Best Video Games For Toddlers

Top video games for kids

The video gaming industry has grown increasingly over the past decade. There are so many types of video games today featuring different characters and goals.

While some games are violent and pointless, others are didactic and fun. By introducing some video games and Android games to your toddler, you are not only teaching him or her some useful things, but you are also bonding and having fun.

The trick lies in limiting video game time and choosing the best video games for kids. According to pediatric experts, an hour to two for video games per day is an advisable limit for toddlers up to 5 years of age.

Experts argue that the nature of video games matters more than the time limit since there are many advantages of parents spending time with their toddlers playing video games.

1. The best video games

Some of the best video games nowadays can be played on a PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, or with gaming pads and controllers. Some of them are single-player, some are multi-player games, and some have Assist modes available, too.

a. Super Mario Odyssey

The first video game on our list is definitely a version of the cult Super Mario game series, Super Mario Odyssey. People describe it as one of the best 3D platforms ever made. This video game is special because it has one additional feature that many games don’t have and that is the Assist mode.

This mode makes the game a bit easier for kids. For example, Mario’s health doubles, falling off the map doesn’t mean instant death and there is a marker guiding Mario to his objective. It also removes some distractions in order to help out the little ones. The game is just perfect for your curious toddlers.

b. Yooka-Laylee

This colorful video game features two main characters: a charming chameleon and a lovable bat. In this game, you and your toddler jump around, solve puzzles and collect valuables. You can play it on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Yooka-Laylee is a game that visually engages your toddlers with its colorful and amusing background and characters.

So, if you’re experiencing some tough periods with your kid and if he or she is too young to hold a gaming pad, you can entertain him or her easily, as well. For example, while soothing their gums with teething remedies you can play the game with the child sitting next to you watching the screen. In that way, kids can focus on something else other than the pain.

c. Sonic Mania Plus

Parents are already familiar with this old-school game since they must have played it when they were young. Maybe they play it even now! This is a chance where parents can bond with their children by introducing the game to them.

With this version, there is an option of playing split-screen, where everybody holds their own controller and lay simultaneously. You can play it on several media devices, such as PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

2. The best Android video games

Besides regular video games, android video games for kids are also popular today. Plenty of them has an educational function besides the functional one.

a. PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes

This is a simple game that a toddler of any age should be able to play. The main characters are Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette from the famous Disney Junior TV show PJ Masks, so they should be familiar to the children.

The three characters have different abilities: one can fly, one can crawl over walls and one can run super fast. And best of all, it is a free app without ads and in-app purchases.

b. Smart Kids Puzzles

As its name suggests, it is a puzzle game for kids developed for an Android device. This game is educational and fun, featuring plenty of interesting wooden puzzle variants. The puzzles are usually shaped like animals, where toddlers need to put the different pieces together to get a whole. Even very young toddlers can play it and feel happy about themselves accomplishing the task put before them.

c. Tiny World

Tiny World is quite a simple game. You control your vehicle by tapping either the left or the right side of your screen. While moving around, the player’s task is to keep the bags stored on the top of the vehicle from falling off.

The bumps on the round make the task harder as bags tend to fall off. The game is over when all the bags have fallen off the vehicle. The point of the game is to see how long you can last and how many points you can collect.

d. Fox Tales – Kids Story Book: Learn to Read

This app represents a great interactive storybook, in essence. It consists of 45 pages of hand-drawn pictures. The toddler’s job is to discover all 84 stars throughout the game. It is also an adventure game, so it can be used for dual purposes: as a bedtime story asset and as an individual activity.

e. Kids Piano Games Pro

If your toddler is showing some signs of musical talent, you should definitely help him or her out by introducing some fun ways of playing music digitally, before enrolling in piano lessons. In this app, your kid helps out a group of monsters preparing for a concert.

The app allows children to play some of the most popular children’s songs with 8 musical notes available. Also, children can explore their creativity by experimenting with different beats and instruments. The point of the game is to compose fun songs with the help of funny little monsters.

The list can go on and on. When children are young, they don’t know their preferences and likes as well as abilities. That’s why the role of the parent is to help their children find out what they’re good at.

A good way to see if they have musical talent, a talent for learning foreign languages, or perhaps if their math geniuses are to introduce them to different video games and Android games.

And when you notice that they exceed or are interested in some of them, direct them to tutors and classes. After all, you want what’s best for your child.

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