Best Scheduling tools: Why you need them and what are the best options available?

best scheduling tools

Efficient time management is critical for the success of any business. Facing endless meetings, unscheduled urgent tasks & last-minute calls can keep you busy all day while reducing your efficiency.

Without a definitive project schedule, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of what needs to be done on time. Every task in your schedule is interdependent. Anyone mistake & you can feel the wrath of cascading effects on your entire schedule!

Studies suggest that, on average, every individual wastes almost 15 to 16 hours on non-productive tasks like scheduling. In an industry where every second is essential, no business can afford such a waste.

There were times when businesses used to hire dedicated professionals to manage schedules, arrange meetings & keep track of all the moving parts of their Business. But in the current times, a lot of businesses agree that this is not a cost-efficient approach.


Enter Scheduling tools or Scheduling Software.

Some of the best scheduling tools are specifically designed to mitigate the risk of schedule mismanagement & higher efficiency.

In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits & advantages of using professional scheduling tools like (Calendly).

Let’s dive get going.

Why do you need a scheduling tool for your business?

best scheduling tools
Why do you need a scheduling tool for your business

Improves Productivity

Best scheduling tools make it very easy to delegate tasks, schedule appointments, track deadlines, or manage your workforce.

You can access all the mission-critical information from one place anytime you need it. With the best scheduling tool, every team member knows exactly what tasks they have to accomplish & what is the deadline for each job.

Team Leaders, too, can keep track of the status of particular tasks, making these tools a perfect choice at every level of Corporate Hierarchy.

Conflict Management

Irrespective of its size, every project has to cope with conflicts of schedule. To avoid this conflict scheduling & to utilize time optimally, constant monitoring is vital. Whether it’s resource over allocation or schedule mismanagement, any conflict can prove devastating for your business.

Once the project starts & tasks progress, it’s critical to manage potential conflicts. Project Scheduling software can come in handy in such a situation.

Keeps your team on the same page

This is a significant benefit, especially for businesses that demand a lot of delegation. With a scheduling tool, you can create a set of rules & guidelines for your team regarding a particular project.

You can assign specific tasks to each team member, manage their shifts & determine the deadline with such scheduling software.

Every team member knows their task & can work collectively without any hurdles. And even if a member hits a snag, they can simply refer to the schedule & get back on track.

In short, a scheduling tool like Calendely can prove to be a great asset, especially for Small & Medium Businesses.

A Balance between Personal & Professional life

With an efficient scheduling tool, you can allocate your resources based on priorities. This is extremely helpful for your team members, as they can make alterations in their schedules to meet professional commitments.

Such a flexible & healthy working environment boosts your team’s productivity & keeps all your employees happy.

Helpful in Prioritizing tasks

Businesses often struggle to focus on top-priority tasks due to the lack of precise planning & scheduling. But a scheduling tool can solve this issue as you can prioritize tasks based on the deadline.

Such a tool gives you a clear & bigger picture of the projects at hand. It assists you in deciding which task needs to be wrapped up first & which ones can wait a bit.

This efficient system will ensure you never miss your deadline without feeling a lot of pressure.

What are the best scheduling tools available in the market?

best scheduling tools
What are the best scheduling tools available in the market

After understanding how critical scheduling tools are for your business, we are sure you are now eager to know the best scheduling apps available in the market.

So we have prepared a list of the top 5 scheduling tools available.

Take a look.


Calendly – Scheduling tool

Digital tool for scheduling personal and professional meetings. You need to feed your availability details in Calendly and the tool will handle the rest. Meetings will be coordinated without conflicts. Reminders will be sent to attendees automatically.

Calendly logo

Calendly is arguably one of the best appointment-scheduling apps available in the market. It’s incredibly efficient, simple & easy to use.

You can schedule meetings, allocate tasks, and uncomplicate the whole process. With automated reminders & follow-ups facilities, you can automate your entire meeting workflow.

You can create different meeting options, like “initial marketing meeting,” “skype interview,” or “team meeting” From meeting reminder emails to thank-you notes, Calendly will do everything for you.

The best part, it can be easily integrated with HubSpot, Zapier, or Zoom under the paid plans.

It’s like having a personal assistant without having one. That’s the reason we have got it at the top of our list.


This tool has proven to be an excellent Calendly Alternative amongst the users. Just like Calendly, you can create multiple meetings & share the links to the relevant parties with Calendar Hero’s free plan.

This tool can be integrated with your calendar, automatically arranging meetings based on your availability.

Paid plan from CalendarHero comes with benefits like payment reminders or more than two meetings per month. Its free plan is almost similar to Calendly but has more built-in meeting types & less customizable meeting details. Its paid plan starts from $8/month.


When2meet is an excellent option for creating events anonymously, the schedule date & time & can share the link with the relevant parties.

It’s a great tool if you want to arrange a meeting but do not share any information online.

When anyone opens the link, they can enter their name & availability. Each time slot shows the availability of the person.

But the drawback here is the anonymity itself. You never know who is responding. So you can use it only with someone whom you can trust.

Google Calendar

This is probably the most efficient & simple scheduler tool out there. All you have to do is create an event & add guests. Google will do the rest of the hard work. The best feature of this tool is, it shows the availability of all the guests too.

So you can easily decide when to schedule a specific task for anyone. It flawlessly integrates with all your Google apps so you can work efficiently.

Recently, Google Calendar has introduced paid plans, too, starting from $10/month.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace helps businesses stay competitive. Google Workspace makes it easy for employees to collaborate, share, and manage documents all in one place. Plus, with built-in security features, your data is protected, and your company is safe. So why wait? Give Google Workspace a try today!

Google Workspace Logo


Suppose you are someone who is concerned about the scheduler app asking for a lot of permissions. This can cause severe privacy breaches in some cases.

The Arrangr is specifically designed to address this concern. It has a unique feature in the guest mode.

Under this feature, you can set up your schedule. You can add multiple details like event timing, who you want to invite, & where the event will take place.

Parting Comments

The right scheduling software is a great tool that can make your professional life easy. I hope this detailed article clarifies all your doubts & questions related to Scheduling tools & software.

Now, do not wait any further. Select the best scheduling tool from the above list & give a boost to your business.


What is the best Scheduling tool available in the Market?

There are practically thousands of options available. Depending on your need & budget, you can choose any one of them. But if you ask me, I’ll surely go with Calendly as it fits all of my criteria.

Is Calendly the best Scheduling Software available?

For me, yes. It comes with multiple features that make client meetings, workforce management & on-time completion of projects easy. So any day of the year, I’ll go with Calendly.

What are the Calendly Alternatives?

You can use Google Calendar, When2meet, CalenderHero, or Arrangr.
They can be good alternatives if you don’t want to use Calendly.

Is Scheduling tool vital for business?

Irrespective of what business you are in, the Scheduling tool will streamline
your schedule. This, in turn, will result in better efficiency & growth. So yes, scheduling tools are vital for the success of your business.

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