Guide to Maximize Engagement with Visual Marketing

Guide to increase Engagement with visual marketing

Visual marketing is the use of images, videos, logos, and transitions of your content so that a brand identity is constructed and presented in a way that communicates with the target audience.

It creates an emotional relationship with the audience, which then turns into one of the decision-making factors. Brands are now using these tactics to grow in the market and represent themselves.

It helps the audience to visualize products and services better, interact and build relationships, and then make a decision. If you are not using visual marketing, then it would be harder to approach the customers just with text.

9 Steps to Boost Engagement with Visual Marketing

With the recent demand for content, there is a rise in content marketing, and brands need to adopt new trends and tactics to make them stand out in the market and compete with competitors. Customers want your brand to be attractive, unique, and dynamic at the same time.

To be able to achieve this, marketers need to fulfill the demands of customers by using captivating images and videos that could be used for reference, smart advertising, and branding visuals, starting with a good logo in their marketing strategy. Here are some simple steps to boost engagement through visual representations.

1. Allowing Customers to Narrate the Brand’s Story

It involves letting your customers promote the image of your brand. Building a real relationship with your customers is one of the best ways to grow in the market. When you google any brand or want to shop from any brand, the first thing you do is check the review page, which is not set by the brand.

It has honest reviews of the customers and their experience with brands. This is an important perspective to focus on when making a decision. The brand must build positive reviews and success stories on websites that would encourage satisfied customers to publicize the brand on social media and spread positive reviews about your brand. It is an effective marketing strategy.

Proven ways to grow your brand with storytelling
How to grow your brand with a storytelling approach.

For example, Nike’s visual marketing creates videos related to sports and athletes with inspiring background music. It has been on top through visual marketing that elevates its ads through storytelling that generates emotions, attracts consumers, and helps them in decision-making. Their tagline ‘Just do it’ motivates customers to purchase their products.

2. Ensuring a User-friendly Interface

Many brands neglect website credibility. Flawless website UX can help in making the brand successful. The website not only must be visually appealing but also the user must have a great experience on your site.

Web layout is about how to make it easy for visitors to find the information they need. When your website is visually appealing and has a great website user experience, the customers are more likely to visit again.

3. Focus on mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness provides an experience that a desktop screen can’t give. Instead of cramming the website and making everything shrink on the phone, it’s better to make it resized and reformatted according to the screen of the visitors.

The majority of your website visitors are from mobile phones and if you are not able to crack the mobile responsiveness, then you will lose your revenue as well as stay behind in the market.

4. Give the Customer a Visually Simulative Experience

Be your customer’s guide in their journey of experiencing your site. When your customers are new to your site and using it for the first time, they might not have the intention to buy goods and services.

But with the help of an immersive experience that inhibits indulgences among them, guiding them through reviews and experiences of others, deals, and offers may create a change in their actions. They will trust the homepage of the website through high-quality visuals.

For example, Amazon expands its sales by targeting its potential platforms and using visually compelling shots of its brands, and sharing third-party products, which results in increased engagement with its site.

5. Transition from social into sales

To turn your followers into customers, use product tagging that would help the visitors directly buy the product by just clicking on the tag instead of searching the website. As the steps in buying a product increase, the number of potential customers decreases. In addition, make customizable landing links for social media platforms, and then you would be able to track your followers, turning them into your customers.

6. Make UGC your New Best Friend

UGC - User-generated content
UGC – User-generated content

User-generated content is created by the customers and is posted on different social media sites. It is in the form of images, videos, reviews, and podcasts. UGC is central in visual marketing strategy. It has increased the authenticity level of customers and built an interactive relationship between customers and brands.

Starbucks’ famous UGC marketing strategy is a great example of how to make customers promote your brand. In their campaign for #RedCupContest, the brand asks their customers to submit cool photos of artwork done on their special cups. In return, they will have a chance to win a Starbucks gift.

Through this tactic, this campaign received over 30,000 photos. It encourages customers to participate, and this not only leads to the brand’s popularity but also, rises revenue because to win the prize they need to buy a coffee for the picture. Contests spread the brand’s name among customers and in return offer rewards and enjoy revenue and popularity.

7. Build a Tight-knit Community to Build Brand Loyalty

Most consumers agree that they are more likely to engage with those brands with whom they feel connected. Building a sense of connection with customers helps you to get loyal customers.

Business benefits by building a strong community picture, and customers, in return, get satisfaction from brands and then share their amazing experiences on social media platforms. As a result, brands profit with higher brand marketing and revenue.

8. Stick to your Brand Image and Identity

Visuals of a brand are a pull factor. Using them in your marketing strategy is a tricky task. But not doing it after proper research and guidance can lead to negative outcomes in visual marketing strategy. Every color has an associative perception by people, that’s why you must select the brand theme and visuals strategically so that you would be able to gain a strong position in the market among potential consumers.

9. Understand That Visual Marketing = Social

Market your brand with visual marketing.
Market your brand with visual marketing.

The most important visual marketing strategy is social media. If you want to appeal to consumers, then it must be done through social media platforms. Now, almost everyone uses social media and consumes visual content, so make sure that your brand must be in accordance with popular social sites. You can launch your products and collaborate through them. This is known as social media marketing.

Walmart uses social media as a marketing strategy with the taglines like lowest price, save money, live better, and low pricing to make their customers excited and interested. It also uses major marketing strategies to promote its brand through commercials on television, billboards, social media platforms, and e-commerce sites.

Perks of Increasing Brands Engagement Through Visual Marketing

Visuals are more likely to be remembered and processed by the brain. Increasing engagement through visual marketing would produce the following advantages:

  • Helps in building a separate and unique identity for your brand through visual concepts and capturing customers’ attention.
  • Visual content marketing markets product stories instead of explaining them in words, and that builds an emotional connection with customers.
  • It grabs user attention instantly with great and high-quality visuals.
  • Customers can connect better through visuals than text.
  • UGC increases loyalty and trust in the brand’s products.
  • Efficiently helps customers to make a purchase in an inexpensive way.


With the help of these tactics, brands would be able to grow their business with the help of effective visual marketing. Once you start adopting these tactics strategically, the growth of your business is guaranteed.

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