The Best Attendance Management Apps to Improve Productivity

Attendance management apps

Every HR manager provides much time for managing the employee attendance data. Various complexities are included in calculating the attendance data, such as an uncertain pattern of leaves, consistent late comings/early-goings, and frequent time-offs.

Luckily, automation tools help to make the work easy and get accurate results in less time.

Automation tools capture employees’ attendance and enable real-time tracking for managers. They provide valuable assistance to managers in calculating work hours, leaves, overtime, etc. So they save valuable time and generate the reports on time.

In this article, we have explained how attendance management apps can improve your business productivity.

How Can Attendance Management Apps Improve Productivity? ?

Attendance management apps are useful for employees and employers both. They assist managers in reducing the time consumed by administrative tasks and improving employee efficiency, so they work to their optimum capacity. Let’s dive deeper into the article and study how an efficient attendance tool boosts business productivity.

Minimizes The Administration Tasks

Managing timesheets, setting schedules, reviewing time-off requests, and calculating total work hours require much time and attention. Cutting time from these activities can provide tremendous savings and boost productivity.

With a few clicks, managers get a quick overview of employees’ attendance punches and working hours and can easily set/change schedules through the system. The time-off requests get organized automatically, and approval/rejection can be done in seconds. The total work hours are calculated at the time of salary generation.

Enables Employee Punctuality

According to Economictimes, from one to four days every week, around 14% of workers are late to their job. While it seems ordinary, these minutes cost employers a massive amount each year.

An attendance tool enables managers real-time tracking of employees’ presence in the workplace, so they get accurate data every day. Perfect calculation of work hours and late comings/early goings may cause the workers an extra pay cut than usual; therefore, it might encourage them to show up on time.

Eliminates Buddy Punching and Time Theft

Time theft and buddy punching are the most common problems among businesses that result in productivity loss and overpaid wages. It could be in various forms, making it difficult to get accurate data on work time and tasks.

Timesheets integrated with the attendance app show precise data of the tasks an employee has worked on in his schedule. Additionally, the advanced clock-in/out features in modern systems ensure that employees are not able to mark proxies.

Which Attendance Apps Are The Best In The Market? ?

After knowing how attendance apps are helpful in boosting productivity, we can admit that they are a must for any business’s growth.

But the question arises which are the best affordable and efficient apps. Therefore, we have created a list of feature-rich tools for you to choose from:


Calamari is one of the best attendance apps in the market. It’s astonishingly adequate and simple to use.

It automates the clock-in/out activities by enabling Bluetooth beacons in the workplace. The beacon leaves a signal to nearby devices, and after getting the signal, the system syncs the attendance in real-time. It also offers QR code-based attendance marking.

Defining the PTO policies is often time-consuming and complex; the app also helps in that aspect. Once the Employer defines rules and leave balance, the accruals get generated, and employees can easily apply for leaves. A structured method can also be set to approve/reject leave requests.


factoTime is far better than common attendance apps because of its adept features and reliability.

The tool allows employees to mark their attendance, punch through their mobile devices and sync the data in real-time. Employers are able to make selfies and locations obligatory for employees to mark their clock in/out. They can also enable the QR code method for it.

factoTime also allows for managing employee shifts. Managers run multiple shifts, such as day, night, and flexible. They can easily assign shifts to different employees. Based on the shift and working hours data, the system automatically calculates employees’ total work hours.

Its advanced features make it unique and proficient in eliminating buddy punches and time theft. Once the manager registers devices for marking punches, the system restricts employees from marking the punch from any other device. It also calculates the salaries based on attendance data.


Truein is a great option for small and mid-sized businesses for managing attendance data and time tracking.

Your employees mark their punches through its mobile app with facial recognition capabilities, so buddy punching gets abolished. In addition, the geofencing functionality gives you total control of punch location, as you can decide which areas the staff will be able to clock in/out.

The shift management module allows for multiple shifts to create and run. Plus, you can assign shifts to different employees easily.

Additionally, the app offers a staff management module where you can define shift and attendance policies. It also enables an automated workflow for leave requests and approvals.


ExakTime works best for employers in the construction business. It lets them track the field workers’ time and attendance easily.

Its built-in biometric features capture the workers’ photos every time they mark their punch, so the concern of buddy punching gets solved, and managers can ensure accurate data at any time.

The GPS tracking shows employers what is going on at a job site without requiring them to be physically present. The location tracker is synced to the cloud and accessible through any device. It also provides travelling data of staff when moving from one job site to another.

In addition, the app allows you to generate 40+ reports to get an instant view of key metrics and equips you with real-time visibility and actionable insights.


ubiAttendance is another effective solution on the list, and it is probably the most robust time tracker app.

The tool registers the employees’ punches with selfies and locations to ensure accuracy. Its QR code-based method provides every staff member with identity badges and unique codes. You can create a virtual boundary through geofencing that restricts employees from marking punches from areas other than approved locations.

The shift planner takes care of complex shift requirements and manages rosters. It helps you in changing the shifts of multiple workers in just minutes.

Employees apply for leaves and time-offs through the app, and the administrator can easily approve/reject it.


ClockShark is one of the most efficient apps for managing staff attendance and provides employers with accurate data.

Employees get punch marking features in their mobile app and can easily mark their clock in/out on time. In addition, managers get the real-time location details with every punch marked, and they are able to make a geofence to enable employees to make their punch from approved locations only.

With the drag-and-drop shift options, you can create various shifts according to your business requirements. Shift changes are also done through the app, and the workforce gets reminded automatically about the change.

With ClockShark, creating a vacation policy becomes a matter of just minutes. Employees get real-time data on their leave balance and can request time off/day off. You can set a structured flow for approval/denial of the leave requests. The app also ensures that you do not go understaffed.


TimeTrex is another excellent option for SMEs looking to automate their attendance management process.

With the help of its mobile app, workers easily mark their punch in seconds. GPS location and photos can be captured with every punch, or facial recognition can be enabled for more reliable data.

The tool gives you complete control over attendance rules. You can easily set leave accruals and approve time-offs. In addition, employees get the data on their monthly/annual leave balance.

Schedules are easily configured with TimeTrex, allowing you to craft different schedules and assign them to departments/teams in minutes.


Synerion lets you efficiently manage staff attendance and improves data accuracy.

The advanced face identification technology helps you get the most accurate data on attendance. Every employee can mark their punch through mobile or tablet regardless of the location.

The shift management module ensures that you can easily set shifts, no matter how complicated they are. The system provides options for configuration, so the managers do not have to ask about what is possible to meet their requirements.

Leave management gets streamlined with Synerion and saves you valuable time. You can effortlessly define employees’ leave balance and allow them to request time off/day off directly from the system.

On The Clock

On The Clock streamlines the attendance management process of your organization and enhances productivity.

The app enables mobile clock in/out for employees so that they can mark their punch with ease. To check the employees are punching from the office, live GPS location can be captured, or you can create a virtual limit for them to mark attendance.

The drag-and-drop functionalities assist you in creating various shifts by fulfilling all the requirements. Additionally, the advanced options lets you define customized to start and end timings for particular days, and you can assign them to a specific employee, team, or department.

The app simplifies the PTO setup, and multiple scenarios can be defined with the customization options. Once you finish the setup and enter the leave balance, the system will show employees their accruals. They can easily apply for a leave request through their devices, and you can approve/deny it.

Summary ?

Automation tools smoothen the attendance management process and deliver reliable results. They are the key to making any business process achievable with fewer efforts. But the essential question is how to implement automation to achieve better results.

The business owners should set a goal that gives them a proper direction to work in. Further, the proper set of tools can make the work easier. Just like the above-mentioned, attendance apps can be used for better productivity and excellent outcomes.

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