How WordPress themes are still important in the world of page builders and Gutenberg?

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Every person when they want to change their look they change their dress and hairstyle among others like makeup.

Similarly, on websites, when someone wants to change the look and feel of a website and particularly the WordPress website, they go for changing the theme.

Hence theme acts as a user interface, and it shows how things appear at the front end.

A WordPress theme is important because if what you see is likable, you are surely going to take the service or the product from that business.

Any business would want to have either leads, sales or inquiries from their respective websites and hence each website wants to have the best suitable theme for their website so that they can showcase their services or products.

They can also showcase what all services they offer, previous and past work and easy ways to contact them.

Role of WordPress theme during Gutenberg and page builder managed content

Any content when managed via Gutenberg and or page builder like Elementor, Site Origin, SKT Builder, Beaver builder, and others it is just the content managed.

That is the fonts, italics and headline styles and the overall content layout is managed however how the buttons will appear, how the search box and search page will appear.

How the 404 pages will appear, and layouts for blog and footer and header as well as how the content of other pages with or without sidebar will be laid is still determined by how your theme works.

Even though most of the job is nowadays done by page builders but the main layout and the colors and overall header and footer which form a big part of the look and feel is still managed by the theme.

In case you are not a developer or a designer, that is a big thing for you and hence it is necessary you choose the right WordPress theme from the right service provider.

WordPress theme scores over Gutenberg or page builder

If someone says that we can pick up any theme and then built it from scratch using page builder or Gutenberg then they are completely wrong about the same or are developers or designers who can manage things themselves.

Here are a few points where WordPress theme scores over these plugins and you need it more than ever for these tasks:

  1. Header and footer layouts
  2. Widgets in sidebar
  3. Sidebar layout
  4. Post and blog layouts
  5. 404, search and archives pages
  6. Compatibility with various plugins
  7. Sticky header
  8. Compatibility with SEO plugins
  9. DIY tools take a lot of time and efforts to understand how things work
  10. Lastly, and most importantly, if you need a quick business website, a theme comes with all that is needed clubbed with required plugins so all you need to do is change images, color, fonts, and text and make your site ready within no time.

However, nowadays most of the WordPress theme developers like the people at SKT Themes integrate their templates with one or more page builders and develop it using them so that you get features of the theme for the most layouts plus utilize these powerful tools like page builders to ensure your content is laid out in the right fashion and way you would have desired for.

Value of designers and developers in the era of Gutenberg and page builders

SKT Themes - Premium WordPress Themes
SKT Themes – Free and Premium WordPress Themes

There are a lot of tools available in the market and there have been a lot of tools available right before they appeared as well. A lot of DIY tools for website publishing were created and were in existence even before WordPress came into the market and there are still a lot of CMS around the world whereby users can choose them and get their websites done.

But each one of those tools is difficult and cumbersome and is generic and general because they have been created for all types of users.

These tools will definitely get you the basic base for creation of a website but if you are looking for something innovative and something creative with some custom work which no other website has, then definitely an expert is the one who needs to guide you in the right direction as to which tools and options they will make use of and create your website.

There have been a lot of mobile phones and a lot of DSLR cameras around the world, but we still hire a photographer to do our wedding shoots because they know how to use them to create your perfect shot. Plus, if you yourselves are going to shoot your wedding photos, then who will stand in the groom or bride section?

It’s like you know how to do the interior or the graphics of the house, but who will build the house in the first place?

Even though a lot of tools are coming out similarly for the WordPress CMS, an expert is needed whenever you need something out of the ordinary or to get the perfect website you would have always thought of.

If your budget is small, the web designer or developer will make use of the readymade tools like page builder and WordPress themes to get the best output possible, and if you need some custom requirement, then either they create those using plugins or change an existing plugin or feature and make it suitable as per your requirement.

Support matters

At the end of the day, so many tools might confuse not just the end-user but also the web designers and developers who get contracts for the website creation and they would want support.

This is where WordPress theme developers like SKT Themes come into the picture because they provide the best round-the-clock support to their customers so that whenever they get stuck with any problems or conflicts with several such plugins, they suggest the easiest way out.

In this era of several page builders and Gutenberg as a web developer, your job is to adapt to the changes fast, but if you can’t let the theme developers handle your queries and you just enjoy using the readymade templates for your clients.

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