7 Must-Have Accessories Every Content Creator Should Have

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Are you a newbie to content creation and ready to get your feet wet? Then you’ll need to stock up on some essential pieces of gear. Here are seven must-have accessories every content creator should have, from Bluetooth remotes to capture action shots to colorful backdrops for stylized flat lays.

1. A Phone with a High-Quality Camera

Content creation has become more accessible, thanks in part to the advancement of our smartphone cameras. No longer is a DSLR camera necessary (although they are an excellent choice, too). Still, there are many features you should seek out in a high-quality phone camera.

Double and triple camera features are a must-have, providing users with a detailed image each and every time. Other must-have features in a smartphone camera are something comparable to the new iPhone 13 Cinematic mode, which offers a rack focus technique, shifting between the foreground and background subject matters.

You can get away with a DSLR or even a mirrorless camera, but with incredible additions like these, a smartphone is your numero uno must-have accessory for content creators who intend to engage audiences with a story.

Just remember to grab yourself some extra phone accessories, too. Do you put your smartphone in risky situations when creating content? Then protect your phone with a shock-resistant phone case. If you need to perform post-editing in a public setting, don’t annoy those around you. Grab your earbuds, clipping the AirPods case cover to your bag of gear.

2. Blue Light Filtering Glasses

If you spend hours of your day perfecting the fades, audio, and overall style of your content, protect your eyes from a digital screen with blue light filtering glasses. But not just any glasses. Choose a pair of sustainable blue light sunglasses that will keep you stylish and plastic-free.

By protecting your eyes from our screen’s harmful side effects – like disrupted sleep patterns after burning the midnight oil on your latest creation – you will prevent the burnout that creative types are all too familiar with.

3. A Super Stable Tripod (and Bluetooth Remote)

Tripods can tackle unstable terrain and surfaces, making them especially useful for content on-the-go creators. When you need to stabilize a phone or camera, a tripod is a must, ensuring your images and videos are crisp and blurry-free.

It doesn’t have to be some clunky thing. In fact, content creators will be better off with a desktop-size tripod. However, for smooth, unshaky videos, consider a tripod with a ball head or fluid head that will stabilize recordings.

Along with your tripod, of course, you should consider a Bluetooth remote. Ring lights and selfie sticks come with a Bluetooth remote, and that’s great if you’re a beauty blogger. But for other content creators, you’ll need something to trigger the snapshot, and in a split second. Choose a Bluetooth remote shutter that can trigger from at least 30 feet and deliver minimal shutter lag.

4. A Dual Handheld Stabilizer

If you prefer a more hands-on approach to your gimbal tripod and need to keep pace with your videos, invest in a dual handheld stabilizer. Twists and turns and awkward angles are no match for a handheld stabilizer, which can support both a phone or camera, by the way.

A dual handheld stabilizer can also support many of your other accessories, such as a halo light, a microphone or even a pet treat selfie clip — for, you know, those days when you have to show off your furkid to your followers.

5. A Lapel Microphone

You can find a wide range of decent microphones out there to capture good sound quality for your vlogs and podcasts. However, we recommend a lapel microphone, also called a lavalier mic, that you can wear when you’re too far away from the camera.

A quality lapel mic should provide omnidirectional pickup, a crystal clear sound, and be small enough to go unnoticeable (or at least not distract) in the 4K videos you share on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Hint: It doesn’t have to actually clip to the lapel. If you are using your smartphone to capture videos, be sure the lapel mic also has a more modern lightning adaptor, as opposed to a simple 3.5mm jack connection.

6. Light Cubes and Ring Lights

While the iPhone 13 offers impressive Night Mode features, not all phones and DSLR cameras are created equal. For this, content creators should always have a backup plan with some extra lighting accessories. We all know about ring lights and halos for those up close and personal selfies.

However, if you’re creating content outside or inside a dimly lit space, you have more options than a clip-on LED halo. For example, a softbox light lends an area a softly diffused illumination that resembles natural lighting, making it perfect for product reviews and demonstrations.

A bright light is versatile, but remember to add some fun to your content, too. Use portable colored lights and lasers that easily plug into your smartphone or even patterned lighting that casts a light show of stars and galaxies across your backdrop. Even a simple toy projector, multicolored rope lighting, or a curtain of holiday lights can add just the touch your videos and photos need.

7. Green screens and Styled Backdrops

Depending on the type of content creation that you do, you might want to pick up a few various styled backdrops. This could be as simple as a poster board, decorative tapestry, or a plain white sheet. Choose your style backdrop or background for the project.

If you are styling flat lays of products, you’re an affiliate or influencer for, select something that complements the style of the items. Are you a YouTube vlogger who shoots from your home studio? Take time to decorate the space behind you, playing with the aesthetic so it creates one cohesive brand.

Of course, a green screen opens up a world of possibilities, too. Just know that you’ll need to do some post-editing work — but when you can transport yourself in front of a volcano, it’s well worth it.

Grab the Gear You Need for Amazing Content Creation

Ready to hit the ground running to become the next viral influencer or grow an online audience? Grab these seven must-have accessories to create the most amazing content creation possible. Keep our tips in mind and choose the very best products, removing the frustration and improving your photos and videos on social share at a time.

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