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Old School RuneScape Android Game

It has been a while coming, but fans of Old School RuneScape finally have access to the much-anticipated Bounty Hunter Rework design. In truth, players of the long-standing game have called for amendments via in-game polls.

And thankfully, the team, working tirelessly on the project, has listened. But before these changes get implemented into the core game, they must be cleared first by the community.

If you’re an existing player and would like to have your say on the proposed changes, you can do so by visiting this Twitter Thread. Alternatively, you can voice any opinions directly by visiting the Old School Discord channel.

The Bounty Hunter rework design.

But back to breaking news. Today, Old School RuneScape announced its latest patch update via Twitter, which will include a new “killstreak system,” alongside innovations such as “player bounties” and of course, the reason why you’re all here, “new rewards.”

But before we dive deeper into the finer details, you can find the full press release. So, what’s included in the latest update? Luckily for you, we’ve got a handy rundown of events. Read on for all the essential intel.

According to Old School RuneScape, the overriding goal here is, “to make the minigame more rewarding, more exciting to play, and more attractive to both experienced PKers and beginners to PvP.”

Old School RuneScape goes on to state that “your feedback is invaluable” with plans to orchestrate a beta test to pre-run the proposed changes before everything goes live.

After thanking the player base for their continued support in helping to shape the Bounty Hunter Rework, we get a good glimpse of those future changes up close.

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Firstly, the point system has been an area of contention for some time, with many unsatisfied with its reward scheme. However, these new changes hope to change public perception. The potential redesigned version looks to give players more incentive. One of the ways it strives to do this is by altering the reward each player receives.

For instance, killstreaks issue double and triple points, while players who defeat their BH target collect 1 point. Also included are several exceptions, allowing you to maintain a killstreak. All of which are intended to limit “griefing.”

In a bid to add a greater sense of challenge, player bounties are also set to receive a rework. And this time around, tasks will be more varied. These will pop up in your chat box and change periodically, every half an hour. Each challenge issues 10 points but can be declined up to three times per day.

The tasks vary, and some are more difficult than others. But overall, there’s a pleasing bag of variation here. From kills without stat boosts to resource limitations and magic-orientated tasks, there’s enough here to create a decent challenge. But more importantly, it keeps content fresh.

Indeed, only time will tell which of the elements will make the final cut. But we want to hear from you, the gamer. What are your impressions of the proposed changes? As always, we welcome any contributions.

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