Everything you need to check before buying your fitness tracker smartwatch in 2021

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During the pandemic, it has become increasingly challenging to maintain our fitness routine. Uneven eating habits, no line between professional & personal life & staying home has harmed our healths.

In these challenging times, fitness gadgets & wearables have proven extremely helpful. Today hundreds of brands are offering fitness trackers & smartwatches that can help you keep track of your health. With hundreds of functions, these gadgets can help you stay fit. They have proven lifesaver in thousands of cases.

Now the question is, how to choose the best fitness tracker? What features to look for?

How to filter out the useless ones?

In this piece of information, we will answer all of these questions & then some more.

So let’s get started. First things first:

Why you need a smartwatch with a fitness tracker?

Health has become paramount in recent times. People are actively looking for gadgets that can help them stay fit. So if you are buying a smartwatch without a fitness tracker, you are making a mistake.

You’ll have to invest more in a fitness tracker or a pedometer. So when there are Smart Watches available in the market with a fitness tracker, it makes no sense to NOT buying them!

Best Smartwatch with a fitness tracker helps you maintain your fitness regime, keeps track of your health metrics, counts your steps, measures the calories you burn, &keeps an eye on your Heart Rate, Pulse Rate, and Sleeping patterns. Some models come with a unique feature of a Blood Pressure indicator too.

So when you can get all these features in your SmartWatch itself, why burn cash on pedometers and other trackers?

What features should an idle Smart Watch with a fitness tracker have?

The SmartWatch market is abuzz with literally thousands of options. So you must look for the one with specific features. Although everyone has their own needs, here is the list of some prominent features that your SmartWatch must have:

Amazing Battery Life

This goes without saying. An idle Smart Watch with a fitness tracker must have at least five days of usage time. If the battery doesn’t last this long, your SmartWatch is of no use.

You cannot afford to waste your time daily charging the Watch; it’s not a Smartphone. So whatever model you chose, make sure it has fantastic battery life.

Robust & Elegant design

You will be wearing your SmartWatch while performing physical exercises, including running, swimming, & Weight-lifting. So no matter what model you chose, it must have a robust design that can withstand some level of physical strain & wears.

We prefer Smart Watch from Misirun that has Silicon Gel Straps & Zinc Alloy shell. This combination makes it Super Sturdy & gives the smartwatch an elegant look.

SPO2 Monitor

After the pandemic, this feature has become critical. Lower SPO2 can be a primary symptom of COVID. So an SPO2 monitoring feature can be of great use in current times by keeping a watch on your Blood Oxygen level.

Sleep Monitor

Good sleep is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Our current lifestyle puts a lot of stress on our bodies and mind. This stress often results in insomnia & uneven sleep patterns, resulting in multiple adverse effects.

So we recommend buying a SmartWatch that has a Sleep Monitor function. It will help you manage your sleep in a much better way, resulting in good health.

Heart Rate Monitor

This is another health feature that is a must for any fitness tracker. If you are a cardio person or even do little physical exercise, Heart Rate Monitor keeps helps you keep an eye on how many calories you are burning during a workout.

It is also an excellent feature for someone who is struggling with any heart disorder. Although today almost every Smart Watch with a fitness tracker has this function, it is advisable to confirm before buying.

Sports Activity tracker

This is another must-have feature if you are into sports. This feature monitors your health metrics while you play different sports like football, rowing, or swimming. So we highly recommend you get a SmartWatch that comes with this feature.

For e.g., Smart Watches from Misirun have come with multiple sports mode.

Notification Alerts

Your Smart Watch is useless without this must-have feature. This feature allows you to view Call, SMS, WhatsApp, & other Social Media notifications. It also lets you control music, take specific actions & respond to calls. In short, it makes your SmartWatch a miniature Smart Phone.


You will be using your Smart Watch for swimming, running& other exercises. So it must be waterproof. E.g., Smart Watches from Misirun come with IP68 water protection. This means you can use them while bathing, swimming, or in the rain.

Misirun Smart Watch, a perfect fitness companion

Recently, I bought a Smart Watch from Misirun, and I’ll have to say, I was amazed. Looking at the price, I wasn’t expecting much from the product. But this one amused me too much.

MISIRUN Smartwatch fitness tracker.
MISIRUN Smartwatch fitness tracker

While the above mentioned top brands are indeed worth a go, they will burn a big hole in your pocket. But Smart Watches from Misirun are a different breed!

They come equipped with all the above-mentioned unique features and cost a fraction of the price you will pay for other brands. We can definitely say that this is the best budget smartwatch.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most impressive features.

Heart Rate/Blood Pressure/SPO2 Monitoring

You will generally find just heart rate & SPO2 monitoring at this price range. But what amused me the most was Blood Pressure Monitoring. It’s the best BP monitoring smartwatch.

Although the Company mentions not to use these numbers for medical purposes, the numbers are pretty accurate.

Super-long battery life

Another thing that shocked me was the seven days of Battery life! I used the Watch generously, but the battery drained very slowly. I would say this is undoubtedly an outstanding performance at this price range.

Best smartwatch for fitness 2021: Comprehensive comparison of all major watches.
MISIRUN Smartwatch fitness tracker sensors

IP68 Protection

Intelligent Watches with fitness trackers must be waterproof & Misirun ticks that box too. It comes with IP68 protection. This means it is ideally suited for swimming, using in the rain, and while bathing.

Personalized Watch faces

Misirun comes with an AMOLED display that features vibrant colors. You can select any watch face from multiple options. You can also upload your photo by using a custom modular dial.

Robust & Super-light

The casing is crafted from high-quality Zinc alloy & straps are made from silicon. So it’s a perfect fit for someone who is looking for a robust body & Elegant design.

Notification alerts

You can pair your Misirun Smart Watch to your smartphone via the Hero bend III apps. This gives you a lot of flexibility when it is not possible for you to take out your phone from the Pocket. You won’t miss any notifications.

Eight Sports mode

Misirun fitness tracker watch has eight activity modes: walking, running, cycling, basketball, badminton, soccer, skipping rope, and swimming. So you can choose anyone, and it will save your training data.


This one is indeed a head-turner with a 3D curved touch-screen, stunning design, vivid colors, & fantastic display; this one is indeed a head turner!

Final thoughts

There are multiple options available when it comes to a Smartwatch with a fitness tracker. But before you make any purchase, make sure you have gone through this piece of information. It will help you a lot in making the right decision.

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