this.

But do you even know how React’s official website describes it?

It has been described as a JavaScript library for building user interfaces!

OOPS, so all the way round, were we considering it to be wrong?

Yes, we were, eventually React is a JavaScript library and there is a glut of incredible characteristics of a framework that makes it unique and different from its predecessors.

Every library used within has a simple aim to offer methods that help web developers better handle front-end development.

It is pocket friendly

What is the worst nightmare for any business owner? Yes, that is, the increase in their business app costs unnecessarily, which leaves a hole in their pockets.

Uff, that is horrible and disturbing at the same time, but once again this issue is tackled and well answered by React Native. It cuts down the chaos of building two separate apps for two different Oss.

You simply need to get one code to work for your two app requirements. Indeed, when you create one app instead of two, that comes cheaper and brings you ease from the monetary aspects.

On the other hand, if you proceed with adding native elements, the cost can surpass your thoughts of the budget line.

Hence, you need to be careful while integrating the best of this technological advancement in your app system, and let the cost be controlled.

SEO works best with React Native

It sounds a little insane to some out there, but really this is another enticing fact about React Native that can’t be ignored. SEO is another factor that helps a mobile app to mark a presence on the search engines.

Although there are some challenges that come along with the single-page applications, and these hurdles can be classified as the absence of dynamic SEO tags and bumps of executing JavaScript code, but don’t worry React has got it covered all for you.

Yes, that is the most interesting aspect, that helps brands to optimize single-page applications, and this can be done with the integration of Isomorphic React.

This is basically a web app that helps businesses to receive the best of both server-side rendering and single-page applications. This enables the app to automatically detect if the app client supports JavaScript. And this does not stop here, but React Native developers can help their websites get crawled as easily as plain HTML websites.

A huge community is waiting for you

Every developer loves to REACT NATIVE, and it is reflected well by the community that has been built around it. There are multiple React communities that are creating a stir in the world.

Within these communities, a huge discussion takes place, where they share their experience and provide useful tips to make a change in the development field. Further, the great number of tutorial videos available on different channels bring ease to the users to learn through watching.

Another fact that is astonishing enough suggests, React is based on JavaScript, which is one of the most approachable programming languages across the globe. Hence, every community coming for this trending tech advancement is all about a friendly attitude.

A great choice for MVPs

Yes, this is the most engaging factor that comes with React Native. It triggers the process of building the app and gets it launched further into the market. As there are lesser efforts involved in the development, one code works for two Oss, and the hot reload feature, coupled with some more, is sufficient for any app to get developed and designed.

It further leads to a QUICK launch in the market and helps your business to mark a presence in the market without any delay.

Virtual DOM is faster

Virtual DOM, developers coming from React Native technology, have heard of this term. Eventually, to talk about this, as React Native is a cross-platform framework, the virtual DOM is a language-independent application programming interface helping to connect web pages to scripts or programming languages.

This further helps web developers to modify the web pages with the most useful scripting language that is none other than JavaScript.

With the React Native technology, the DOM interface is enhanced further, which keeps a watch over the memory in a virtual representation of a UI and helps it get synchronized further with the real DOM.

It is quite evident that virtual DOM not just enables the declarative API of React, but also lets ReactJS act smartly, and invest its efforts to re-render or ignore certain specific pieces of DOM. No prize for guessing, but this helps React Native developers to reduce the performance cost of updating the real DOM.

Also, you cannot ignore that virtual DOM is completely different from shadow DOM, and has a better capability to handle the requests at ease.

Final takeaway

Indeed, React Native is much better than its competitors and the future will decide more possibilities for it to charge a revolution. It is a great choice to proceed with and will create a better future for the cross-platform development field.

Last but not the least, ensure to pick React Native Technology to give a new reason for your business to flourish and never stop charging on the success ladder.

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