Top Arcade Games for iPhone: Nostalgia & New Hits

Arcade games for iPhone

Since their launch, video games have always received special love from players. Today, video games have evolved greatly and become almost realistic, whether on computers, consoles, or mobile phones.

But there is a segment of the game that enjoys unparalleled love and craze from the players: good old arcade games! These high-octane, low-sized games have always been users’ favorites.

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Apple realized this fact and decided to launch Apple Arcade, offering its users an option to go nostalgic! All you need is a $5 subscription and a love for arcade gaming to explore the arcade game universe for the iPhone.

While it does have some classic games, Apple Arcade has a lot of newer and better arcade games for iPhone, too. The old and popular indie games are well-optimized for touch screens to offer a better user experience.

If you, too, love arcade games for iPhone or are looking for the one to get started, I’ve prepared an entire list! You are not a true arcade game lover if you miss out on even a single one of these. So, let’s check out the list and pick your favorite one from it!

Top 30 Arcade Games for iPhone!

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Crossy Road Castle (Genre: Endless Runner, Developer: Hipster Whale)

Crossy Road Castle - Apple Arcade
Crossy Road Castle – Apple Arcade

Do you love those old and nostalgic castle-winning games? Here’s the one you should not be missing out! In Crossy Road Castle, you will be ascending to a never-ending castle filled with all the hazards and quirky characters.

This arcade game for iPhone is a perfect sequel to its predecessor, the well-known Crossy Road, and this one takes the core one-tap gameplay and adds a vertical twist. You’ll be jumping, dodging, and collecting coins as you move ahead through a constantly changing environment and face new challenges.

The best part? You will be unlocking new characters with unique abilities. Happy rolling down the castle!

Exit the Gungeon (Genre: Bullet-Hell Dungeon Crawler, Developer Dodge Roll Games)

Exit the Gungeon - Apple Arcade
Exit the Gungeon – Apple Arcade

Are you up for an enthralling and adventurous ride to the underworld? Well, it’s time to descend into a labyrinthine Exit the Gungeon and test your survival skills! It’s filled with deadly traps and ever-shifting depths that you’ll face in Exit the Gungeon.

This amazing arcade game for iPhone has it all. Each run is a frantic bullet ballet that demands quick reflexes and strategic thinking as you dodge a relentless barrage of bullets from your enemies. You’ll be mowing down enemies with a vast array of wacky weapons that you’ve never dreamt of wielding!

Right from classic pistols to bizarre contraptions that fire bouncing sheep or homing missiles, the arsenal is crazy up here! You can acquire crazy power-ups to upgrade this arsenal and gain temporary abilities that can turn the tide of battle.

With permanent death and procedurally generated levels, Exit the Gungeon offers relentless replayability and a constant challenge for players who enjoy high-octane action and the thrill of the roguelike genre. Are you the one?

Grindstone (Genre: Puzzle/Action RPG, Developer: Captive Audience)

Grindstone - Apple Arcade
Grindstone – Apple Arcade

How about a little bit of toned-down and fun-filled arcade game for iPhone? Well, it’s time to sharpen your blades and get ready for a thrilling, adventurous, and dungeon-calling block puzzle game!

Yup, it sounds whacky, but that’s what this game is! It brings a refreshing change to those old and generic block-matching games. You’ll be matching colored blocks to unleash devastating attacks on a variety of enemies!

Then, you will strategically maneuver yourself to avoid hazards and collect some invaluable loot. I just loved the concept of blending match-3 puzzle mechanics and action RPG elements. The best part? I like the way characters progress with upgradable skills and procedurally generated dungeons to keep you hooked.

Trust me, once you start, it’ll be difficult to stop! So, dive into this amazing experience of puzzle-solving, action, and exploration in this captivating arcade game for iPhone.

Threes!+ (Genre: Puzzle, Developer: Sirvo Games)

Threes - Apple Arcade
Threes – Apple Arcade

This one’s for the maths and logical buffs (rot the ones who think they are!) It’s time to put yourself to the top within Threes!+. You’ll be crunching numbers in this fast-paced puzzle game that challenges you to combine numbered tiles and merge them to create increasingly larger ones.

As the numbers keep increasing, you’ll have to think on your feet and plan before the time runs out! The simple yet addictive gameplay loop of this arcade game for iPhone keeps you hooked and offers an adrenaline rush with quick bursts of play and extended puzzle sessions.

Pretty contrasting thing to say, right? But it is what it is. The simple mechanics of the game mask surprising depth, making Threes!+ perfect for players who enjoy the challenge of getting big scores on the scoreboard.

Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! (Genre: Solitaire/Horse Racing, Developer: Game Freak)

Pocket Card Jockey Ride-on - Apple Arcade
Pocket Card Jockey Ride-on – Apple Arcade

Ever heard of solitaire and horse racing in one place? Well, this is what you’ll experience in Pocket Card Jockey! This arcade game for iPhone is a unique mashup of multiple genres that will make you go crazy! Even I was a bit surprised when I started playing this game for the first time.

You have to clear lines of cards to boost your horse’s stamina and unleash different skills during the race! So you play better, your horse runs faster! While not exactly a racing game, this one is no less of an adrenaline-pumping game.

You have to manage your hand and balance the need to clear cards for boosts with conserving energy for crucial moments on the track. This quirky combination of genres creates a captivating experience. So, it’s a perfect choice for players who enjoy a fresh twist on classic gameplay mechanics and a dash of strategic depth.

Sayonara Wild Hearts (Genre: Music/Action, Developer: Simogo)

Sayonara Wild Hearts - Apple Arcade
Sayonara Wild Hearts – Apple Arcade

Love riding motorcycles? I bet you will love a visually thrilling adventure in Sayonara Wild Hearts. In this amazing arcade game for iPhone, you will ride your motorcycle through vibrant neon landscapes, battling enemies and dodging obstacles.

All this while a perfectly pulsating soundtrack hums in the background! This game blends a fast-paced, high-octane game genre with stylish visuals and hooky narratives. This creates an experience like the one you have never experienced before.

The music, the setup, and the quality of the game are all perfect. All you have to do is hop on your ride and pull the throttle!

The Pinball Wizard (Genre: Pinball, Developer: MINDBOX Interactive)

The Pinball Wizard - Apple Arcade
The Pinball Wizard – Apple Arcade

We all have played pinballs in every setup available! And now Pinball Wizard brings the classic thrills of the arcade into an entirely new form! In this amazing arcade game for iPhone, you will explore a variety of beautifully crafted pinball tables, each offering unique layouts, challenges, and objectives.

As usual, you have to use the classic flippers, bumpers, and special features to rack up massive scores and complete exciting missions. The best part about this game? It boasts realistic physics, stunning visuals, and a collection of unlockable tables to keep you coming back for more.

You will never get tired of hearing those satisfying clangs, slithery ramps, and thrilling jackpots of classic pinball in this modern rendition. If you love the nostalgic charm of this all-time favorite classic, this game should be on the top of your wishlist.

What is Golf? (Genre: Sports (with a sprinkle of chaos), Developer: Triband)

What the Golf - Apple Arcade
What the Golf – Apple Arcade

Forget everything you thought you knew about golf. What is Golf? This arcade game for iPhone throws traditional gameplay out the window and turns this sport into a wacky, physics-based adventure.

You might find yourself golfing with a car, flinging a human into the hole (yup, a human!), or even becoming the golf ball yourself. Sounds outlandish?

But this one’s really funny and entertaining. Each level comes up with a unique and often hilarious challenge, and you have to be quick in thinking and ready to embrace the absurd.

The game offers endless replayability with its auto-generated courses. With a constant stream of surprises, it’s perfect for players who enjoy wacky humor and innovative takes on classic gameplay.

Skate City (Genre: Skateboarding, Developer: Snowman)

Skate City - Apple Arcade
Skate City – Apple Arcade

Skateboard games are always fun, and this one is no different. In this arcade game for iPhone, you shred the virtual streets pull off impressive tricks, and score big. The finger controls of this game are awesome, and it focuses on mastering combos and lines.

Finally, this game offers an accessible yet rewarding skateboarding experience that’s a bit common but surely not below par. I loved the vibrant pixel art style and pumping soundtrack of this arcade game for iPhone that evokes a nostalgic arcade vibe (a true reminder of good old skateboarding games.)

Whether you’re grinding rails, landing perfect ollies, or stringing together complex tricks, Skate City encourages you to hone your skills and push your limits. Result? You get an amazing arcade-style experience that is fun and equally challenging.

Sonic Dream Team (Genre: Action/Adventure, Developer: SEGA):

Sonic Dream Team - Apple Arcade
Sonic Dream Team – Apple Arcade

The good old Sonic characters are here to help you explore a unique dream-themed adventure. While you might say this is not a perfect arcade game for iPhone, it does have the elements that capture the essence of the genre.

You can utilize the touch screen to control Sonic and his allies, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies within the whimsical dreamscape. The action sequences are Fast-paced, the boss battles are fun, and the need to focus on quick reflexes and collecting items create an engaging arcade-style experience on mobile.

The format is new, but the experience is pure gold!

Downwell+ (Genre: Roguelike Action Platformer, Developer: Devolver Digital)

Downwell+ Apple Arcade
Downwell+ Apple Arcade

Would you go down the well that’s filled with monsters to hunt some treasure? That’s what this game is all about! This fast-paced roguelike arcade game for iPhone throws you into a thrilling freefall. You’ll have to maneuver your character downwards, firing your gunboots to defeat enemies and collect valuable resources.

Your life is at stake, and hence, the adrenaline rush is high, while the newer levels offer a fresh experience with each playthrough. Downwell+ perfectly grabs the essence of arcade games with its simple controls, quick bursts of action, and emphasis on high-score chasing.

This is a great game for those seeking the thrill of constant descent, overcoming challenges, and love racking up an impressive score.

Squiggle Drop (Genre: Puzzle, Developer: Noodlecake Studios)

Squiggle Drop - Apple Arcade
Squiggle Drop – Apple Arcade

Unleash your creativity and problem-solving skills in Squiggle Drop. This creative puzzle game challenges you to draw various shapes and structures to complete each level. But wait; don’t get fooled by the simple premise!

This arcade game for iPhone subtly hides surprising depth, with physics-based gameplay that adds a layer of challenge and fun. You will be protecting objects from harm, guiding elements to their designated destinations, or solving other creative tasks.

Overall, the Squiggle Drop offers an arcade-style experience that’s easy to pick up but difficult to master. I tried, and I am not going to lie, but I did fail quickly! The best thing is that it’s increasing difficulty that keeps you engaged. You’ll have to keep experimenting with different drawing techniques to overcome increasingly complex challenges.

NUTS (Genre: Puzzle/Action, Developer: Noodlecake Studios)

Nuts Infinite Forest Run - Apple Arcade
Nuts Infinite Forest Run – Apple Arcade

Unleash your inner squirrel and embark on a nutty adventure in NUTS. This fast-paced puzzle arcade game for iPhone challenges you to collect as many acorns as possible while navigating treacherous environments filled with obstacles and hazards.

Utilize your agility and quick reflexes to swing, jump, and glide across platforms, avoiding deadly pitfalls and pesky bees. The frantic action, emphasis on collecting valuable resources, and simple yet addictive core mechanics create an engaging arcade-style experience.

Rack up high scores by collecting bonus items and completing levels efficiently, putting your skills to the test as the difficulty ramps up.

Disney Melee Mania (Genre: Party/Fighting, Developer: Disney Interactive)

Disney Melee Mania - Apple Arcade
Disney Melee Mania – Apple Arcade

Assemble your dream team of iconic Disney characters and battle it out in Disney Melee Mania. This party fighting arcade game for iPhone is quite accessible but not without strategic depth! As you know, all the old characters give the feel of nostalgia too.

You will be using each character’s unique abilities and special attacks to outmaneuver your opponents. The battle arenas are vibrant and, of course, inspired by classic Disney movies. You have to be the best button masher and quick on reflexes to win this game.

The character selection and nostalgic feel evoke the spirit of classic arcade fighting games. You can compete with friends or hone your skills against AI opponents (before AI takes over the world, of course!)

You can experience the joy of friendly competition and the thrill of victory in this family-friendly arcade-style party game. A must-try, especially when you have a family or friends gathering.

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm (Genre: Action/Adventure, Developer: Cornfox & Brothers)

Oceanhorn 2 - Apple Arcade
Oceanhorn 2 – Apple Arcade

This swashbuckling adventure arcade game for iPhone is the second installment. You can explore a vast open world filled with secrets and challenges and battle monstrous creatures to environmental puzzles. Here, you get a perfect blend of action combat, exploration, and item collection, which is reminiscent of classic action-adventure titles.

You can utilize a variety of weapons and gadgets to defeat enemies, pass through dungeons, and uncover hidden treasures. The sense of exploration that you will get and rewarding combat encounters with character development is pretty captivating and thrilling. 

Neo Cab (Genre: Narrative/Adventure, Developer: Chance Agency)

Neo Cab - Apple Arcade
Neo Cab – Apple Arcade

This dystopian future-based arcade game for iPhone is truly thrilling. You play as Lina, a rideshare driver navigating the complexities of human relationships. You will be engaging in conversations with your passengers to uncover their personal stories and make choices that impact the entire game’s narrative.

Pretty cool and a bit awkward, right? But it’s a good game.

While not a traditional arcade game, Neo Cab offers an arcade-style experience through its bite-sized gameplay segments and emphasis on quick decision-making. Once you complete the passenger’s ride, you go to branching dialogue options and manage your in-game currency.

Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker (Genre: Puzzle/Creation, Developer: PicoCreek)

Wonderbox the Adventure Maker - Apple Arcade
Wonderbox the Adventure Maker – Apple Arcade

Love creating your worlds and stories? Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker is a great start for you. This innovative arcade game for iPhone allows you to create interactive stories from the ground up. You place the objects, define character interactions, and craft engaging narratives.

The pick-up-and-play nature and the focus on experimentation create an accessible arcade-style experience. You will be building and testing your creations, unlocking new elements and functionalities as you progress. This game offers you endless possibilities for creative expression and allows you to build your arcade-style adventures and share them with the world.

Monster Hunter Stories+ (Genre: Monster-Collecting RPG, Developer: CAPCOM)

Monster Hunter Stories - Apple Arcade
Monster Hunter Stories – Apple Arcade

This is the world where you befriend and train adorable Monsters in Monster Hunter Stories+. This turn-based arcade game for iPhone offers a refreshing twist on the classic Monster Hunter formula. You get to explore vibrant environments teeming with life, engage in battles against crazy wild creatures, and forge deep bonds with your loyal Monstie companions!

The combat sequences of this arcade game for iPhone capture the thrill of classic monster-battling arcade games. You can exploit enemy weaknesses, utilize your Monsties’ unique abilities, and unleash powerful attacks to emerge victorious.

All the while, you will also be collecting a diverse range of Monsties, upgrading their skills, and assembling a powerful team as you progress through the game. The game looks so cool and feels even cooler once you start playing it. 

Mutazione (Genre: Narrative Adventure, Developer: Die Gute Fabrik)

Mutazione - Apple Arcade
Mutazione – Apple Arcade

If you like mystery, fantasy, and nature, you will fall in love with this game! This arcade game for iPhone lets you see a beautiful island community steeped in mystery. You will be playing as Kai, a young woman visiting her ailing grandfather.

As you connect with the island’s quirky residents and uncover their captivating stories, you will get to indulge in a unique herbal crafting process. While I agree that this is not a fast-paced action game, Mutazione offers an outstanding arcade-style experience through its bite-sized gameplay.

You have to complete short quests and challenges, gather exotic ingredients from the island’s diverse flora, and craft herbal remedies with unique properties. While playing this game, you will feel less like a player and more like an herbal expert from an age-old tribe!

You will also unearth Unravel Island’s secrets and form meaningful connections with its inhabitants. And all this with the serene experience of exploring the island in the backdrop.

Manifold Garden (Genre: Puzzle/Exploration, Developer: William Chyr)

Manifold Garden - Apple Arcade
Manifold Garden – Apple Arcade

This mind-bending architecture puzzle arcade game for iPhone with stunning visuals will engage the puzzle-solver in you. You will be navigating an impossible world of architecture while exploring Escher-like environments.

This is the world where gravity and perspective are constantly shifting, defying the laws of physics. In this arcade game for iPhone, you will be busy solving mind-numbing puzzles by manipulating gravity and rotating the environment, creating pathways, and defying logic.

Seems too science fiction. Just wait till you play the game! This arcade game for iPhone offers a unique experience that focuses on spatial awareness and creative problem-solving. A less of a pass-time game and more of a brain-turner.

Each level presents a fresh challenge and demands out-of-the-box thinking. You will have to manipulate the environment in more and more creative ways to solve the puzzles and claim rewards.

Survival Z (Genre: Top-Down Shooter, Developer: Noodlecake Studios)

Survivor Z - Apple Games
Survivor Z – Apple Games

This is the classic zombie survival arcade game for iPhone that has enough adrenaline rush, and at the same time, it is fun. You will be defending your base against relentless waves of the undead in Survival Z. This top-down shooter throws you into a desperate fight for survival against overwhelming zombie hordes.

You will have to utilize a variety of weapons, whichever you can get your hands on, and fortify your base with barricades and traps. The best part? You can leverage powerful upgrades to hold off these relentless attacks.

The fast-paced action, constant threat of being overrun, and emphasis on quick thinking and resource management make this one of my favorite arcade games for iPhone. I can spend hours playing this one (which I obviously don’t!), earn upgrades, unlock new weapons with unique firing patterns, and strive to survive ever-increasing waves of zombie attacks. 

Dead Cells+ (Genre: Roguelike Metroidvania, Developer: Motion Twin)

Dead Cells - Apple Arcade
Dead Cells – Apple Arcade

Do you have the spirit of a fighter within? If yes, it’s time to put it to the test with Dead Cells+! In this game, you will be mastering the art of combat and exploring a sprawling, interconnected world in Dead Cells+. This fast-paced roguelike arcade game for iPhone throws you into a challenging fight for survival.

You will experience that the combats are brutally satisfying but demand precise timing and mastery of various weapons. You will be exploring a labyrinthine environment filled with secrets and powerful upgrades. But there is a permanent death looming wherever you go, which makes this game even more exciting!

The constant threat of failure, emphasis on quick reflexes, and high-score chasing create an exhilarating arcade-style experience. As you play through different levels, you will unlock permanent upgrades that will help hone your skills and push your limits.

Fantasian (Genre: JRPG, Developer: Mistwalker)

Fantasian - Apple Arcade
Fantasian – Apple Arcade

It’s time to let loose your inner fantasy-lover on a captivating journey in a world crafted from dioramas in Fantasian. This turn-based arcade game for iPhone offers a unique visual style and a classic JRPG experience.

The environment is vibrant, turn-based combat is too good to miss out on, and the storyline, too, is great! While not exactly a pure arcade experience, turn-based battles demand good brain work and the ability to exploit enemy weaknesses.

The quick pace of combat, combined with the engaging story and exploration elements, create an arcade-style experience perfect for players who enjoy tactical battles and captivating narratives.

Cooking Mama: Cuisine! (Genre: Cooking Simulation, Developer: Office Create Corp.)

Cooking Mama Cuisine - Apple Arcade
Cooking Mama Cuisine – Apple Arcade

Sharpen your culinary skills in Cooking Mama Cuisine. This charming cooking simulation arcade game for iPhone allows you to prepare a variety of dishes by following Mama’s instructions. Chop, stir, fry, and assemble ingredients with intuitive touch controls, mastering various recipes and techniques.

While not a fast-paced action game, Cooking Mama Cuisine offers an arcade-style experience through its bite-sized challenges and emphasis on precision and timing. Complete dishes within time limits, earn high scores based on your technique, and unlock new recipes as you progress.

Bloons TD 6+ (Genre: Tower Defense, Developer: Ninja Kiwi)

Bloons TD 6 - Apple Arcade
Bloons TD 6 – Apple Arcade

Defend your territory against waves of relentless balloons in Bloons TD 6. This tower defense arcade game for iPhone offers strategic depth within an accessible framework. Place strategic towers, upgrade them wisely, and utilize various abilities to pop the incoming blooms before they reach the exit.

The difficulty increases as you move ahead in the game, explore diverse tower options, and work constantly under the threat of failure. All this evokes a sense of classic arcade games. Experiment with different tower combinations, optimize your defenses, and rack up high scores as you conquer increasingly challenging levels.

LEGO Brawls (Genre: Party/Fighting, Developer: LEGO System A/S)

Lego Brawls - Apple Arcade
Lego Brawls – Apple Arcade

Who doesn’t love LEGOs? When they come in arcade games for iPhones, no one can resist them! In this lighthearted game, you will be assembling your dream team of iconic LEGO characters and battling it out in LEGO Brawls.

But beware; this is not some gruesome bard fight! This is more like a lighthearted party fighting game that offers a perfect blend of accessibility and strategic depth. You will be utilizing each character’s unique abilities and special attacks to outmaneuver your opponents.

The battle arenas are truly vibrant and take inspiration from classic LEGO themes. You can compete with friends or test your brawling skills against AI opponents to enjoy these friendly fights!

Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure (Genre: Puzzle/Action, Developer: Imangi Studios)

Temple Run Puzzle Adventure - Apple Arcade
Temple Run Puzzle Adventure – Apple Arcade

We all loved Temple Run, right? But what if you get a fusion of a puzzle game and a classic temple run? That’s what this arcade game for iPhone is all about! This fast-paced action puzzler combines elements of the classic runner with strategic problem-solving.

You will move forward in the treacherous environments by solving match-3 puzzles, utilizing boosters and power-ups to overcome obstacles and outrun danger. The emphasis on quick thinking, collecting resources, and overcoming challenges within a time limit creates an excitement that’s worth every second.

You’ll have to match the   Match gems, unleash powerful abilities, and race against the clock as you move through the perilous world of Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure!

Fruit Ninja Classic+ (Genre: Action, Developer: Halfbrick)

Fruit Ninja Classic - Apple Arcade
Fruit Ninja Classic – Apple Arcade

Now, this is a classic cult game that has to be on the list of best arcade games for iPhones! Slice your way to high scores in the classic and super popular arcade game for iPhone. The endless streams of fruits will be thrown at you, and you will have to slice and dice them all with finger movements.

You can slash through juicy combos, collect bonus points, and avoid bombs to maximize your score. The intuitive touch controls, rewarding gameplay loop, and constant pressure to perform well create a sense of engagement and entertainment. You will master different slicing techniques and unleash special attacks as you move forward.

Jetpack Joyride+ (Genre: Endless Flyer, Developer: Halfbrick)

Jetpack Joyride - Apple Arcade
Jetpack Joyride – Apple Arcade

Love to fly? Then, it’s time to strap on your jetpack and soar through a wacky laboratory in Jetpack Joyride. This fast-paced, endless flyer throws you into a hilarious adventure filled with obstacles and dangers. You have to use your jetpack to propel yourself upwards, dodging missiles, lasers, and grumpy scientists.

This arcade game for iPhone feels more like a survival game. And trust me, the game has a more adrenaline rush than you might expect from it! You will be collecting coins, power-ups, and new gadgets to enhance your journey.

The frantic action, emphasis on collecting resources, and constant potential for failure capture the essence of arcade games. You can upgrade your jetpack, unlock crazy vehicles, and smash the scoreboard as you explore the depths of the wacky laboratory.

Layton’s Mystery Journey+ (Genre: Puzzle/Adventure, Developer: Level-5 Inc.)

Laytons Mystery Journey - Apple Arcade
Layton’s Mystery Journey – Apple Arcade

If you have a thing for those mystery-loaded games, this arcade game for iPhone is a must-try for you! While it’s a puzzle game that presents you with some mind-blowing puzzles, it also gives you a sense of urgency.

It challenges you to solve a variety of logic and observation-based puzzles presented by Professor Layton. You will have to use your deductive reasoning skills and explore vibrant environments to uncover hidden clues and unravel the mysteries at hand.

While not a fast-paced action game, Layton’s Mystery Journey+ offers a great experience through its puzzle segments and emphasis on quick thinking and problem-solving. Complete puzzles within time limits, earn bonus points for efficiency, and progress through the captivating storyline. A perfect puzzle-based arcade game for iPhone! 

It’s time to SMASH your iPhone Screens!

Arcade games offer a unique, high-octane, and enthralling experience. I hope you liked this list of arcade games for iPhone, and rest assured, I will keep updating the list now and then as I come across better ones. Till then, enjoy your arcade games and have fun! And don’t SMASH your screens in excitement!

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What is Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade is a subscription-based service by Apple that offers you unlimited access to a curated library of arcade games on iPhone and other Apple devices for  $5/month. The list includes new titles, indie games, and classics, all without ads or in-app purchases.

Can I play these games on devices other than iPhones?

That depends on the game itself. While most of these games are available across the Apple ecosystem, some might be limited to iPhones only.

Is the Apple Arcade subscription worth it?

Well, if you are a true arcade game lover, it’s worth it! But if you are just looking for games casually, you might want to think again!

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