WPPayForm – The Best Payment Plugin for WordPress That Accept Multiple Gateways

Online businesses are highly dependable on a secured payment gateway that serves the business owner getting paid smoothly. But there are very few quality solutions out there in the market. If you are a WordPress user, it must be concerning issue as WordPress doesn’t have any built-in functionality for payment method. That’s why plugins come into existence and they are the best solution in this respect.

Why Need A Payment Gateway Plugin?

In WordPress, by default, there is no way to have a payment gateway that can be integrated on your website. So, there is a limited way to make it happen for your website, either you have to perform raw code or you need to install a WordPress plugin on your website.

The thing is raw coding isn’t possible for who doesn’t know how to code and it’s not possible by the general user to code manually. Moreover, raw coding is pretty much time-consuming for the coder. That’s why plugins came into place and they make things easy and comfortable. A proper payment gateway plugin also helps your clients to have a flawless transaction. But there are tons of payment plugins out there in the market that can get you confused to the right one for you.

In this article, I will talk about a smart, modern payment gateway plugin that could serve your purposes in the best possible ways. I am talking about the WordPress payment plugin WPPayForm by WPManageNinja team.

WPPayForm – The Intuitive Online Payment Gateway Plugin in WordPress

WPPayForm is a smart payment gateway plugin which is integrated with Stripe and PayPal payment gateways. This is a freemium type plugin that covers Stripe in the free version and paid version covers PayPal integration. You will get the free version of the plugin from the WordPress directory and paid can be found from the official website of the plugin.

Main Features of WPPayForm Plugin

There are a number of advanced payment features in WPPayform. All the features are made to make the plugin more dynamic and interactive. Here, I am listing some of them in the below:

  • Multiple payment gateways supported.
  • Easy plugin interface.
  • Responsive payment forms
  • Stripe and PayPal integration
  • Recurring payment method enabled
  • Scheduling and restriction feature
  • Special custom currency feature
  • Organized entry management system
  • Advanced designing options
  • Short-code friendly payment form creation

1. Installation & Activation

The installation process of WPPayForm is easy and comfortable, for the free version of the plugin, you can download the plugin from the WordPress directory. Next, you can install the from your admin dashboard. To make this happen —

Go to the Dashboard of your site → Plugins → Add New → WPPayForm, then install it.

For installing the pro version of the plugin, you need to download it from the official website. Then upload it from the FTP from your plugin dashboard. You can get details from the documentation page of the plugin.

WordPress - Add Plugins
WordPress – Add Plugins

After installing you will find the plugin options in the left sidebar of WordPress admin page of your site.

WPPayForm - Plugin options
WPPayForm – Plugin options

2. Creating a Payment Form

Using WPPayForm, you can create any kind of payment form easily on your website. To start creating any payment form, you need to go to your dashboard and hit over to the WPPayForm located in the left sidebar panel.

WPPayForm - Add New Form
WPPayForm – Add New Form

Then you will see that a pop-up will appear with several pre-defined form templates. You can select any one of them or you can create a new one according to your requirement by clicking on the New Blank Form option.

WPPayForm - Select Form Templates or Create a Blank Form
WPPayForm – Select Form Templates or Create a Blank Form

Next, you will see a payment form structure will open without any input field. You can rename the payment form clicking on the edit icon in the top left corner of the plugin’s interface.

WPPayForm - Custom Form Fields
WPPayForm – Custom Form Fields

Then you will find the option for putting the words.

WPPayForm - Form Title and Description
WPPayForm – Form Title and Description

After providing the name in the input field, click on the Update button. Then you will see that the form will be renamed.

You need to add the necessary payment fields by using the drag & drop feature.

WPPayForm - Payment Items
WPPayForm – Payment Items

Basically, you will find three categories of input fields with different functionalities. There are three sections named Product Fields, Payment Method Fields, and General Fields section in the right sidebar panel. All the sections cover different functionalities that make your payment form more interactive.

In the Product Fields section, you need to specify the product or service on your payment form and for specifying the payment method, you need to use the Payment Method Fields section. In the General Field Section, you will have the opportunity to add 10+ input fields on your payment form.

Once you are done with the inclusion of necessary input fields and other fields, you need to configure the Stripe and PayPal integration.

3. Stripe Integration

WPPayForm allows you to integrate Stripe payment gateway into your payment form. You can use this feature with free of cost as you can find this in the WordPress directory with zero cost. Integrating the Stripe payment gateway is simple and easy.

To make this happen, you just need to go to the dashboard of WPPayForm and head over to the Settings, then click on the Stripe Settings options.

WPPayForm - Stripe Payment Settings
WPPayForm – Stripe Payment Settings

You will get two different modes named Test Mode and Live Mode. Test mode is used to run the plugin in testing purpose. To complete the configuration process done, you will get Stripe Test Keys and Stripe Live Keys options to provide all the necessary credentials.

Moreover, you will get an opportunity to provide company information which will be used in the checkout process. There is also an option for Stripe Meta Data which is used to send input data to Stripe as metadata.

4. PayPal Integration

PayPal is a pro feature of WPPayForm and it’s also easy to integrate with your website. Before integrating PayPal on your site, you need to purchase the pro version of the WPPayForm plugin. Only the pro version will allow you to have options that will allow you to integrate this payment gateway.

Once you have purchased the pro version, you can now set up the PayPal into your website. To integrate PayPal, click on the Settings from the left sidebar of the plugin.

WPPayForm - PayPal Payment Settings
WPPayForm – PayPal Payment Settings

Unlike Stripe, here PayPal integration is a bit easier but you will get here Sandbox Mode and Live Mode in the same way.

To integrate with PayPal, you need to provide your PayPal email in the PayPal Email option. One thing you should keep in mind that before making your payment form live, you should use Sandbox Mode for testing purpose.

Other Core Advanced Features

There are a lot of advanced features of WPPayForm plugin that makes things done very smoothly. Let’s take a close look at them:

5. Easy to Use Interface

The developers of Ninja Tables plugin developed WPPayForm and they are best at ensuring user-friendliness in the plugin’s interface. The main purpose of the team is to provide a user-centric output so that users can use the respective products in the best possible ways.

6. Drag & Drop Input Fileds

Drag and drop input field feature is one of the most important and profound features that make our form building capacity easier and smooth. In WPPayForm, there are 10+ input fields that are drag and droppable and matter of a single click. Using drag and drop feature, you can upload files, name fields, email, lingle line text, text-area, number field, drop-down, radio box, checkbox, and so on.

7. Custom Currency

Custom currency is another important feature of WPPayForm which is used to make your currency as your own. You can make currency as your own using the Stripe payment gateway.

WPPayForm - Currency Settings
WPPayForm – Currency Settings

There are a number of options to configure the currency of your payment form. You can set up your payment currency locally and globally. You also can use different separators while displaying a total amount of respective currency.

8. Form Confirmation Settings

Form confirmation allows you to set up a confirmation message while payments are submitted to make sure that payment has submitted successfully. This is one of the most useful features that make your payment forms more interactive.

WPPayForm - Form Confirmation Settings
WPPayForm – Form Confirmation Settings

Using this Confirmation Settings feature, you can define confirmation type and the message that you want to display as a confirmation. You can display a confirmation message to the same page or another separate page. You are also able to make a custom URL to show the confirmation message. You can hide and reset form submission as well.

9. Designing Payment Form

Design plays a vital role in any kind of user experience and WPPayForm allows its users to make a custom design in their payment form. Using the Design Settings option under the Form Settings tab, you can customize your payment form design in very different ways.

Firstly, you will get a Form Layout option where you can align label top, left, and right. You also can customize the asterisk position of your payment form. Even you can configure the Submit Button position.

WPPayForm - Form Layout Designing
WPPayForm – Form Layout Designing

In the Design Settings option, there is another section named Form Element Stylings where you can customize font-weight, and you also can style input items. These all the cool features that make your payment form more interactive.

10. Set Scheduling & Restriction Feature

Scheduling is one of the most vital and important features of any kind of online form. The same thing goes here for WPPayForm, and using this plugin, you can set schedule your payment form when you are in need.

You may want to fix duration for form submission and don’t want to maintain manually everything, that’s why you need to set a scheduling feature on your payment form. WPPayForm allows you to set those scheduling features on your payment form without facing any hassle.

WPPayForm - Form Scheduling
WPPayForm – Form Scheduling

Implementing restriction is one of the important traits for online forms. You can control over form submission by using the awesome feature. Sometimes you may want to your users to register before submit the payment forms.

WPPayForm - Maximum Entries Settings
WPPayForm – Maximum Entries Settings

A custom message can be shown when a user exceeds the maximum number of entries.

Implementing Custom CSS/JS

The Custom CSS and JS of WPPayForm allows you to add custom CSS styles and Javascript code to modify your WordPress payment forms. Sometimes you may need to add Custom CSS in your WordPress site to make a change the appearance of your payment form. WPPayForm allows you to add Custom CSS feature in your payment form.

Using this excellent plugin, you also can use the Custom JS feature to add extra functionalities on your payment form.

11. Organized Form Entries

Using WPPayForm plugin, you can manage all your submitted entries without any hassle. There is an organized entry management system which is easily accessible for you to manage and review the information you need. Even if you want to change any payment status paid to refund or pending to paid, you can do such easily using this plugin.

Apart from group entry submission, you can view single site submission staying from your plugin’s dashboard. This is a pretty cool feature that makes the plugin unique from the rest.

12. Export Entries

Suppose you are using WPPayForm in several domains and you want to transfer submitted entries of one domain to another one, you can make it happen using WPPayForm plugin. You can export entries in four different formats.

WPPayForm - Export Entries as CSV, Excel, ODS and JSON
WPPayForm – Export Entries as CSV, Excel, ODS and JSON

You can export entries in CSV, Excel, ODS, and JSON formats to any other plugins.

13. Pricing, Support, and Documentation

As the plugin is freemium in type, it offers a free and pro version altogether. Usually, you will get the free version of the plugin from the WordPress directory. The pro version comes up with three different pricing plans that are cost-effective in type. The pricing plans are as follow:

  • Single Site License – $59.00
  • Agency License (Up to 20 Websites) – $99.00
  • Unlimited Lifetime Site License – $299.00

All the pricing plans of the plugin are worth enough to purchase this awesome product. Moreover, there is extensive documentation and visual guidelines of the plugin that can make things easy and comfortable.

Apart from all these things, there is a support ticket system facility on its official website and you will get dedicated support from the support team of the plugin.

Over to You

Now, you have known to a quality WordPress plugin and you can check the plugin at least for testing purposes from WordPress directory. Remember that the free version allows you to use the Stripe payment gateway which is completely free of cost.

If you want to use PayPal as your gateway then you need to purchase the plugin, then you will have both payment gateways for serving your purposes.

I hope this article helped you to understand more about a quality standard plugin named WPPayForm by WPManageNinja. If you want to integrate any payment gateway on your website, this could be a great option to solve your purposes.

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