Tips On Boosting Your Productivity with Simple Clock and Timer Apps

Timer, clock and calendar for productivity management

Clocks and timers are so commonly used in society that we begin to take them for granted. But when you can utilize clock and timer apps on your phone to your advantage, you can begin to boost levels of productivity throughout your day.

Fortunately, we no longer need to carry an old-fashioned clock with us to remind us of an important meeting, event or to merely wake us up. Your phone can do that as well.

But what’s even better, the possibilities of phones and clock/timer apps provide so much more secret benefits that go beyond alarm on and off. This especially goes for freelancers, for example, who most of the time have to stick to deadlines and also track their work since the payment depends on the amount of work delivered.

Researching a couple of useful apps, here’s a nice tutorial-like-article that hopefully will help you find and realize how significantly timer apps can improve your productivity.

Raise your efficiency levels with timers

Timekeeping apps can drastically raise your levels of efficiency and organization. If you use clock and timer apps to your advantage, you can get your work done more quickly and mix some down-time into your day.

For instance, if you’re working on a project, you can create a good pace and use a timer to make sure you’re remaining on track. Timer apps can also be very useful in the gym so that you can make sure you get everything you need to be done in time to move on with your day.

As a teacher or coach or anyone who has to manage a group, clock and timer apps can be especially helpful in keeping a whole group on track. Classroom timers are a useful way to make sure students stay on task, and clocks on the field or on the court can really help a coach make sure he or she moves on to the next activity when it is the proper time.

Well-planned events and activities necessitate a great schedule and adherence to the clock or timer.

Using clocks and timers in the workplace

In workplace settings, the use of timers and clock apps can raise productivity and profits. Utilizing a carefully timed schedule is obviously important, but when the employees are working towards a common goal with a common timeframe that can be visually tracked, productivity will rise significantly.

If the manager of the workplace can control a timer that all the employees can see, then they’ll all be working at the same pace.

Since I rarely have free time, I decided I had to create some for myself. I mean, there’s only so much you can go without at least 15 minutes to put your legs on a cushion and take a deep breath. Since I have a lot of freelance coworkers, one of them forwarded me a list of supposedly current top apps.

I found the list to be quite useful since it lists clock and timer apps so I can check what they offer without having to download. Here’s the list if you want to check as well after you’ve finished reading.

List of Useful Apps for Clocks and Timers.

Production countdown timers are also a very useful way to encourage urgency and focus in the workplace. It is very difficult to remain off task for very long with some sort of timer that an employee can see.

This is also an effective way to avoid a manager having to keep close tabs on employee activity. Using a mobile timing app that could hook into a wall-timer, employees, students, or staff can be their most focused, productive, and efficient.

Organize Your Free Time

So, once you manage to dig up an hour of free time, why stop there? You can utilize free time even further, so you make every single minute of that one hour count and you guessed it, these apps can help with that as well.

Let’s imagine you really have only one hour of free time per day, but you have tons of things you want to do – from playing sports to reading a book, watching a movie or simply hit the bed and relax.

Tracking your time puts the true power on numbers in your hands and by doing the daily count of how much time you spend where you will slowly start to get a better picture of how well you make the most out of not just that one hour, but the entire day.


As clock and timer technology progresses into mobile phone applications, you can use these apps to get a handle on your schedule and be your most productive self!

Of course, keep in mind the app won’t do the job for you, no app can do that. The foundation is still in your mindset and the software is just a tool that makes being awesome much easier. So with a healthy mindset and the right tool on your phone, you’ll soon take your productivity to the moon and back. Good luck.

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