The term media originated from the Latin word “medium,” which means middle. Media is referred to as any source or channel of communication. Media communication tools are used to store and deliver information to the desired audience. These mediums include printed paper, digital data, which encompasses art, news, educational content, advertising, broadcasting, photography, cinema, and various other forms of information. The four major media types are print media, electronic media, outdoor media, and internet media.

Why Me?

I Kruti Beesam came into this world like any other person. The only difference is that I have not been blessed with a properly functioning body.

Bloggers give magazines a run for their money!

There was a time when magazine subscribers waited every minute to finally get hands on the new edition of their favorite magazines. Be it technology, science, fashion, childcare, anything. However, the trend has drastically changed now. While the print media still remains a tool for marketing and information sharing, bloggers are undoubtedly the ones looked

The Wonderful Life and Teachings of Sri M!

It’s time to unwind the story of a great sage. Today I’m going to take you on a tour of Mr. Mumtaz Ali‘s life. Mumtaz Ali who is better known as Sri M is a noble, kind-hearted person born on the 6th of November 1948 in Trivandrum in the Indian state of Kerala. He started

Are we losing touch with Newspapers?

Gone are the days when we used to wait early in the morning for the newspaper boy to arrive so we could catch hold of all the news. These days I am sure many of you agree that reading the hard copy version of the newspaper has fairly reduced.

The Lost Symbol – By Dan Brown – Book Review

The long-awaited Dan Brown’s latest novel is here. It was released on 15th September and I eagerly laid my hands on it. The Lost Symbol seemed interesting right from page 1. The very first line starts with titillating the readers making them inquisitive on what the book is all about.

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