5 Corporate Intranet Best Practices For A More Productive Team

Team productivity

Modern corporate intranets enable teams to improve their productivity levels by sharing information quickly and easily.

Successful business owners use corporate intranets to engage with employees, maintain a positive company culture and keep useful tools right at workers’ fingertips.

The most effective intranet systems contribute to the company’s efficiency and bottom line. However, you can only achieve these outcomes by following the best practices for intranets. Continue reading to learn about these top corporate intranet best practices for a more productive team.

Provide Frequently Used Content

Firstly, use your corporate intranet to offer workers content that they need on a daily basis. This practice enhances productivity because it saves employees’ time. Rather than searching through a multitude of company documents, your HR manager can easily find and access onboarding information on your intranet.

The same goes for your sales team. Sales reps can easily check and update reports when they are right at their fingertips. Moreover, store technical documents on the platform for your IT department.

Use your intranet as a business knowledge base. Then, workers can find information quickly and complete projects faster. This is a great intranet best practice for building a more productive team.

Construct An Administration Hierarchy

On top of providing frequently used content, construct an administration hierarchy for your intranet. This best practice plays a major role in productivity. It allows you to maintain control over information within your intranet.

Assign your trusted senior-level employees to administrative roles. Make them publishers, authors, and administrators within your system.

Unlike employees who can simply access information, these senior-level workers can upload new content. They also have the power to make changes to existing content.

These workers need to follow company rules and listen to employee needs. Their intranet involvement will keep your business running smoothly. Keep this corporate intranet best practice in mind to boost productivity.

Use Remote Communication Tools

Furthermore, use remote communications tools within your intranet. The best tools include mobile capability, instant messaging, and a news feed. With a mobile capability tool, your remote workers can collaborate on projects from anywhere. Your entire team can use company-based instant messaging to speak to one another in real-time.

This saves plenty of time compared to sending emails back and forth. More so, remote teams use news feeds to post project updates. Every employee involved in a project can remain in the loop regardless of where they work. Implement these corporate intranet tools to promote remote teams to collaborate and increase efficiency.

Align With Business Goals

Build your intranet with business goals in mind as well. Write down your long-term company objectives. Then, ask yourself how an intranet can assist you in achieving those objectives.

Consider each department within your business as well. Jot down specific long-term and short-term goals for every unit. Determine what does intranet mean to help individual teams reach their goals.

Use your thoughts to drive your workspace creation. Your finished product will include processes and tools that workers can use to achieve business goals.

Establish a process for updating both business goals and department-specific goals within your intranet. This best practice boosts productivity levels on a company-wide scale. Thus, it is a must-have tactic to use for your intranet.

Improve Navigation

Finally, improve your intranet’s navigation to boost efficiency within your company. When workers cannot easily transition between documents on a corporate intranet, they take longer to complete projects.

Assure that your team does not run into this issue by constantly improving your platform’s navigational features with easy-to-use menus and links.

Business owners who design their corporate intranets themselves can alter their navigational properties on their own. Owners who choose to work with a reputable intranet vendor need to reach out to them about any navigational issues. Boost your company’s productivity levels by improving your corporate intranet’s navigational properties.

To use your corporate intranet to its maximum potential, follow the best practices for boosting productivity. For instance, use your intranet as a company knowledge base full of essential documents. Create an administrative hierarchy with permissions and privileges to safely update content for employees.

Additionally, use remote communication tools so even your remote workers can collaborate with their colleagues easily. Assure that your intranet aligns with business goals so you can work toward them quickly.

Additionally, improve the navigational properties of your intranet solution so workers can switch between documents fast. Use these corporate intranet best practices to build a more productive team.

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