How to Balance the Style and Decency While Visiting Church

Church suits to consider

Times are changing, now churches are not limited to the spiritual or religious aspects only, they become an important element of our social life as well. In high society churches, the dressing sense of all the visitors is especially noticed.

The gatherings in the churches get supreme importance in almost all the countries of the world. Selecting a proper dress every day is not a simple task at all. You may have cupboards full of clothes, still you feel that you have nothing nice to wear and this problem is even worse on Sundays when you have to get ready for the church.

In almost all the households, the church suits become a bone of contention. If you are also facing such problems, then this article is only for you as here you will find all the answers related to church suits.

Why so much debate on Church suit?

You may ask why there is so much debate about the different kinds of church suits. After all Church is a place for worship or service. You can visit Church by wearing whatever you like; it is true but not 100%.

If we allow people to wear whatever they want to wear, then there may be instances that someone may appear in the church in very indecent attire. Maybe, due to this reason, over the period of time; the tradition of wearing a suit or a dress while visiting church becomes prevalent.

What is the best attire for the church?

Well, it is a very big question and a complicated one as well. Numerous people come up with different theories about the dressing, but in my opinion, the comfort and dignity of the place should be maintained while selecting the dress for the church. Here we are suggesting five simple tips that will help you to keep the necessary balance between “Style and Decency”.

1. Big occasions or weddings

If you are visiting the church for some very big and special occasion like- Christmas, Easter, or for the wedding of someone close to you, then you should select a designer Church suit with an elegant hat. These dresses are quite heavy and expensive as well.

You will find a matching color hat with a designer gown for the perfect look. At present, you may find different varieties of designer church suits in all the colors. Despite all new trends of the fashion world, the conventional white gown is evergreen even today also, so you can wear it without thinking much.

For the wedding ceremony, one should dress up elegantly and just make sure that you look at your best, yet you cannot ignore the dignity of the place and should wear a designer but decent dress.

2. Regular prayer or service

When you are getting ready for a regular prayer or service in the church, then you may choose any formal church suit. Your dressing should not be limited to specially tagged “church suits” only. You can select any decent length skirt and team it up with a matching or contrast top or shirt.

But should avoid too bright colors and funky prints. If you don’t want to wear a skirt or gown, then you can try pants of dark colors like- black and brown. It is advisable that one should avoid shorts while visiting the Church.

3. What about your footwear!

You cannot ignore the significance of footwear in your overall appearance. If you are visiting church, then you should pay sufficient attention to your footwear as well. Traditionally, women wear belly while visiting the church, but if you are not comfortable with bellies, then you may choose formal shoes as well.

In the case of men, sandals and sneakers are not considered ideal for the church. It is advisable that you should wear regular leather shoes while visiting the church.

4. Your hairstyle

A perfect hairstyle can add brownie points to your overall appearance. Your hair should be arranged properly while visiting the Church. You can let them open, tie them in a pony or simply try a high ban which is quite in trend these days. You can try any hairstyle that suits you; just remember that your overall appearance should not be too glamorous.

5. Your visit to the church is incomplete without a hat

When someone says church, then the first image that strikes in your mind is must be of a beautiful girl wearing a white gown with a very attractive hat. In the Christian religion, hats are quite prevalent. Women look beautiful and attractive in these hats, but it is not just for fashion or style. In fact, hats are related to the traditions of this religion. In the Apostolic churches, wearing a hat is compulsory for women.

In the case of men, the tradition about the hat is just the opposite. In several churches, wearing a hat is a sign of disrespect, but it may vary from place to place.

All the above tips will help you get dressed up “decently stylish” and you will become the center of attraction in any gathering at the church.

How one can find an appropriate dress code for the church?

If you actually want to know the customs and traditions of a particular church, then you should visit the official website of that church and get to know about details of dress codes, if any. You may get the information regarding the dress codes from other visitors as well.

I hope all this important information will help you get properly dressed up for your next visit to the church. It is a well-known fact that the GOD never bothers about the dress or external appearance, but we are living in a civilized society which is bounded by some moral code of conduct.

These are not obligatory yet essential to maintain the decorum. After reading this article, you must have understood the significance of church suits and will follow the above tips for church dressing.

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