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Create your own Tag Archive page in wordpress

In most WordPress blogs, sidebars are loaded with content, widgets, banners, links, videos, etc. so many will try to crop the loaded content from the sidebars, in this process, I have moved the tag cloud or tag archive section to a new page in WordPress.

Sizzling Top 25 Indian Web Startups

Indian web startups have made an impression which can be clearly seen from the popularity they command from their visitors and audience. As a tribute to this achievement, has compiled a list of the top 25 Indian web startups sorted based on Alexa ranks.

Your own improved search results with SearchWiki

Another great approach from the Google Web Search team – SearchWiki, this is what I was thinking a few days back, why not Google can come up with a rating feature for the search results where we can add, edit, delete and comment on the search results! But Google has finally launched the feature called

CSS or Tables – still confused?

Looks like the confusion is still on! Whether to use CSS or Tables? Being an HTML and CSS developer as you are all aware that in some situations you can’t avoid Tables mainly in the case of data grids, complicated forms, etc.

Everlight LED Bulbs

Introducing 12 years life Everlight LED Bulbs

If one seeks to get brighter bulbs immediately thoughts about spiraling costs from electricity bills surface which is indeed a cause for concern isn’t it?! Just imagine, if you could get both bright illuminations, long-lasting bulbs at the same electricity bill.

More ways to create Charts and Graphs

In continuation to our first post “Ways to create chart and graph with Javascript“, here are a few more interesting resources with which you can create good looking, colorful, customizable, and interactive charts with YUI, Open Flash Chart, TimePlot, TimePedia, Emprise Javascript Charts, and SAC Simple Accessible Charts.

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