What a Gamer Anniversary Night Looks Like, According to Become Gamer

Young couple playing video game on gamer anniversary

A lot of gamers are antisocial people by nature. They spend most of their time locked up in their homes, playing their favorite video games with other people online. However, now and then, love finds a way to connect gamers, resulting in long-term relationships.

Whenever a gamer couple has an anniversary, the celebration looks somewhat different from what’s considered normal. Become Gamer knows a few couples who share their love for gaming, and here’s how some of them celebrate their relationships.

Playing Favorite Games Together

Naturally, couples who met each other while playing their favorite video games spend time doing what they love the most. They play games together every day, so there’s no surprise that they like to jump into their favorite games on their special day.

What makes their anniversary special is the rest of the team. Many couples show up in their WoW guilds, dedicated servers, and forums on their special day, and their teammates usually know what’s going on, so they prepare a special welcome or an event to celebrate.

True love is not found often in the gaming world, so everyone does what they can to make the day special. Become Gamer has a few friends that enjoy playing MMORPGs like World of WarCraft and Guild Wars, and they usually spend their anniversaries in-game.

Enjoying a Video Game Inspired Dinner

Nothing says I love you to a gamer more than a video-game inspired meal. It turns out that gamers worldwide have tried to recreate some of the most iconic meals found in their favorite titles. The internet is full of recipes based on in-game foods, and many of them are as tasty and breathtaking as the “real” deal.

Become Gamer found a few cool recipes that fit into this category. They look just as they do in the game, and cooking them is a fun activity for both partners. Sit down, take some time to find the recipe you both like the most, and you’ll both have a few hours of great bonding time, ideal for celebrating a gamer anniversary.

Go to the local market holding hands, buy the ingredients you need, and have fun trying to recreate the dishes from your favorite games together. Cooking together is something special, and when you consider that the food you’ll be eating is based on a game, things become even more exciting.

When the dish is fully cooked, prepare the table for a romantic gamer setting. Grab a few candles, get dressed in your favorite game-inspired costumes, and stare at each other’s eyes while you enjoy your meal together. After all, it’s the love for gaming that put you two together, so celebrate that moment freely, with someone who understands your passion.

Create Costumes Together

Cosplay is a popular activity in the gaming world, but instead of buying costumes, making your own version is far more interesting. The two of you can pick your favorite video game characters and have fun recreating their costumes together. It can be a warrior from Wow, your favorite GTA character, or an anime character like Goku, Naruto, and so on.

Make sure that you have the basic tools like scissors, paper, glue, pens, etc., and start cropping. As a twist, you could create costumes for each other and then wear them on your special night. While this may seem like a time-consuming activity, Become Gamer is sure that it will not only make the day memorable, but also provide you with hours of bonding time and some really cool results.

Once the costumes are done, get dressed and try to act like the character you chose. A little roleplay is just what you need to prepare for the final step of the celebration, the bedroom.

Movie Night Finale

After such an active and exciting day, a movie night is just what you need to relax and get closer together. Play your favorite video-game themed movie and enjoy your time together as a real couple. Remember that you were put together by faith and revel in your shared love for gaming, but focus on the real feeling of love and understanding you have today.

Dim the lights, grab some snacks, and tell each other how much you love one another. If you make it to the end of the movie (most couples don’t), leave some energy for the bedroom too.

What You Have Is Truly Special

Having a partner that shares your passion for gaming is something most people never get to experience. Become Gamer is happy for all couples that met each other while playing online multiplayer video games.

If you’re one of them, you should always find a way to make every anniversary special and remind you of the games that helped you get closer to each other. Love each other, and pretty soon, you might need an extra console or PC for your successors!

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