Pink Aviator Sunglasses: Biggest Eyewear Trend of the Year

Pink aviator sunglasses trend

Geek glasses – those thick, dark acetate frames people usually associate with geeks and nerds that have become a much-maligned stereotype for hipsters’ are now on the wane. Aviator-shaped glasses, especially pink aviator sunglasses, are now this season’s most in-demand frame of choice.

If you’re not quite convinced, then you better look around. Wired frames and pink aviator sunglasses have become quite popular lately. In fact, a lot of popular eyewear brands have started re-launching their aviator eyewear this season. There’s been a 40% increase in aviator sales recently.

Pink aviator sunglasses are also growing in popularity at an indie level. Independent businesses have been selling them lately and they always get sold out.

Pink aviator sunglasses may look fashionable and ideal for making a fashion statement nowadays, but this type of eyewear has been around since 1936. They were developed originally for use by US Air Force pilots.

It has, since then, made countless appearances in not just in movies but on the runway and in celebrity wardrobes. The classic aviator-style frames always seem to be included in “top trends” lists more often than not.

Pink aviator sunglasses are one of the most popular styles of eyewear today. Aviator sunglasses are the predecessors of wrap-around glasses. While this type of eyewear has been around for decades, they still stand out among other types of sunglasses in the market.

Aviator sunglasses highlight one’s face well, and there’s a rough and tough look to it. Aviator glasses are available in a variety of styles and colors. They also come in sporty designs to suit athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Sporty aviator sunglasses are perfect for when you are doing outdoor games and sports activities.

The first Aviator sunglasses were developed by Bausch & Lomb as an alternative to flight goggles. As flight capabilities advanced, the pilot’s gears continued to stall. Bausch & Lomb created sunglasses that do not fog up the way goggles do. They offered a more comfortable and stylish option than normal flight goggles.

These aviator sunglasses had large and dark mirrored lenses that blocked more light out compared to flight goggles. These eyeglasses were originally called “Anti-Glares” and branded as “Ray-Ban” because they were intended to ban the ‘rays” of the sun from your eyes.

Aviator sunglasses became a standard military issue during the height of the Second World War. These glasses became even more popular after General Douglas McArthur was photographed wearing them.

The image of Douglas McArthur wearing aviator sunglasses became Hollywood’s go-to ‘wartime’ look. Military-style outfits became quite popular among police officers, soldiers, private and commercial pilots, and sportsmen after the war. Their utility and performance and stylish appearance made them quite appealing to men in those industries.

Pink aviator sunglasses with thin, wired frames evolved throughout the years as companies started adding their own spin on the well-loved eyewear style. Countless designer brands started producing and releasing their own version of aviator sunglasses during the 1980s.

Aviators with thick, plastic frames as well as shield-style pink aviator sunglasses started appearing, as did those with tinted lenses and unique frame finishes. Feminine-style aviators with softer colors and rhinestones were popular in the 1970s, giving the aviators a unisex appeal.

Pink Aviator Sunglasses in Pop Culture

Aviator-style sunglasses rose in popularity as they got featured in more magazines and appeared in more and more movies over the years. War and action films drove the popularity of the style, as actors and models wore them, driving the trend to stick around. Even the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, wore a flashy version of the aviators in the 70s, and the King of Pop Michael Jackson rocked thick-shield aviators during the 80s.

The iconic style of aviator sunglasses seems to experience yet another revival in terms of popularity. Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci are just a few of the biggest names in the fashion industry to have released their own take on aviator sunglasses.

They’ve transformed the rough and tough-looking eyewear into a chic, essential high-fashion accessory whether on the runway or red carpet. Tom Cruise is one of the most popular actors known for rocking aviators in his films.

Aviator sunglasses’ popularity shows no signs of slowing down even after 80 years. After several decades of popularity, the real question should be: “Was there ever a time Aviators weren’t popular?”

How To Style Pink Aviator Sunglasses For Your Face

Pink aviator sunglasses are one of the most popular styles of sunglasses out there. However, it’s also a style that some people find hard to wear. If you’re still in search of the perfect aviator that fits the frame of your face perfectly, below are some helpful tips for you.

When it comes to sunglasses, there is nothing more popular than aviator sunglasses. It’s, without a doubt, one of the most iconic and popular eyewear of all time.

Is The Aviator The Right Style for You?

Yes. Aviator sunglasses are an excellent choice of eyewear for most people, as long as you find the right size and measurements for your face.

But even though aviators are a solid style choice for most people, there are people who find it hard to find the perfect style of aviator for the shape and size of their face.

What Is The Best Face Shape for Aviators?

With its large teardrop shape and rounded corners, pink aviator sunglasses are the best fit for people whose face shape is:

  • Oblong-shaped: Since aviator lenses have taller heights, they provide a good balance for people with tall and narrow (or oblong) faces.
  • Heart-Shaped (or V-shape): The way aviator lenses are formed diverts one’s attention downwards and outwards the corners of the frame. This is good for someone whose upper half of the face appears wider than it does in the bottom half because it provides great contrast. For example, people with pointy or narrow jawlines, or noticeable browlines would really look great with aviators.
  • Angular Faces (sharp or bold-featured): Pink aviator sunglasses work well at softening the features of people with sharper, more pointed aesthetics.

Who Doesn’t Look Good With Aviators?

People who struggle with wearing aviators are as follows:

People with prominent cheeks

Because aviator lenses are positioned up high and often have a strong curve, people with prominent cheeks might not look good wearing them. The lenses would end up sitting on their cheeks and lift up when they smile.

People with Low Nose Bridge

Aviators often present a huge problem for those with low-nose bridges due to their large surface area and strong wrap.

People with Broad Jawlines or Prominent Chins

If your jawline is wider than your forehead, then rest assured using an aviator sunglass will accentuate the bottom part of your face and draw more attention to it.

People Who Use Strong Prescription Glasses

If you’re thinking of getting aviator-style frames for your prescription glasses or for your prescription sunglasses, be careful. The large lens surface and strong wrap could cause complications for those with strong prescriptions.

How To Wear Pink Aviator Sunglasses?

Aviators have remained quite popular ever since they were introduced to the public in the 1930s. Not only do they add a “classic” feel to your look, but they also add a masculine touch to it. But this doesn’t mean that this type of eyewear is only limited to “manly” looking outfits.

This fashion staple is flexible enough to go with any kind of outfit combination. Because they’re an all-around type of eyewear, aviator sunglasses will match any smart or casual outfit perfectly!

Before you head over to purchase one, take some time to consider the factors that will affect your use of this particular fashion accessory. You’ll need to choose wisely because there are so many different styles and colors available out there today.

To make sure you get your money’s worth on pink aviator sunglasses, invest in a high-quality brand. Sure, you’d end up paying more, but it’ll guarantee you that they will last a long, long time. You can be sure they won’t easily break even when you accidentally sit on them too.

If you want to try a different kind of aviator sunglasses, how about going for one with pink lenses? Pink aviator sunglasses will make you stand out and set you apart from the crowd. It can even complement your casual outfits, or if you’re feeling like you want to experiment with fashion, you can try pairing it with bright-colored clothes. If you want to keep it simple and classic, a white shirt and jeans with your pink aviators would create a slick casual look.

Besides being stylish, pink-colored lenses will help reduce glare, increase contrast, and make the contours of objects around you more defined. They are the perfect eyewear (and color) of choice for when you’re driving around the city or just anywhere! You’ll never get it wrong with them.

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