What is Google Workspace & How is it helping businesses boost productivity?

Google Workspace Review

The most common issue that businesses face today is the lack of productivity. Given the multiple teams & individuals working on the same project, tasks seem to go out of sync.

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Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the productivity and collaboration tool businesses need to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Google Workspace makes it easy for employees to collaborate, share, and manage documents all in one place. Plus, with built-in security features, your data is protected, and your company is safe. So why wait? Give Google Workspace a try today!

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Especially after Remote Working became a norm in the past couple of years, productivity (or lack of it!) has become a redundant issue for businesses.

There are numerous productivity tools available in the market that offer a lot of features to enhance your productivity. But out of all these, one tool stands tall: Google Workspace (G Suite), as many of you know!

Offered by tech behemoth Google, this business-friendly set of collaboration & communication apps, Google Workspace, has created a cult following in the market. It’s been around here for 15+ years, assisting businesses to grow.

Millions of businesses are using it  & even at WittySparks, we use many Google Workspace apps to ensure everything here runs buttery smooth!

So, what makes Google Workspace an eye candy for so many businesses?

What are some of the best Google Workspace features?

How can you master Google Workspace to streamline your business process?

I am going to answer all of your questions in this marathon piece. Sit tight & get ready to take a deep dive into Google Workspace; we are going really deep!

What is Google Workspace? Or What is G suite?

In 2006, Google realized the immense potential for productivity tools for businesses. So they launched a set of some apps under the banner “Google Apps for your Domain”. This set included apps like Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar & Google Page Creator.

And since then, nothing was stopping it from exponential growth. Later, Google decided to re-brand & re-organized “Google apps for your Domain” into “G suite,” as most of us know it today. A lot of apps were added to G Suite, including Docs & Sheets.

And now, Google has again Re-branded, Restructured & Re-designed G suite by upgrading it to Google Workspace. With this upgrade, Google promised Tailored Solutions, a deeply integrated user experience & an entirely new identity.

And to be honest, we absolutely agree with Google! Google Workspace’s meaning is quite broad. It has become a lot more powerful, efficient & better with the upgrade. It has become one of the most powerful collaboration tools in the market. That’s why we at WittySparks are still in love with it!

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best apps available on Google & how they can boost your productivity.

Why is Collaboration so Important for Businesses?

Google Workspace is a collaboration tool. So before we go deeper into it, let’s understand its vitality.

According to research, almost 86% of the team members believe projects tend to get delayed due to a lack of collaboration & sync. This can severely damage your business’s reputation & its sales. So it’s critical to have a robust & powerful collaboration tool like Google Workspace or Office 365.

What are the best Google Workspace apps?

Google Workspace Apps
Google Workspace Apps

There are numerous Google Workspace apps that make Google Workspace an excellent choice. Here are some of the best Google Workspace apps available on Google Workspace that I absolutely love working with.

Google Drive

Businesses are moving to Cloud storage to enhance Remote working and easy access. But to store your Business-critical data on Cloud, you have to be sure about data security. Multiple Cloud storage services are available, but nothing comes close to Google Drive! Not even Microsoft’s oneDrive, to be frank.

There are many advantages to Google Drive. You can store massive amounts of data online without investing in any hardware (which can be damaged, lost, or stolen anytime). You can easily control the access of each file & folder on the drive, ensuring better data partition.

Your employees can easily access, edit, or modify the data on the go from any device. All they need is the login credential. Imagine the flexibility your whole team can enjoy with this fantastic feature.

The best part? Your data is super-secured with Google. Google pays a lot of attention to data security & data redundancy. So even if you lose your data on the drive due to some issue, Google can get all of it back in most cases.

Apart from these benefits of Google Drive, you can leverage other features like Offline Working (which is revolutionary, in my opinion!), synchronize your files, scan documents, and convert your Word files into PDF formats.

What Business wouldn’t like to have such a powerful tool at its disposal? In short, Google Drive is the Cloud storage solution that will meet all your needs, irrespective of your business size.

The Basic Plan offers you 30GB of storage per user & if you want more, you can upgrade your plan.

Gmail or Google business email

Now, this is the powerhouse of Google Workspace. Can you even imagine a single business that does not use email? Emails have become a synonym for a standard office address of businesses nowadays. So having a business email is a must, even for SMBs.

Be frank, when you think of email, what comes first in your subconscious mind? Gmail, isn’t it? And the reason is simple. Gmail has been all around us since its inception in 2004. Right now, Google has 1.2 Billion active users, a Billion with the “B”. So, a business email from Google is an excellent addition to your tools’ inventory.

With Google Business, you & your team get a customized email with your organization’s domain name. If you have just a couple of guys working for you, you might be able to manage with the free Gmail version. But as your team grows, you need the Business version of Gmail.

You can create multiple accounts based on your Google Workspace plan. The business version of Gmail is even better than the regular version. It’s reliable, it’s robust & runs like a charm. That’s why it’s the best feature of Google Workspace, in my opinion.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar
Google Calendar

Missing critical deadlines & important meetings is another issue with medium & large-sized organizations. This impacts their productivity & can hamper their Business growth.

Enter Google Calendar. Frankly, this tool is not something out of the world; it’s simple. But its simplicity makes it potent. You can do a plethora of things to ensure every task in your organization is managed on time.

With Google Calendar taking over as your assistant who keeps you reminding you about essential tasks at the right time, you can rest assured that you won’t miss anything important.

When you use the Business version of the Google Calendar, you get a lot of additional features. This includes the ability to create multiple calendars. Let’s say you want to create two separate calendars, one for the scheduled client meetings & another for an internal review meeting.

You can create them & share them separately with your team. Such multiple calendars help keep your whole team on the same page.

Google Docs & Sheets

Google Docs & Sheets
Google Docs & Sheets

Google Docs & Sheets is something that drives work at WittySparks, literally! In my opinion, these two apps are one of the most utilized apps from Google Workspace after Gmail. If you are still sharing Word & Excel documents with your clients or within your organization, it’s time to evolve & adopt Google Docs & Google Sheets.

You can do everything with Google Docs & Sheets; you can work with Word & Excel files, and much more. You can create & share your document from your browser on the go. You can give specific access to your different team members, based on which they can use either View, Edit, or add Comments to the doc.

Google Docs & Google Sheets let you work on multiple file formats, including .docx, .doc, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, .xlsx, .csv, .html & .ods. This ensures even if your clients or partners are not using Microsoft or Google Docs & Google Sheets, you can still view, edit & share the files without needing to use the software they are using.

Almost every organization welcomes such flexibility. But wait, it’s not over yet! There are a lot many things that you can do with Google Docs & Google Sheets.

  1. Text translation
  2. Typing shortcuts
  3. Convert a document to a web page
  4. Version History
  5. Word count
  6. Grammar and Spell check
  7. Adding GIFs
  8. Adding a table of contents

and more

(i) Translate the text

Yes, you can translate the text, written in another language, to the language of your choice! All you have to do is click on “Tools”-> “Translate Text.”

(ii) Typing Shortcuts

If you have to write certain phrases & long words again & again,  you can utilize this feature for speedy typing. Head to “Tools”-> “Preferences” & select substitution.

(iii) Use a document to create a Web Page.

Sounds unreal? Well, it’s not! Using this feature, you can quickly create a private or public web page in times of urgency. This feature is beneficial during emergencies.

(iv) View Changes made by the team members.

When you give editor access to your team members, they can alter the doc’s content. You don’t have to read the whole file to stay informed about what they changed. Just visit “File”-> “Version History.” You will find all the changes made by your team!

(v) Perform “Word Count,” & “Gammer & Spell Check.”

If you write tonnes of blogs & review articles, just like us, this feature can be a good help. Although not as efficient as Grammarly or other premium writing tools, it can do the job.

What I personally do is run the file through Grammarly & then run the grammar check on Google Docs too. This redundancy helps me ensure a perfect copy.

(vi) Create a Table of Content

If your document is quite lengthy & you want readers to find specific topics easily, just like the table of Contents you can see at the top of this blog, you can do that too! You can create a “Table of Content” or “TOC” in your Google Doc. This makes reading a long document convenient.

(vii) Add GIFs

Reading long copies can be boring sometimes. Wouldn’t it be great if you could add GIFs or small videos to the long text? Well, you can work with Google Docs!

Just navigate to “Insert”-> “Image” & add a GIF to the doc that makes it more lively & exciting.

These are just a few features available with Google Docs & Sheets. There are a lot of such features available that can help with your routine tasks.

Google Meet

Google Meet
Google Meet

Now we know you are used to popular tools like Zoom for Video conferencing & Online meetings. But, there have been some privacy & security issues with these tools in the past. And there’s nothing to promise that history won’t repeat itself.

So why not use Google Meet, which is more secure, sleek & easy to use? On top of it, you get it along with your basic Google Workspace plan. So why not utilize it? Being an integral part of the Google Ecosystem, you can visit meetings directly from your Google Calendar! See? It’s super convenient!

On top of it, you get the facility of dial-in numbers to talk to your client or teammates when they do not have access to the internet. But to access this particular feature, you will have to upgrade to their Enterprise plan.

In short, Google Meet is safe, secure, easy to use & offers flawless operations by merging itself with Google Workspace. So it’s a must-try.

Google Keep

Google Keep
Google Keep

Say goodbye to those old sticky notes with Google Keep! Keep all your important information handy with Google Keep. Google Keep is a great way to keep things organized. You can put in those workflows specific contact numbers that you do not want to save on your phones & everything that you want to note down without a pen.

While there are other alternatives like Evernote, if you are using Google Workspace, why not go with the flow? Google Keep will let you do everything that the basic version of Evernote does. The best part is everything you put into Google Keep is synced across all your devices.

So you do not necessarily need access to a specific device to utilize the information stored on Google Keep. In short, this small but potent tool comes in handy whenever you need to access redundant information.

Google Slides

Google Slides
Google Slides

Almost every one of us is used to MS PowerPoint when it comes to Slideshows & for good reasons. It is a great tool. But so is Google Slides! Being a part of Google Workspace, you can create, edit & share your presentation with your team.

They, too, can perform all the tasks, including editing & commenting. So if you are working on a big project & a lot of your team members are working remotely, creating a presentation with Google Slides will save time & boost productivity. Google Keep is an excellent alternative to MS PowerPoint, or you can use it to supplement MS PowerPoint.

Google Workspace Admin Console

Google Workspace Admin Console
Google Workspace Admin Console

As a Business Owner, it’s essential to have control over everything going around from a single access point. Admin Console offers you that control & detailed insight. Using Google Workspace Admin Console, you can single-handheld manage the whole Google Ecosystem.

Whether it’s Billing, Reports, Device Management, User Management, Domains, Apps, or your Company Profile, you have single-handed control over all these tasks. Such a single point of management is crucial for efficient business management & enhanced productivity.

How can your business benefit from Google Workspace?

Business benefit from Google Workspace
Business benefit from Google Workspace

Now all the features I mentioned above are great. But how exactly can Google Workspace help boost your business? What are Google’s benefits? Well, here is your answer.

  1. Stay ahead of the curve.
  2. Enhanced productivity
  3. Efficient management
  4. Robust security
  5. Flexibility
  6. Cost-effective
  7. Zero downtime
  8. Future-ready

1. Stay ahead of the curve.

It’s Google. Do I need to say more? They are always at the helm of any technological innovation & advancements. So when you adopt Google Workspace, you can expect to stay ahead of the curve.

Today, businesses need scalability with their process, and Google is the synonym for scalability. Any new technology or innovation that comes forward, Google & from them, you will be the direct beneficiary of that innovation.

2. Enhanced Productivity

Businesses right now are adopting Remote Working & some of them are seriously facing productivity & synchronization issues. Thanks to Google Workspace, you can steer clear of these troubles.

Google Workspace optimizes how you & your team work, collaborate & meet your clients’ needs. Data sharing is easy, insights & reports are available with a single click, you won’t miss a meeting with Google Calendar & your team can work at its total capacity, even remotely.

Such a simplified, optimized & real-time working environment enhances productivity multifold.

3. Efficient Management

With Google Workspace, you know exactly what each team member is doing. You can track each project’s status, revenues & turnaround time for each task delegated to your team.

Everything is available at Admin Console, so all you have to do is keep a vigil eye & your team will manage the rest.

4. Robust Security

When it comes to Cloud, data privacy & security is the ultimate concern. But thanks to Google, you need not have to worry about it. Google fanatically follows stringent security & privacy standards across the globe. While signing up, Google offers commitment in the written contract for Security, Data-ownership & Privacy.

Also, external audit agencies regularly audited Google’s data centers, ensuring zero compromises on Personal & Business data. Google meets regulations like EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ISO27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018:2014, SOC1™, SSAE-16/ISAE-3402, SOC2™, SOC3™ FedRAMP, ensuring data security.

5. Flexibility

This is the most significant advantage of Google Workspace. All the applications of Google Workspace can be accessed via a Web Browser. So gone are the days when you or your team needed a specific device to access certain software.

With Google Workspace, everything is available online. So whether your team is sitting in Seattle or Singapore, they can work with the same efficacy.

On top of it, you can use certain Google apps like Google Docs in offline mode too! So you don’t even need the Internet to accomplish some work.

6. Cost-effective

If you own on-premise infrastructure to manage all your work, you will have to keep investing in hardware as your team grows. And this hardware can put some serious dent in your budget.

Thanks to Google Workspace’s “Pay-per-User” model, you can scale up your business without spending much money on hardware.

Such “SaaS” models are rapidly becoming popular as businesses prefer them over legacy systems.

7. Zero Downtime

It sounds unrealistic, but that’s true. As per Google’s Service Level Agreement, there is nothing like scheduled maintenance or downtime. So you can expect quality services throughout the term of your agreement.

Your Business won’t have to suffer just because of maintenance or downtime, as is the case with almost every other “SaaS” provider.

8. Future-ready

Google constantly keeps adding new features as & when they develop it. Although some of them become available for free over time, as a Google Workspace Partner, you will be the first to get access to these tools & their premium features.

In a nutshell, Google Workspace is the most reliable, efficient & robust set of productivity tools you will ever have. The primary benefit is you get the backing of the Brand Google. So it’s the right choice, any day.

All said & done, Google Workspace has some advantages & limitations, just like any other tool or group of tools.

I have listed below some of them after using Google Workspace for 2 ½ years.

Let’s checkout

What is Google Workspace Pricing?

Google Workspace Pricing is very flexible, just like G-suite pricing. It starts from just $6/user/month & goes up depending on the features you choose.

There are 4 Google Workspace Pricing plans, as shown in the image below. You can check out the detailed Google Workspace Pricing here.

What are the advantages of using Google Workspace?

Advantages of Google Workspace
Advantages of Google Workspace
  • Ease of use & compatibility
  • Zero downtime
  • Branded email
  • Ultimate security
  • Great pricing

Ease of Use & Compatibility

Everyone who has ever touched a computer to use the internet has come across Google somehow. So when you invest in Google Workspace, you invest in the Google Ecosystem that’s familiar to almost everyone on your team.

And even if you are switching to Google Workspace from another legacy system, it will be a smooth transition. Moreover, every app from Google Workspace is available on mobile devices. So you and your team can work from anywhere, anytime, without any limitations!

Zero downtime

As mentioned earlier, Google Workspace offers 99.9% Uptime in their Service Level Agreement. But in reality, it easily exceeds this promise. You will rarely (very rarely) find Google Workspace down.

Additionally, Google ensures your business doesn’t suffer due to downtime. So they have a fully redundant server infrastructure to ensure you keep churning.

Branded Email

When you buy Google Workspace, you get your personalized Brand Email but with all the functionality, looks & ease of use of Gmail. E.g., if your brand’s name is WITTYSPARKS, your email id will be employeename@wittysparks.com.

With such a branded email id, you can easily switch between your personal & Business email from Gmail’s app itself.

Ultimate Security

When it comes to security, Google is a Gold Standard. It strictly follows all the security standards to ensure a safe working environment. That’s the reason why big-wigs like HP, Salesforce & Whirlpool trust Google. They have a team of top-tier security specialists that ensure your business is always in safe hands.

Great pricing

It is a premium tool, but Google Workspace pricing is flexible & affordable for all. For e.g., the Business Starter plan, which is the most basic Google Workspace pricing plan, starts from $6/user/month. It’s suitable for small businesses or the ones that are just kick-starting their journey.

If you need more advanced & premium features, you can choose from the other three plans.

In short, whether you are a Small Business owner just getting started or an enterprise, Google offers your cost-effective plans to all.

So overall, we can say that Google Workspace offers many advantages to the user & flexibility.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the limitations (if you can call them that!) of Google Workspace.

What are the limitations of Google Workspace?

Google Workspace has some limitations, if not disadvantaged, like any other set of tools.

The first issue is the limited amount of storage until you subscribe to their enterprise. This can be a problem, especially if you store a lot of data & large files on the drive. Some competitors offer a lot more or unlimited storage, even with their basic plans.

Google Docs & Google Sheets are extremely powerful & yet they are still far from taking over the baton from Microsoft Word & Excel! Both these tools are still user-favorite & powerful.

To access all the premium features, you will have to upgrade to their top plan, which might be difficult for start-ups & Small Businesses.

So, Google Workspace does have some limitations, but it’s nothing too serious. At WittySparks, we have been using Google Workspace for quite a long now. So I can confidently say Google Workspace is undoubtedly something that can help boost your business. 

Top 5 Google Workspace Courses for you

Managing Google Workspace can feel daunting, especially if you do not have any experience managing it. But don’t worry, I won’t leave you out to dry! Here are the top 5 Google Workspace courses that can help you master this unique tool set.

1. Google Professional Workspace Administrator Professional Certificate

If you are looking for a comprehensive course that will cover each & every aspect of Google Workspace, this is the course for you. This course is specifically designed for those who want to work as a Google Workspace Administrator.

When learning Google Workspace, it’s always better to begin from scratch. And this course begins from there only!

In this course, you will learn how to set up a Google Workspace account, navigate the admin console, manage all the tools & how you can simplify your organization structure for better management.

You will also learn how to protect your users & mission-critical data from any breaches.

But before you begin this course, you must have your domain. If you don’t have it, you will have to purchase it.

You can check out more detail about this course.

2. Getting started with Google Workspace Specialization

This course can come in handy if you are aiming to utilize Google Workspace tools instead of becoming an administrator. This is designed to help learners master multiple tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Meet, Google Chat, Google Calendar & many more. You will also learn how to create & share Content on Google Drive, how to set Google Calendar to drive maximum Productivity & how to use various collaboration tools.

3. Google Workspace – Complete Course

This affordable yet effective course is an excellent way to kick off your Google Workspace learning journey. This course covers multiple Google Workspace tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Forms, and Google Sites.

If you are someone who has to deal with Google Workspace on the job, this course can prove really helpful.

  • It will cover the following aspects:
  • Mastering Google Sheets at the MIS level
  • Expertise in Text, Logical, Math, Financial, Lookup, and Reference Functions
  • Understanding Date and Time Format and Functions
  • Mastery of Pivot Table and Chart Preparation

4. Building No-Code Apps with AppSheet: Automation

Automation is a vital part of efficient business management. And Google Workspace offers an excellent opportunity to implement it in your app.

This course is designed to help learners master the art of automation and how to integrate their Organization-specific products with Google Workspace. Here you will also learn how to send SMSs, Push notifications, & text messages from your app or parse documents.

This automation course is focused on one aspect of Google only. So it offers specialization in it.

You can check out more details of the course.

5. Google Workspace for Education: Getting started

This is one of the most immersive courses for those who want to use Google Workspace for their Educational institute.

This is an introductory course & hence is recommended for those who are just getting started. This course will help you understand Google Workspace features, build an organization structure, set up units & how to set up user accounts.

So it’s an excellent tool for growing your Educational Business with the help of Google Workspace.  

Apart from these courses, a plethora of other & learning materials are available in the market to help you master Google Workspace.

Now, after going through this long journey of understanding Google Workspace, its abilities & how to learn it, we hope you have a clear idea about how efficient Google is.

Now, let’s move to the next step, understanding how to get started with Google Workspace.

4 Step Guide to kick-off Your Google Workspace Journey

As I mentioned above, there are numerous reasons to adopt Google Workspace for your business. Now, if you are wondering how to get started with Google Workspace, this section will guide you through it.

One more cherry on the top for you. Google Workspace also offers a 14-day trial account for new signups. So you can create your account by visiting this link & get started.

Visit this link, add all the necessary details & voila! Your Google Workspace account is ready. What I really liked was the free trial of 14 days from Google. This gives the user the freedom to stick with Google or ditch it.

Step 1: Activate your account

Once your account is ready, you will have to activate it by login in with the necessary credentials. This will take you directly to Google Admin Console. Here you can see all the tools & apps available for you to use.

Step2: Create email addresses for the team

Once you are logged into your Admin Console, it’s time to allocate an individual email address to each team member. Each of these email addresses will carry your organization’s domain name. Such email addresses help a lot with branding.

Using the allotted email ids, your members can use multiple apps available on Google Workspace, including Google Meet, Google Calendar & Gmail. Once done, you are good to go.

Additionally, you can do it manually if you ever need to generate more emails for your new team members. It’s a super easy task.

Step 3: Verify your domain

This is one crucial task that you can’t ignore. You will have to get your domain verified via Google. No matter what DNS registrar you use, Google will help you verify it via their instruction manuals. All you have to do is follow the simple steps mentioned in Google Admin Console & you are ready to roll.

Step 4: Check out Quick Start guides

Google offers detailed guides to help its user efficiently leverage all the powerful features of Google Workspace. Get a quick look over them before you start so you don’t get stuck somewhere. And if you get stuck in the middle, you can always go back & check out those guides.

Easy-peasy, right?

Google has simplified everything to offer its customers the best services & features to grow their business efficiently.

Google Workspace vs. Office 365: How Google Workspace fares against its biggest rival?

Google Workspace’s direct competitor is Office 365. Their pricing is almost similar & they offer almost similar services. Take a look at this quick comparison table to get a clear idea.

TitleGoogle WorkspaceMicrosoft 365
PricingBusiness Starter – $6/user/month Business Standard–$12/user/month Business Plus–$18/user/month Google Workspace Enterprise Plans–Custom pricingMicrosoft 365 Business Basic–$5/user/month Microsoft 365 Business Standard–$12.50/user/month Microsoft 365 Business Premium–$20/user/month Microsoft 365 Apps for Business–$8.25/user/month Enterprise Plans Microsoft 365 E3–$32/user/month (annual commitment) Microsoft 365 E5–$57/user/month (annual commitment) Microsoft 365 F3–$8/user/month (annual commitment)
Storage CapacityBusiness Starter–30GB per user Business Standard–2TB per user Business Plus–5TB per user1TB of OneDrive storage, 50GB of email storage
AppsDocs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Sites, Google Drive, Calendar, Meet, Gmail, ChatWord, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Teams, Outlook, Exchange, SharePoint
Collaboration FeaturesSupports live multi-user editing Supports up to 250 participants via video conferencing Advanced chat rooms,Supports simultaneous multi-user editing Supports online meetings for up to 300 people Allows you to access team chats, meetings, files, and apps
SecurityGoogle Cloud security protection Data loss prevention Two-step verification 99.9% application availability guarantee Spam and unusual activity detection featureMicrosoft cloud security technology Data loss prevention Multi-factor authentication 99.9% financially backed uptime guarantee Spam, malware, and unusual activity detection feature.  
Google Workspace vs. Office 365

As you can see, the features are almost similar. Office 365 still dominates the Enterprise domain. But Google has the edge over Office 365 at one point, Innovation. Google has always been a leader in Innovation.

So by adopting Google, you can rest assured that you will always stay ahead of the competitors.

6 Best Google Workspace Alternatives

Google Workspace Alternatives
6 Best Google Workspace Alternatives

With millions of business owners trusting Google Workspace to manage their daily business activities, it’s undoubtedly the top-notch team collaboration tool in the market. But for some, Google Workspace might not be an ideal tool.

The reason can be pricing, User Interface, or just a personal choice. If you are amongst them, here are the top 6 Google Workspace alternatives.

1.  Zoho

Whether it’s an email hosting platform, web conferencing tools, Word processor, or chat tools, Zoho Workplace is challenging the monopoly of Google Workspace. Zoho is a complete office suite that can act as an affordable Google Workspace alternative, especially for tight-budget users.

Zoho Workplace offers 30 MB of email attachments,  5 GB space for uploading docs & a free Google Workspace integration if your business has less than 0 users. All these features make Zoho a good option if you are looking beyond Workspace & want to trim the cost.

2. SamePage

Samepage is precisely what its name suggests; it helps your team stay on the same page! You can access all its features from a single page, making it super easy to use, even for a newbie.

It offers multiple task management & collaboration tools in one place, making it a great Google Workspace alternative. Features include Instant Messaging, group chats, video conferencing, shared calendars, and many other tools that will make your task easy.

The best part? It offers a free starter edition for small businesses or someone just starting. This free edition offers 2 GB data storage & unlimited teams or users.

3. Rackspace

Rackspace is often touted as the most efficient Google Workspace alternative, a US-based cloud computing company that offers top-rated team collaboration tools. The best part about Rackspace is its affordable pricing plans.

You get to use all the premium features & global services at just a fraction of the cost compared to Google Workspace. With features like a 100% uptime guarantee, 50 MB attachments for professional emails & 25 GB mailbox, it makes a great Google Workspace alternative.

 So if you are looking for something better & cheaper than Google Workspace, Rackspace is your answer. You can check out more about Rackspace here.

4. Slack

With 1500+ apps, top-notch security features, video conferencing & fantastic User Interface, Slack can be a good Workspace Alternative. Pricing is excellent & features work like a charm.

The only drawback is that Slack is a partial-spectrum team collaboration tool like Google Workspace. It offers you a suitable alternative to Google Chat & Hangout, but you must go back to Google Workspace for other core features.

Thankfully, there is a solution if you love Slack but can only do it with Google Workspace. Google Workspace recently released a Slack Integration, using which you can utilize features of Slack while working with Google Workspace. Want to know more about Slack & its pricing structure? Click this link for more details.

5. Bitrix 24

If you are looking for a collaboration tool that offers all the functionalities of Google Workspace & then some more, get Bitrix24. This fully loaded business suite offers a wide range of tools like Social Networking, Web domain hosting, Email hosting, Document Collaboration, Mobile portal, HR management & much more.

It also offers features like Project Management & Customer Relationship management tools, which are not available with Google Workspace.

Such an extensive toolset makes Bitrix 24 a perfect choice for monitoring & managing all the tasks assigned to each of your team members.

Is the cherry on the top? It offers Cloud-based as well as On-premise solutions! Check out more about Bitrix 24 pricing plans here.

6. Dropbox Business

We all have heard of & even used Dropbox at some point. It has carved a niche for itself in the Cloud Storage market. And Dropbox Business aims to expand its service & offer full-spectrum collaboration tools to users.

Dropbox Business offers easy file & folder sharing, real-time doc editing & monitoring of the whole project from a single access point.

But the issue with Dropbox is that it’s not a full-service business suite yet! It is still a great Cloud Storage provider. Dropbox Business is a good alternative if you are primarily looking for an affordable Cloud Storage service at Par with Google Drive for Business.

You can check out more about the pricing & features of Dropbox Business here.

These Google Workspace alternatives can be a good choice if you are looking for a limited feature or affordable price tag. But still, I will go with Google Workspace any day!

Wrapping it all up

Google Workspace is a good choice if you are looking for a set of tools that can boost productivity. You can blindly go with it.

I hope this complete guide on Google Workspace, or Google Business Suite as it’s popularly known,  will offer you a good insight into Google Workspace & its features. We have been using it for a long time & it has really proven its worth to us since then.

Phew, this was a deep dive into Google Workspace, I believe! After taking you through the full features of Google Workspace & explaining What Google Workspace is & how it can bolster your Business Operations, I believe it’s time to bid adieu for now!

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Does Google Workspace allow third-party app integration?

Yes, there are a lot of third-party apps that you can integrate with your Google Workspace for enhanced productivity.

What hardware do I need to use Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is entirely a web-based Google Ecosystem. So you do not have to invest in any costly hardware. Anything that runs Chrome Browser efficiently is enough.

Can I use Google Workspace for free?

They offer 14 day trial period where you can use a lot of its business tools for free. There are also some free tools available from Google. But they have limited use if your business is growing.

Can I set Branded email with Google Workspace?

Of course you can! You can easily create your branded email using Google Workspace. The view, features and feel will be the same as a standard Gmail account.

Is it possible to use Google Workspace while offline?

Yes, there are multiple features that you can use offline, e.g., checking emails, editing Google Docs files and some draft files.

Is Google Workspace safe?

Absolutely! Google offers ultimate protection as compared to other productivity tools. The reason is its Google! It’s always a step ahead.

Witty Bits

  • 59.41% of offices in the United States use Google Workspace.
  • Google Workspace will have 3 Billion+ active users in 2022.
  • Google Workspace dominates the Video Conferencing Market 84% share.

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