Todoist & Twist: How do these tools simplify digital businesses?

Task management tools

In a world where jobs and businesses are turning digital, opportunities are opening up for remote workspaces. It’s the time when people can work together, irrespective of their locations.

At the same time, communication and management need to be enhanced if you are aiming toward well-organized teamwork or business.

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Todoist – The to-do list app

Tracking your productivity and upcoming tasks becomes easier with Todoist.

Todoist logo

Todoist offers a perfect duo of tools that can meet every requirement for fulfilling your work goals.

  1. Todoist – It helps you manage your tasks on the individual as well as team levels.
  2. Twist – This tool is more like a better substitute for email at the workplace. It is a SLACK-like app to some extent.

How do these tools work? What are their features? Read this article to know more about Todoist and Twist.

Todoist – Task management app

Todoist is one of the best task management apps that can help you schedule your work. You can also share it with your colleagues, juggle between the boards, label tasks, and work in harmony with your team members to complete the tasks.

Adding tasks to Todoist

You can add newer tasks–one after the other in the “Inbox” section of the Todoist app. This can help you jot down your tasks and let your mind work peacefully on the current chores. Here is how you can use this feature:

  • Step-1: Go to the inbox section of your Todoist app
  • Step-2: Click on the “Add task” button
  • Step-3: You can type in the Task name and description
  • Step-4: Schedule the task using the “Schedule task” button. Choose the date and time when you need to perform the task.
  • Step-5: On the lower right corner, you can also find options to label the task, set the priority, and set reminders for your task
  • Step-6: Finally, click on the “Add task” option and the task will be added to your list
Todoist app inbox
The inbox window of the Todoist app

You can also add sub-tasks and comments to your main tasks. Further, you can sort the tasks and also perform actions like moving them to the board, sharing the tasks with colleagues, etc.

Other methods of adding tasks to Todoist are as follows:

  1. You can add tasks in the “Today” and “Upcoming” tabs by clicking on the “Add task buttons”.
  2. You can add to the list of labels and filters and then assign tasks to each label.

Dividing your task into categories with the Todoist app

The Todoist app automatically divides your task as per your schedules, priority, labels, and filters. It assigns separate tabs for all of these categories. Here is the list for the same:

Today: Displays all the tasks that are planned for today

Upcoming: Displays the tasks that are scheduled in upcoming days in chronological order

Labels: This tab is divided into sub-tabs where each label has an individual tab. For example, there are a total of 3 labels named XY, YZ, and ZX that you have assigned to the tasks. Now three of these labels will have different tabs. When you open the XY sub-tab, you can only see the tasks that belong to this label.

Todoist add labels
Adding labels in Todoist

Filters: Similar to labels, you can also add filters and enlist your tasks under each of them. Once you click on the “Plus” sign near the filter option, a window will pop up. Add the filter, filter query, the color of your choice, and click on the “Add” button to add a new filter to your list.

Todoist add filters
Adding filters in Todoist

Adding a new project on Todoist

While collaborating with people, you can create a project on your Todoist app. This makes task management easier and simpler. Here is how you can start a new project:

Step-1: Click on the “plus” sign near the “Project” option on the left side of your screen.

Step-2: A pop-up window will appear on the screen.

Step-3: Fill in the project name, color, and select the list or board option

Step-4: Click on the “Add” button and your project will be added to the list

Adding a new project on Todoist
Adding a new project on Todoist

Step-5: You can now add tasks. Under these tasks, you can add sub-tasks, timelines, and notes to explain them.

Features offered by the Todoist app under the project section

Todoist managing projects
Todoist managing projects

Todoist offers the following features under the project option in order to organize your tasks:

  1. Adding sub-tasks and prioritizing and labeling them can help you manage subtasks better and complete your task on time.
  2. Adding sections to a project to classify the tasks
  3. Adding new projects using the #prefix. For example, if you want to create a new project on academics, you can type in the task followed by the project name i.e. “#academics”
  4. While adding tasks, you can also select the project from the list. This makes it easier for you to add and remove tasks.
  5. You can set reminders for tasks as well as sub-tasks. Thus, you will reduce the chances of skipping them.

Tracking the progress using boards

The Todoist app offers boards to enhance the task management system. The board can be divided into different sections where the tasks are added to track their progress. Here is how you can use the boards…

  • Step-1: Go to the “Boards” tab
  • Step-2: Click on the “Add section” option. This can help you to add multiple sections on the board.
  • Step-3: You can share the board with your team members 
  • Step-4: Add tasks under each section. You can assign them to your teammates by mentioning them in the comment section.

You and your teammates can also drag the tasks from one section to another.

Todoist managing boards
Todoist managing boards

Benefits of using the Todoist task management tool

  • You can keep track of your personal as well as group tasks.
  • Noting down and setting reminders for some important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. becomes easier with the tool.
  • Grouping and prioritizing tasks can help you juggle your personal and professional life.
  • The app also stores all of your activity history (depending on the plan you opt for).

Todoist Pricing

Todoist has a free plan that provides you with access to five projects with five collaborations in each project, 3 filters, and 1-week activity history.

Other plans are as follows:

  1. Pro plan for Power Users – $3 per month (if billed annually)/ $4 per month (if billed monthly) 
  2. Business plan for teams – $5 per month (if billed annually)/ $6 per month (if billed monthly)

Twist – Business messaging app

Twist - Organized team communication
Getting started with Twist

The twist is a SLACK-like app that makes business messaging easier and quicker. It is one of the best replacements for emails in a business setup. It is among the least conventional business messaging apps. You can collaborate with your colleagues using email/message threads.

The tool allows you to create newer hashtags, and post message threads open to every member or in a private chat. And the best part is- The Twist app is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms. Let’s understand how this tool works to achieve streamlined business communication.

Getting your team on Twist

Twist has a simple procedure to start your business communication. You only need to click on the “Get started” button on the first page of the Twist app, enter the name and website of your company to create a channel, type in the emails of your colleagues, and invite them to be a member of your Twist channel.

Using Twist for business communications

Twist offers a variety of features for business communication. Here’s the list:

  1. Posting information on channels: Twist has a space dedicated to writing threads. There are multiple formatting options in the lower panel. You can write the thread and post it on different channels. Further, you can select the groups you want to notify about this thread, and finally, post it on the app. 
  2. Messaging your colleagues or group members: Twist has a feature to create new groups where you can communicate with your team members through messages. You can also message people privately to have a one-to-one chat with them.
Twist main screen
Twist the main screen

How is Twist different from other messaging apps?

Threads on Slack, for example, are offshoots of the channel’s current discourse. Every channel in the app has a river of comments, and those remarks may stay to a specific topic for a time before veering off. A thread allows individuals to diverge from the main debate and create a separate panel with just answers to that one idea.

Threads are the discussion in Twist. In Twist, each channel is nothing more than a topic. There isn’t a dialogue going on in the channel. Every conversation is bound to be part of a thread. Twist threads are comparable to email threads in this regard. A conversation begins with a single email message, and it continues as long as additional individuals respond to the beginning message.

Twist pricing

Twist offers two options once you sign in:

  1. Twist free: The free version of Twist allows you to view only one-month conversations and messages.  Further, you can have a maximum of five integrations with this plan.
  2. Twist Unlimited: This plan costs $6/ person/ month. For annual billings, it is available at $60/person/year. Unlike the free plan, you can access unlimited searches and integrations under Twist Unlimited.
  3. Custom plans: For business plans with customized services, you can contact the Doist team and avail of the services as per your requirements.

Wrapping it up

Remote working opportunities have been growing over time, especially after the pandemic. To meet the evolving needs for online project management and business communication Doist has come up with two of the best tools for your ease:

First is Todoist where you can manage your tasks and projects and the second is Twist where you can communicate with your colleagues through threads and messages. Both the tools have free and paid subscriptions available to the users.

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