Tricks and Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface Tips and Tricks

Who would have thought that when looking for a luxurious, lightweight laptop, you would head straight towards the Microsoft store? But, the launch of Microsoft Surface has changed the game by launching a tempting alternative to the existing high-end options in the market.

Though the device scores brownie points in terms of battery life and design, the new-age Windows 10S deserves a lot of praise, as well. Keeping all the features and performance aspects in mind, here’s bringing you five tricks and using your Microsoft Surface.

Swipe from the Left Edge of the Screen

So, you finally closed the app that you have been using, and the void gets filled by the familiar “Start” screen. But, what were you exactly looking at before going off track by clicking on the link? The earlier screen is not lost, thankfully. Slide your finger in from the left side of the screen to get back the original app exactly where you left it.

Choose Onscreen Items within Applications

The trick to choosing difficult items is to slide your fingers across them in the direction opposite to scrolling. Mail usually allows you to scroll through your email by sliding the fingers up and down on the list. You can choose a single email by sliding the fingers right or left across it. This technique works when choosing multiple other seemingly hard-to-choose items.

An Easy Way to Create A Recovery Drive

Making a recovery is not very difficult. In case you have a flash drive, you can dedicate the Recovery Drive to the MS Surface. If the device fails to start someday, the Recovery Drive might be the only thing that will help you out. The Surface 2 and Surface RT require a USB drive of a minimum of 4GB, and the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 models require a USB drive of 8GB at a minimum.

Finding a Lost Start Screen Application

Are you unable to find an application on the Start screen? Go to the “All Apps” area by sliding the Start screen upward. The list you will find here is in alphabetical order. Launch the app with a single tap when you spot the app. If you want the app on the Start screen to make it easy to launch, hold the fingers down on the icon. Select a pin to start as the app bar comes at the bottom.

Change the Settings of Your App

Each app provides a way for fine-tuning its behavior using the settings area of the Charm bar. Slide your finger from the right edge of the screen and tap on the Settings icon. If there are ways available to change the app settings, you’ll find the options here.


With Microsoft Surface, it’s difficult to limit a list to only five tips. But these tips offer a good starting point to get more out of your new and improved device. And, once you start putting these ideas to good use, you’ll also commend this latest offering from Microsoft.

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