The 10 Best Book Summary App Choices for iPhone: Don’t Miss!

Book Summary App

Does your heart flutter at the thought of a freshly minted hardback? Does the crisp sound of a page-turning make you smile? Are you, like me, an avid book lover?

We share a wonderful addiction: the thirst for knowledge, the love of stories, and the joy that a book brings. But let’s face it, with the breakneck speed of our daily lives, devouring a novel or keeping up with the latest self-help guide can seem like climbing Mount Everest.

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What if there was a way to quench our thirst for reading in bite-sized, digestible chunks that fit perfectly into our packed schedules? Well, my fellow bookworms, there is!

You can deep-dive into the ocean of knowledge and find out the best book summary app from many available for iPhone. These powerful tools condense the core ideas of our favorite tomes into quick, comprehensive summaries.

Imagine the wisdom of a 300-page book delivered to your brain in just about 15 minutes! Perfect for the commute, the coffee break, or the waiting room. Intrigued? Let’s delve in!

What’s the best book summary app for iPhone?

Well, there are many. It depends exactly on what you need and how you need it. Here’s the list of the 10 best book summary apps for iPhone with QR Codes to quickly scan and download.

Blinkist: The Powerhouse of Quick Learning

Blinkist QR code Apple app store
Blinkist QR Code Apple app store

Imagine having a secret weapon in your reading arsenal that allows you to soak up knowledge from thousands of non-fiction books.

Say hello to Blinkist, a book summary app that can truly transform your reading journey. With around 4,500 books spanning psychology, management, productivity, and more, it’s like having your personal library on the go.

The magic lies in its ‘blinks’ – a term coined by Blinkist referring to key ideas extracted from each book. These nuggets of wisdom are either readable or listenable, depending on your preference, and take up only about 2-3 minutes each. By the time you finish your 15-minute walk or coffee break, you’ve devoured an entire book. The final summary that neatly wraps up the key ideas feels like a cherry on the cake.

Now, while the free version of this book summary app gifts you a fresh ‘blink’ each day (with handy reminders to ensure you don’t miss out), the premium version is where things get even more exciting.

Think unlimited content access, Evernote syncing, access to full-length audiobooks, and ‘shortcuts,’ Blinkist’s unique twist on podcasting. For a monthly fee of around $16 or a yearly subscription of $100, it’s like owning a golden ticket to a world of endless learning.

In a nutshell, Blinkist is the perfect book summary app for those who wish to conquer their reading goals in the smartest way possible.

Headway: Your Pocket-Sized Guide to Fun and Easy Growth

Headway QR Code Apple App Store
Headway QR Code Apple App Store

Ever dreamt of a tool that could provide you with key insights from the best non-fiction books across the globe? Welcome to Headway, a book summary app that redefines your learning experience. With a collection of more than 1,500 books offering the world’s best ideas, consider it your portable library.

The beauty of Headway is its ‘bite-sized content’ – the vital concepts extracted from every book. These pearls of wisdom can be read or listened to, as per your liking, and consume just around 15 minutes each. Before you wrap up your morning jog or your coffee break, you’ve digested an entire book. The final summary neatly tying all the key insights is indeed a delightful bonus.

While the free version of this book summary app offers daily insights to fuel your routine with fun and growth, the premium version takes the excitement a notch higher. Picture unlimited access to content, self-growth challenges, content handpicked for your goals, and ‘Spaced Repetition,’ Headway’s special feature for memorizing favorite insights or new English words. For a subscription fee mentioned on the payment screen, you’re holding a passport to a universe of seamless learning!

Headway is an ideal book summary app for those aspiring to meet their learning goals with an entertaining and personalized approach.

StoryShots: An Artistic Take on Summaries

StoryShots QR Code Apple App Store
StoryShots QR Code Apple App Store

Do you find that visuals make the facts stick? Do doodles and graphics make learning a breeze for you? If yes, then StoryShots could be your perfect match. This book summary app is like your high school textbook just became an entertaining graphic novel.

StoryShots stands proud with one of the largest collections of book summaries. Spanning from management to economics, science to history, and even communication skills, it offers a smorgasbord of knowledge. The app translates these summaries into easily digestible text, audio, and – the real star of the show – animated formats.

If you are on the move, StoryShots has you covered with an audio summary feature. Much like an audiobook, you can tune in to the summaries, adjusting the speed to suit your preference. Whether you’re hustling through a busy day or taking a leisurely walk, it fits seamlessly into your schedule.

Available on iOS and Android, this book summary app offers a great deal of its content for free. You get access to even more learning treasures for an almost negligible price of $1.99 a month. To sum it up, StoryShots is like a visual artist sketching out the key insights from your favorite books, enhancing your retention and learning experience.

Instaread: Your Pocket-Sized Knowledge Hub

Instaread QR Code Apple App Store
Instaread QR Code Apple App Store

Ever wished for a tiny genie that could magically condense the wisdom of over 1,000 bestsellers and famous books for you? Well, Instaread is your answer. This book summary app is like your personal reading genie, serving up insightful summaries of a vast range of titles.

One of the standout features of Instaread is its offline reading mode. This allows you to download summaries for those internet-free zones on flights or subway rides. It’s as if you’re carrying a miniature library in your pocket.

But that’s not all. Instaread doesn’t limit itself to book summaries. It extends its reach to The New York Times Magazine articles, broadening the scope of your learning. Moreover, it crafts its own original content on hot topics and influential figures, adding another layer to your knowledge quilt.

This book summary app is available on iOS, Android, and even on the Web, bringing knowledge to you wherever you are. Try it for free with a 7-day trial, and if you’re smitten, it’s just $8.99 a month.

Shortform: Unleashing the Power of Interconnectivity

Shortform QR Code Apple App Store
Shortform QR Code Apple App Store

Shortform is like a mind map that draws connections across your reading universe. It doesn’t merely serve you summaries; it pushes the boundaries by relating ideas from different books. Imagine a web of knowledge where threads of wisdom from various books interweave. That’s Shortform for you.

What sets Shortform apart from its counterparts is its emphasis on application. This book summary app transforms your reading experience into a hands-on learning journey with targeted exercises. It’s like your personal trainer, not just instructing but guiding you through the process of putting knowledge into action.

Despite its higher price tag of $24/month (or a discounted $16.42/month billed annually), users have showered praise on Shortform, reflected in its high rating of 4.4 on the iPhone and a respectable 3.6 on Android. The value it offers extends beyond simple book summaries, making it worth every penny.

With availability on Web, iPhone, and Android, this book summary app offers you the flexibility to learn whenever and wherever you want. If you’re looking to not only read but also engage with and apply your newfound knowledge, Shortform could be the perfect companion on your learning voyage.

12min: Customized Learning in a Dozen Minutes

12min QR Code Apple App Store
12min QR Code Apple App Store

Imagine a tailor deftly stitching a suit that fits you perfectly. Now, imagine an app that does the same, but for your reading preferences. Meet 12min, a unique book summary app that curates micro books based on your goals, preferences, and pace of learning.

This app’s offerings extend beyond simple categorizations. With over 25 categories to choose from, you can satisfy your reading curiosity in whatever field you fancy. Its 12min Originals and 12min Personalities sections add a unique touch, featuring well-researched content tailored for inquisitive minds.

Taking a page from social media, this book summary app encourages healthy competition among users via its reading progress tracking and leaderboard features. It’s like a race, but instead of finishing first, you’re gaining knowledge!

12min is packed with user-friendly features such as Kindle support and offline downloads. Its ability to highlight text as you read adds an interactive element, making your reading experience more engaging.

Available for iOS and Android, this book summary app offers a 3-day trial before nudging you towards its yearly subscription at around $89. In essence, 12min is not just an app; it’s a journey custom-built to transform every minute into a learning opportunity.

Deepstash: Where Ideas Bloom

Deepstash QR Code Apple App Store
Deepstash QR Code Apple App Store

The beauty of Deepstash lies in its approach. Rather than being a book summary app, it’s an idea hub. Picture it as a beautiful garden, where instead of flowers, ideas bloom in abundance.

Rated highly by users, with a 4.8 on iPhone and a 4.5 on Android, Deepstash is renowned for its distinctive take on knowledge sharing. It curates and presents not just book summaries but also article and podcast summaries. This book summary app is like a buffet of knowledge, catering to diverse tastes and interests.

Deepstash offers a free plan which opens up a world of ideas for you to explore. If you crave more, there’s a pro plan available for $12.99/month, extending your journey deeper into this knowledge haven.

Available on iPhone and Android, Deepstash offers an alternative route on the road to learning. If you’re a seeker of ideas rather than a follower of books, this book summary app could be the perfect companion on your knowledge quest. This app truly embodies the saying, “An idea can change your life.”

Imprint: Picture-Perfect Learning

Imprint QR Code Apple App Store
Imprint QR Code Apple App Store

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Imprint is worth a thousand pictures. This unique app, exclusively available on iPhone, aims to make learning a visual feast. It’s as if each summary unfolds like an enchanting storyboard, engaging not just your mind but your senses too.

Imprint holds an impressive 4.8 rating on the iPhone, indicative of its popularity. This is hardly surprising, given its distinctive approach. Along with book summaries, this book summary app comes loaded with daily quizzes and visualizations that aid in reinforcing the learned concepts. It’s as if you’re learning while playing a trivia game, combining fun with knowledge.

Priced at $15.99/month (or a more economical $8.33/month if billed annually), this book summary app offers an experience worth investing in. Especially if you are a visual learner, Imprint is more than just an app; it’s a canvas where knowledge transforms into vivid imagery, enhancing understanding and retention. For a vivid, picture-perfect journey of learning, Imprint is the way to go.

Bookey: Where Reading Meets Giving

Bookey QR Code Apple App Store
Bookey QR Code Apple App Store

Let’s imagine reading as a workout, where you flex your brain muscles and challenge them. Bookey operates on this very idea, offering in-depth 30-minute insights instead of bite-sized summaries. It’s like diving into the pool’s deep end, embracing a richer, more rewarding reading experience.

On your first rendezvous with this book summary app, it asks about your reading habits and goals. This information is used to craft a personalized list for you, introducing a unique 21-Day Personal Growth Challenge. Picture it as your personal reading coach, keeping you motivated and on track with your daily goals.

But here’s where Bookey truly shines. It’s in partnership with Books of Africa, making every challenge you complete a step towards helping disadvantaged children. Every time you cross the finish line, a book gets donated in your name. It’s like running a marathon, where each mile you cover makes a difference.

Bookey offers 12 categories of non-fiction book summaries to read, listen to, and download. This book summary app adds an extra layer of engagement with a mind map for quick highlights and a quiz to test your understanding after each book.

Although the app provides a random free pick daily, the premium version at $12.99 a month or $79.99 a year unlocks a myriad of features. Available for iOS and Android, Bookey combines the joy of reading with the joy of giving, transforming your reading habit into a habit of kindness.

Summary Z: Bite-sized Insights on the Go

Summary Z AQ Code Apple App Store
Summary Z AQ Code Apple App Store

In the world of book summary apps, consider Summary Z as your go-to snack bar – quick, tasty, and fulfilling. Its primary goal? To provide seamless learning through the best highlights and insights of popular fiction and non-fiction books. This book summary app is like having a mini-book club right in your pocket, ready to entertain and enlighten you whenever you want.

Audio summaries are the icing on the cake here. For those of us who are always on the move, learning can continue uninterrupted. Whether you’re jogging in the park or commuting to work, this book summary app keeps the knowledge flowing.

This book summary app can also be a great starting point if you want to cultivate a reading habit. Starting small, you can slowly but surely dive into the vast ocean of books. You can download Summary Z for free and opt for any of its subscriptions. It’s time to say yes to learning on the go!

MicroBook: Your Pocket-sized Mentor

MicroBook QR Code Apple App Store
MicroBook QR Code Apple App Store

Want to dive into a plethora of inspiring non-fiction books but are pressed for time? Say hello to MicroBook, a free book summary app designed exclusively for iPhone users. It’s like a wise mentor, always ready to guide you through the realms of knowledge.

This book summary app focuses primarily on soft skills, professional development, and well-being. It’s like a personal growth toolkit packed neatly into your phone. What’s more, it tailors your reading journey with a personalized library and reading recommendations, acting like your personal book concierge.

For those who believe in the power of reading to transform lives, this book summary app is your ally. It promises to turn your iPhone into a doorway to wisdom, one summary at a time. Download MicroBook today, and let your learning journey begin!

Seize the Day, One Summary at a Time

Our journey through the world of book summary apps has been a tour de force. With each book summary app, we’ve unveiled unique features and perks, unraveling the wonderful ways in which these digital marvels cater to the evolving needs of readers worldwide.

From quick bites of wisdom to deep dives into subjects, we’ve covered the spectrum. The bustling marketplace of knowledge is now accessible at your fingertips. Each one is an invaluable gem, radiating the glow of knowledge and learning.

Remember, every page turned is a step forward in the journey of knowledge. So pick up your iPhone, download your favorite app, and dive headfirst into the sea of wisdom.

In the end, it’s not just about reading more but absorbing more, growing more. Let the world of books unfold in the palm of your hand. Let the journey begin. One summary at a time! You can also explore more about some amazing tools and software for Apple on my website, I am sure you’ll find something interesting!


Which is the best book summary app to use on an iPhone in 2023?

Choosing the best book summary app for iPhone in 2023 depends on your reading preferences. Some top choices include Blinkist, StoryShots, Instaread, Shortform, 12min, Deepstash, Lucid, Bookey, Summary Z, and MicroBook, each offering a unique reading experience.

Are these book summary apps free or paid?

Most of these book summary apps offer both free and paid versions. Free versions usually offer a limited selection of book summaries, while premium subscriptions provide unlimited access to their library.

Can I listen to book summaries on these apps?

Yes, many of the mentioned apps offer audio summaries. This is a convenient feature for those who prefer to listen while on the move or for individuals who learn better through listening.

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